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The Role Of Public Relations In Building Corporate Image In Organizations

THE ROLE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS IN BUILDING CORPORATE IMAGE IN ORGANIZATIONS ABSTRACT This work was centered on the role of Public Relations in building Corporate Image in organizations, using MTN Ziks avenue Uwani Enugu as a case study. In carrying out the research, the researchers adopted survey research method, where, 15 close ended... Continue Reading »

Isolation And Identification Of Bacteria From Food Vendors And Some Vegetable Available At Ogbete Market Enugu.

ABSTRACTSafety of food is a basic requirement of food quality. A total of 25 street food samples (Jollof rice, egwusi soup, ugu, water leaf and green), were randomly purchased from five different vendors in Ogbete main market Enugu. The samples were transported in ice to the laboratory. The samples were bacteriologically analyzed using pour plate... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Environment On Corrosion

THE EFFECT OF ENVIRONMENT ON CORROSION ABSTRACT   In this research project, the various nail were subjected to six environments so as to check the effect of the environments on corrosion of the nails. Two sets of nails were used; normal nail and concrete nail.  Six of each type while the other not coated. The research was... Continue Reading »

The Auditor As An Indispensable Part Of A Profitable Business Organization (a Case Study Of Auditing Practice Committee)


The Determinants Of Balance Of Payment In Nigeria (1983 – 2007)

ABSTRACT This study aimed at analyzing through econometric methodology the Determinant of Balance of payment in Nigeria. In the work, we capture balance of payment as the dependent variable while trade openness, external debt service and exchange rate as the explanatory variable. In the second page of the regression estimated we observed GDP... Continue Reading »

The Problems Facing Personal Income, The Administration In Rural Communities A Case Study Of Ugwuaji Community In Enugu South Local Government Area Of Enugu State

THE PROBLEMS FACING PERSONAL INCOME, THE ADMINISTRATION IN RURAL COMMUNITIES A CASE STUDY OF UGWUAJI COMMUNITY IN ENUGU SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT The importance of personal income tax to government, both as a revenue source and as a fiscal policy factor cannot be over emphasized.   In order to achieve... Continue Reading »

The Prevalence Of Trichomona Vaginalis Among Adults In “osumenyi” In Nnewi South Local Government Area Anambra State

ABSTRACT           The prevalence of Trichomonas  Vaginalis among adult in “Osumenyi” in Nnewi south local government Area of Anambra state was arried out.  This was done using a stotal of one hundred adults from there different clinics viz ;- Health center, family planning... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Introducing Agricultural Mechanization Through Cooperative Societies (a Case Study Of Owerri North L.g.a Imo State).

THE EFFECT   OF INTRODUCING AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION THROUGH COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES (A CASE STUDY OF OWERRI NORTH L.G.A IMO STATE). ABSTRACT          The effect on Agricultural Mechanization may be interpreted either in positive or negative perspective. But for the purpose of this... Continue Reading »

Co-operative Societies Opportunities And Threats In A Capitalist Economy (a Case Stydy Of Anambara State)

CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS IN A CAPITALIST ECONOMY   TABLE OF CONTENT   Cover Page       -       -       -       -       -      ... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Accounting Information On Banks Portfolio Management

THE_IMPACT_OF_ACCOUNTING_INFORMATION_ON_BANKS_PORTFOLIO_MANAGEMENT CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYEvery commercial bank targets the attainment of its desired objectives. They therefore aim towards efficiency and proper effectiveness in conducting its affairs. However, the level of this efficiency and effectiveness of any bank... Continue Reading »

The Contributions Of Women Co-operatives To Women’s Access To Credit In Nigeria. (a Cast Study Of Selected Women Cooperatives In Umuahia North Local Government Area)

THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF WOMEN CO-OPERATIVES TO WOMEN’S ACCESS TO CREDIT IN NIGERIA. (A CAST STUDY OF SELECTED WOMEN COOPERATIVES IN UMUAHIA NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA) ABSTRACT This research work was undertaken to examine and analyzed the contribution of women cooperative to women’s access to credit in Nigeria in a selected... Continue Reading »

Accounting Procedure In Post Primary Institutions (a Case Study Of Udenu Local Governemnt Area)

ACCOUNTING PROCEDURE IN POST PRIMARY INSTITUTIONS (A CASE STUDY OF UDENU LOCAL GOVERNEMNT AREA) TABLE OF CONTENT   Title Page Approval Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of content   CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1            Background of the... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Central Bank Of Nigeria Prudential Guidelines On The Financial Statement Of Licensed: A Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigeria Plc And Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc

THE IMPACT OF CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA PRUDENTIAL GUIDELINES ON THE FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF LICENSED: A CASE STUDY OF FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC AND UNION BANK OF NIGERIA PLC ABSTRACT           The prudential guidelines for licensed banks which are based on globa banking standards, imposed... Continue Reading »

The Management Problems Of Government Parastatals In Nigeria

THE MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS OF GOVERNMENT PARASTATALS IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE     1.0            INTRODUCTION The aim of writing this chapter introduces the research work and state the chapter with the following headings.   1.1     BACKGROUND OF THE... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Management Accountant To Cost Control And Profit Performance In An Organization (a Case Study Of Innoson Nigeria Limited Enugu)

ABSTRACTAccountants have been bestowed with the role of providing information to the management regarding the affairs of the organization in particular and to the stakeholders in general. Internally, in manufacturing organization, management has always relied on the management accountant for cost evaluation and performance efficiencies of cost... Continue Reading »

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