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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

The Impact Of The Press In Shaping Nigerian Political Structure A Case Study Of Enugu State

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        The Nigerian press has been a vital instrument for dissemination of governments policy and news for opinion leaders and decision makers within a political structure as well as the general public. Those in decision making body who are not able to come in contact with international; communities for the foreign policy rely on the pr4ess or such issue.

         The press therefore stands as a link between the government and the public, the old and new era of administration etc.

          A regime tat newly arrives into power can hold its predecessors capable for some economic an political problems through the press. Such regime also users the press to communicate its record in implementing popular project, compares its record in funding popular service with he part regime and reminds the public of the oppression they received form the oppression they received form the opposition. All these analysis hinges on the fact that the press is a veritable channel through which the government bares its mind to the public.

        This chapter surveys a segment of the series of related national policy decision made by Nigeria in the period of British imperialism to the present political dispensation.

        Nigeria come into existence as on in 1914 when Lord Fredrick Luggard first government general, amalgam prior to this period, the quality and the quantity of the press coverage towards agitation for self-rule formed the general of the press roe in shaping Nigeria political structure. To substantiate our points, mention should be made of the first newspaper in the country. Iweiroyin established in 1859 at Abeokuta by an Anglican Reverend, Henry Townsend. This paper combined social, cultural and political commentary with religious reporting with an effort to reach large commentary with religious reporting with an effect to reach large native readership. In similar dimensionm, he participation of Anglo African by Robert Campbell in laying the foundation far press involvement in shaping Nigeria political structure cannot be far fetched. All these are clear testimony to the fact that the activities of the press in Nigeria political structure are as old as Nigeria itself.

       In the view of this, the press as the survey of information should be held in high esteem by all and sundry.

        In the institution of the press, the media must be regulated and guided accordingly especially in this democratic dispensation by guarantee the dudicious discharge of their function. To achieve this, the press council must be given the appropriate legal status to punish any erring media activities during election period. This is to present them from becoming political tools to the determinent of the concept of fair play in the election period.

       Until 1930, the government had no control of the press ownership. This period saw the emergency of political parties and the begging of creating mass awareness in political matters. The return of 21k form gold coast now Ghana germinated the seed of private press ownership. Realizing the impact of the press in political mobilization. He established he 21k press limited publisher of the west African pilot in 1937. Other political parties that emerged also used one newspaper or the other as political tool by which they create awareness for their parties.

        However as time goes on the government started to interfere in the activities of the press through licensing, pre and post censorship etc. and this affected the quality f coverage the press have in stock on political matters. As journalist and media work kill like to risk its life or Job, they started succumbing to the tunes and dictates of the government.

     Not withstanding the oppression form the government the press no doubt facilitated in creating political awareness in rural areas. Not only this, it strikes to educate individuals  on political participation and interpret it to those who are ignorant of the political activities in the country.



  The genesis of Nigeria press via the establishment of the  first newspaper Iwe Iroyin by Henry Townsend in 1959 indicates that Nigeria press was born in freedom, the objective of the newspaper which includes getting  people to  read and cultivate the habit of reading left a blue print in the annals of Nigeria political structures.

    The statement of the problem therefore includes the following:-

i.                    The role of the press in political mobilization

ii.                  The impact of the press in creating political awareness to rural dwellers.

iii.                The awareness created by the press in political matters.

iv.               The quality of coverage the press carries out on political matters.

v.                 The enlightenment programme of the press on the need for political participation.

vi.               The position of the press in disseminating political information the resident in Enugu State.





1.3                                      PROBLEM THAT THE STUDY WILL BE CONCERENED WITH

  The objectives in mind for the thing includes the following                     

i.                    To enquire into the impact of the press in creating political awareness to residents in Enugu State.

ii.                  To ascertain the role of the press in political mobilization.

iii.                To find out the impact of the enlightenment programme of the press on the need for political participation.

iv.               To find out the impact of the enlightenment programme of the press on the need for political participation.

v.                 To know the consequences of the press effort on creating awareness to rural dwellers on the issues of political importance’s.

vi.                To find out the quality of press coverage on political issues.

vii.             To find out the position of the press in disseminating political information for the people in Enugu State.


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