Construction Of Solar Charger Controller In Science Laboratory Technology Department Institute Of Management And Technology, Enugu State

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This project is aimed at producing a solar charger controller which help to improve the steady power supply in department of science laboratory technology IMT Enugu the smart charge controller is designed, so that the battery does not get over charged thereby ensuring no reduction of durability of the battery. This kind of system requires sensor to sense whether the battery is fully charged or not. After  charged, detection safety can be achieved by designed logic system in the charger which will automatically disconnect or cut off power to the battery when it is fully charged is a reverse process they can get charged in a very short time period considering the intensity of sunlight.



1.1  Background of the Study

The solar charger controller (SCC) its function is to regulate the power into a rechargeable battery. Its features include potentiometer for the float voltage adjustment, an equalize function for periodic overcharging and automatic temperature compensation for better charging over a range of temperature (Brown, 2010).

Solar energy is radiation produced by nuclear fusion reaction deep in the sun’s core. The sun provides almost all the heat and light the earth receives and therefore sustain every living being. Nigeria being a country face with the problem of incessant power fluctuation needs solar energy as an alternative source of power supply. Solar energy can be converted to electricity directly by solar home system (SHS). The flow of converted electricity from photovoltaic is regulated by charge controller. The smart charge controller is capable of  decreasing the battery charging time making it possible to charge more than one battery at charge time and getting the desired current form the photovoltaic panel (James et al, 2006).

Moreover our poverty stricken rural dwellers faces the toughest energy crisis. Therefore solar energy popular as one of the best renewable energy sources will help to improve the problem of power supply in the rural area thereby promoting development (Dunlap et al, 2006).

1.2     The Aim of the Study

To construct a solar charge controller.


1.3     Objective of the Study

To improve the power supply in the Department of science and laboratory Technology IMT Enugu.

-      The goal of the circuit design was to make a charge controller with high efficiency and reliability.

-      To create a charge control that will overcome the issue of false detection while protecting the battery from repetitive overcharge.

1.4     Statement of the Problem

Rural areas do not have power supply which bring about migration to urban area.

It increase avarices in urban area since rural dweller migrate to urban.


1.5     Significance of the Study

It will reduce avarice because the abled bodied men will now enjoy constant power supply which will make them to stay in rural area and help in production of agricultural product.

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Construction Of Solar Charger Controller In Science Laboratory Technology Department Institute Of Management And Technology, Enugu State