An Online Result Processing And Transcript Generation System (a Case Study Of Kwara State Polytechnic)

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This is a Seminar Project for computer Science students

This research work presents an online result processing and transcript generation system. The current method of students’ academic results processing was found to be tedious and time consuming, especially when carried out for a large number of students. This makes the entire process cumbersome and error prone. A web based application was developed to facilitate the online processing of the results. The software was developed with HTML5, CSS3, Java Script for client side, PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) as server side programming language and MySqli (My Structural Query Language Improved) as relational database. This language was chosen because of its flexibility and features for developing online based applications. However, WAMP (Window Apache MySql and PHP) server was used for local hosting and testing. The data used for testing was obtained from the Department of Computer Science. The developed software was tested and found to perform well and produced expected results on completion. With this, it was possible to compute Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for each student based on examination scores entered or uploaded. The application was finally launched online to facilitate easy access to all the users at anytime. The new system offers some qualities such as reduction in the cost of processing of information, reduction in time spent in computing GPA and generating transcripts, increase in accuracy and efficiency, and elimination of redundancies. The application was designed to be used by any polytechnic with the same grading system.

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An Online Result Processing And Transcript Generation System