Challenges And Prospects Of Polytechnic Education And Youth Employment In Kano, Nigeria:

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The paper focuses attention on the impact of polytechnic education on youth employment in Kano State. Polytechnic education is one of the systems of tertiary education in Nigeria which offers programmes at National Diploma and Higher National Diploma levels mainly for the production of Technicians, Technologists and Entrepreneurs to meet the needs of the world of work. Some of these programmes include Technical Education, Agriculture, Technology, Engineering, Printing, Food and Hospitality Studies, Creative Arts, Business Studies, Environmental Studies, Social Development and Information Sciences. Through polytechnic education, youths acquire various Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurial skills which will assist them in securing employment after graduation.Some of the challenges faced by the youths regarding employment after acquiring polytechnic education as well as future prospects were also highlighted.



Education is the process of nourishing or rearing of a child or young person. It is a systematic instruction or training given to the youths in preparation for the work of life, Olowa (1999:P30).

Polytechnic education is a tertiary level of education charged with the responsibility of training technicians and technologists who are indispensable for national development. Aina (2008:P12).

Polytechnic institutions in Nigeria offer variety of programs in various fields meant mainly to assist unemployed youths to secure employment after graduation as highlighted by NBTE (1997:P15). These include engineering technology, information technology, science and related technology, agriculture and related technology, art, printing and related technology, hospitality related technology, business and related studies, environmental design studies and finance related studies. Jen (2002:P26).

Through polytechnic education, youths acquire technical, vocational and entrepreneurial skills which prepare them for employment in the world of work by exposing them to job specifics and employability skills. Therefore, producing competent graduates is one of the most important challenges facing polytechnics in Nigeria. This is because; graduate youths have to possess the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will match the requirements, needs and expectations of the present and even future employment.

The paper highlights the impacts of polytechnic education on youth employment in Kano state. It also examines some of the problems facing polytechnic education as a constraint to youth employment. Moreover, strategies for youth employment are put forward in order to reduce the high rate of unemployment among youths.

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Challenges And Prospects Of Polytechnic Education And Youth Employment In Kano, Nigeria: