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The Design Of A 500watts Uninterruptible Power Supply With Voltage Leo Indicator [inverter]

THE DESIGN OF A 500WATTS UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY WITH VOLTAGE LEO INDICATOR [INVERTER] THE DESIGN OF A 500WATTS UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY WITH VOLTAGE LEO INDICATOR [INVERTER] ABSTRACT As new ideas unfold and technology become advanced with business increasingly being dependent on technology for their fundamental operation;... Continue Reading »

An Evaluation Of The Impact Of Napep On Entrepreneurship Development In Nigeria

AN EVALUATION OF THE IMPACT OF NAPEP ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA , social and political ramifications. Basically, Poverty has been conceptualized in the following ways;1. Lack of access to basic needs/goods.2. Lack of or impaired access to productive resources3. Lack of job opportunities e.t.c.The level of poverty since the... Continue Reading »

The Factors That Affect Performance Of Secretarial Career In Some Selected Organization In Enugu Capital Territory

THE FACTORS THAT AFFECT PERFORMANCE OF SECRETARIAL CAREER IN SOME SELECTED ORGANIZATION IN ENUGU CAPITAL TERRITORY ABSTRACT   This research work is aimed at finding out and studying the factor affecting secretaries in Enugu capital territory. Secretaries were selected from the organization in Enugu capital territory. Secretaries... Continue Reading »

Problem Of Personal Income Tax Collection In Anambra State A Case Study Of Awka South Local Government Area Of Anambra State

PROBLEM OF PERSONAL INCOME TAX COLLECTION IN ANAMBRA STATE A CASE STUDY OF AWKA SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ANAMBRA STATE PROPOSAL             This study examined the factors militating against tax collection in Anambra state that lead to the fall of revenue in the state. This study... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Arrangement In Depressed Economy A Case Study Of Federa

MORTGAGE ARRANGEMENT IN DEPRESSED ECONOMY A CASE STUDY OF FEDERA   CHAPTER ONE 1.0      INTRODUCTION A prominent feature of real property investment is that it involves the expenditure of money. As a result, investors in real property hardly fund the project alone, instead they borrow part or all their... Continue Reading »

Human Capital Accounting Practices In Corporate Reporting Among Nigerian Companies

HUMAN CAPITAL ACCOUNTING PRACTICES IN CORPORATE REPORTING AMONG NIGERIAN COMPANIES ABSTRACT This research work is aimed at human capital accounting in financial reporting with particular reference to Annamco, while carrying out this research work these are the areas that this research work concentrated. The first chapter is the introductory... Continue Reading »

Comparative Estimation Of Ascorbic Acid Content In Some Ngeria Fruits Viz: (orange) Citrus Sinesis, (pineapple) Ananas Cosmosus

COMPARATIVE ESTIMATION OF ASCORBIC ACID CONTENT IN SOME NGERIA FRUITS VIZ: (ORANGE) CITRUS SINESIS, (PINEAPPLE) ANANAS COSMOSUS ABSTRACT   A comparative analysis of the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) content of some Nigerian fruits were carried out. The fruits analyzed were (Orange) Citrus Sinensis and (Pineapple) Ananas Cosmosus the... Continue Reading »

The Causes Of Poor Performance In Cooperative Business Enterprise (a Case Study Of Nwangele L.g.a Imo State)

THE CAUSES OF POOR PERFORMANCE IN COOPERATIVE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (A CASE STUDY OF NWANGELE L.G.A IMO STATE) ABSTRACT This project is written to be useful to all who and interested in cooperative organization and the general public. This is to reveal the process of poor performance of cooperative enterprise in Imo State. In this... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of A Bill Of Materials Processing System (a Case Study Of Emenite Nig. Ltd. Emene, Enugu) A

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A BILL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING SYSTEM  (A CASE STUDY OF EMENITE NIG. LTD. EMENE, ENUGU) A ABSTRACT With the trend of technology growth in the world of today, virtually every facet of human work has been affected; even the remotest of it all, and the production circle cannot be left out.  This study was... Continue Reading »

The Marketing Of Hotel Service In Warri Metropolis (a Case Study Of Royal Ark Hotel Limited

THE MARKETING OF HOTEL SERVICE IN WARRI METROPOLIS (A CASE STUDY OF ROYAL ARK HOTEL LIMITED   ABSTRACT           The primary aim of this project work fitted “ Marketing of Hotel services in Warri Metropolis which Royal Ark Hotel Limited was used as a case study was to  determine... Continue Reading »

Family And School Climate As Predictors Of Children’s Vulnerability To Child Trafficking In Anambra State

FAMILY AND SCHOOL CLIMATE AS PREDICTORS OFCHILDREN’S VULNERABILITY TO CHILDTRAFFICKING IN ANAMBRA STATE ABSTRACTThe study was carried out to determine if family and school climatepredict children’s vulnerability to trafficking in Anambra State. Inpursuance of the above objective, six research questions and sixhypotheses guided the... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Performance Appraisal In Improving Employees’ Productivity

THE ROLE OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL IN IMPROVING EMPLOYEES’ PRODUCTIVITY ABSTRACT This research studied the “role of performance appraisal in improving employees’ performance in an organization”. A study of First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Lagos Metropolis was conducted to further enlighten management that the attainment of... Continue Reading »

Federalism And National Intergration In Nigeria Issues And Challenges

FEDERALISM AND NATIONAL INTERGRATION IN NIGERIA ISSUES AND CHALLENGES AbstractThe problem of federalism and the associated crises of national integration in Nigeria raise serious alarm. The situation attracts growing interest and concern. The crises are very severing such that they culminate in a strong force being mounted on the federation with... Continue Reading »

The Problems Of Financing International Trade In Nigeria

THE PROBLEMS OF FINANCING INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT  This research work tries to give an insight into the issue of the problems of financing international trade in Nigeria from the period (1990 – 1995). This study is aimed at analyzing Nigeria’s foreign transactions during and after (SAP)... Continue Reading »

The Need For Efficient Inventory Management In A Manufacturing Company (a Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company N.b.c Enugu State)


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