Determination Of Additives Present In Baked Foods

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Determination of additives present in baked food was conducted. Four samples of baked food such as Yale bread, Ify bread, special cake and sausage were analyzed. But physical and chemical examination of type of additive present in the baked food were performed. In physical examination the colour of Yale bread was brown and has a pH of 7.5 and Ify bread is white in colour with a pH of 7.5. Cake was deepbrown with pH of 8.3 and sausage is light brown with pH of 7.6. In chemical examination Yale Bread contains only monosodium glutamate. Ify bread contains too additives such as monosodium glutamate and Benzoic acid additive. While the special cake baked by shoal bakery contains only the Butalated hydroxyanisole as the additive used in making the cake. The results of this present project revealed that not all the bakers observed the guideline for use of additives in baked food. Therefore, there is the need for proper observation of the guideline in the use of additives in baked food. To ensure this routine, regular inspection of food additives used in bakeries by food inspectors should be introduced.




 Willams (2006) explains that food additives are chemical added to food the keep them fresh or to enhance their colour, flavour or texture. They may include food colouring such as Monosodium glutamate(MSG)  or a range of preservatives. Most food additives are listed on the product label, along with other ingredients in the a descending order by weight (flavours are an exception and to do not need to be identified).Sometimes, these additives are  spelt out in full .at other times, they are represented by a code number, for example Cochineal may be listed as colouring (120), sodium sulphite may be shown as preservative food additives exist in many forms such as baking ingredients, cooking ingredient and mixing ingredients used in  cream industries. These additives help to give the food a marketable quality such as the colour, quality, quantity and flavours. Food additives enhance the taste of the food.

Willams (2006) further reports that most people are allergics, sensitive and some develop hypersentive reaction to these additives which cause digestive disorders such as diarrhea and clicky pains, nervous disorders such as hyperactivity, innosomnian and irritability. Respiratory  problems such as Asthma, rhinitis and  sinusitis and skin problem such as hives, itching, rashes and swelling. It is important to realize that many of the symptoms experienced as a result of food sensitivities can be caused by other disorders. Finally, preservatives  added to the food help in production of the food and keeps it fresh for a longer time. They also help to reduce the growth of microbes that leads to the spoilage of the food. Without additives, there might be growth of fungal organisms that can lead to ill-health to humans.                  


i.      To ascertain the chemical safety of food additives in baked foods.

ii.     To determine the additives in baked foods.



Willams (2006) explains that food additives are chemicals added to food to keep it fresh and enhance the colour, texture and flavours. This statement had prompted the need for a project work to be carried out on determination of additives present in baked food.   


1.4      Significance of the Study

The result of this project work would reveal that this project work would reveal the biological safety of baked foods. The result would equally reveal the types of additives used in the baked foods sampled, whether they were beneficial or harmful to use. If beneficial, then the food handlers observed the guideline or the use of additives and should be discouraged.



 This project was limited to determination of food additives present in baked food. The major problem experienced was the financial status as a student which posed a serious challenge during the project analysis. Moreover, the cost of material and baked foods used for the project work was high, thereby limiting the number of   samples  run  during the project work.

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Determination Of Additives Present In Baked Foods