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Science Lab Technology Project Topics and Research Materials




An inclined plane is a simple machine, which is used, in conducting experiments to determine static/dynamic friction; also it does not require energy to do work.

This shows that a little effort is applied to do a large work. The construction of the inclined plane was carried out using locally available materials mainly plywood (mahogany) and dimensions were measured out accordingly. In the course of carrying out the practical it showed that different angles of inclination were gotten when the wedge was place in between the two planes due to the different spacing marked out on the inclined plane.

The angles gotten ranged from 30o, 35o, 40o, 45o, 50o, 55o, to 60o. The distance given while conducting the experiment determines the distance moved on the inclined. The theory of the inclined plane was clear and diagram fully shown. Also, the formula was equally derived to enable the calculation of the result to be accurate and reliable.

While conducting the experiment, it showed that the object was able to move down the plane due to friction because friction depends on the nature of the surface of wood. The topic is fully discussed in the rest of the chapter.



Title page





Table of contents



1.0     Introduction

1.1     Definition

1.2     What is a machine?

1.3            Statement of problems

1.4            Aim/objectives of the research

1.5            Hypothesis

1.6            Limitation

1.7            Significant of study


2.0     Literature review

2.1     Background of invention

2.1.1  Ancient Egyptians

2.1.2  Ancient Romans

2.1.3    Today simple machines

2.2            History



3.0     Methodology

3.1     Introduction  

3.2            Components/materials

3.3            Specifications/dimensions

3.3.1    Plywood

3.3.2    Nedge

3.4            Method of construction

3.5            Description of an inclined plane

3.6            Application


4.0     Data collection/analysis

4.1     Operations of the inclined plane

4.2            Theory of the inclined plane

4.3            Derivation of formula

4.4            Summary of formula

4.5            Result

4.6            Analysis of result



5.0     Discussion, conclusion and recommendation

5.1     Discussion and conclusion

5.2            Recommendation







An inclined plane is a simple machine with no moving parts that helps one to do work. It is simply a straight slanted used for raising heavy loads more easily other than lifting it vertically.



A machine is a device or system, which enables work to be done more easily or conveniently with little effort applied.

A force known as effort (E) applied at one point on the device can be used conveniently to over come another force known as load (L) at some other point.


Examples of a machine inclination are:

i.        The lever

ii.       The pulley

iii.      The inclined plane

iv.      The screw

v.       The hydraulic press

vi.      The wheel and axle.


The purpose is not to convert one form of energy into another, but to enable the machine to perform work with little effort applied, sometimes the force that the machine is exerted in a different direction from that of the applied force.



This topic is chosen in order to increase the number of inclined plane in the laboratory i.e. to beef up the number in the laboratory as they are in sufficient for the students to carry out their practical these days.



To construct an inclined plane



-        To show that little effort is applied to perform a large work.

-        To measure the force required moving a body or system up an inclined plane against gravity and friction.

-        To verify the angle of friction of the material.

-        To determine the coefficient of friction under static and sliding conditions between various materials.

-        To determine the different forces, friction and work that occurs in inclined plane at various angles.



The problem of fractioning the static/dynamic friction needs the use of an inclined plane but the device is in sufficient in the laboratory. And this work when taken into consideration would beef up the number of inclined plane in the laboratory. Also, the number of students, there days have increased and as such the equipment is highly needed in the laboratory for the students to carry out their experiments effectively.




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project topics and research materials