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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

Science Lab Technology Project Topics and Research Materials




Bacteriuria is the presence of bacteria in urine. One hundred samples of midstream urine were collected from 100 female students of department of science Technology (those living off campus and those living in school hostels within the age range of 17 – 31 years. Macroscopic and microscopic examination of samples was done. Urine was cultured on blood agar, nutrient agar and macconnkey. Identification of bacterial isolates using grams reactions and biochemical tests was done. The organisms isolated were Escherichia coli, Streptococcus spp, Psendomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella aerogenes. The prevalence of bacteriuria amongst female students of science Technology, IMT Enugu (age range of 27 – 31 years old living in hostels), was 29%, that is 16 out of 54 samples of urine investigated were significant bacteriuria, which those living off campus within the age range of 27 – 31 years old were 7%.



Title page





Table of content



1.1            Introduction

1.2            Aim and objectives

1.3            Statement of problem

1.4            Hypothesis

1.5            Limitations of the study         





2.0     Literature review



3.0     Materials and methods

3.1            Materials

3.1.1    Bacteriological culture medial (solid) composition and preparation

3.2.0    Method

3.2.1    Sterilization of materials and aseptic techniques

3.2.2    Collection of specimen

3.2.3    Transportation of materials/samples

3.2.4    Analysis

3.2.5    Culture of sample/plating technique

3.2.6    Gram staining method

3.2.7    Preliminary identification of microbial isolates

3.2.8    Procedure of biochemical test for identification


















1.1                                       INTRODUCTION

Incidence of bacteruria is the presence of bacteria in urine, (100,000 or more pathogenic microorganism per ml).  Acute urinary infection may be preceded by associated with asymptonatic bacteriuria (Roper, 1979).  This includes with renal bacteriuria and bladder bacteriuria.  Bacteriuria can occur with or without pyurie.  The urinary tract comprises of the kidney, bladder, ureter and urethra.

Bacterial infections are commonly referred to as urinary tract infection (UTI).  Urinary tract comprises a wide variety of clinical entities, whose common denominator is microbial invasion of any of the tissues that make up the tract, extending from the renal cortex to the urethra meatus.

The normal urinary tracts remain sterile from the nephron to the internal meatus.  However, it is very important to differentiate true bladder infection from ordinary exogenous are thrall contamination.  When the urinary tract is infected, protein and pus cell in addition to bacteria are usually faunal in the urine.  The presence of pus cells in the urine (pyuria) is a much more certain sign of urinary tract infection than that of protein.

It was observed that these infections of the kidneys, urethia, urethrs, and the bladder may result and the bladder may result with the present of pus cell, red blood cells and microorganisms in the urine.  It was also reported that in humans, bacteria are commonly present in the lower urethra.  However, their number decreases in regions near the bladder.  This decrease is caused by some antibacterial effects exerted by the urethre lining.  The inflammation in the sensitivity of strech receptors involves in mictuntion reflex.  A scalding pain is experienced while urine is being passed out.

This is due to the hyperlgesia of the nerve so that flow of urine becomes an adequate stimulus to excrete them.  This leads to a frequency of bladder eraculation with only small volume being passed out.  A string inch to micturate may be experienced even when the bladder is practically emptied.  Apparently significant bacteriunia are some time detected in the absence of clinical symptoms and are known as symptomatic or covert bacteriuria.


Infection in the urinary tract can lead to serious disorder in the system, these disorder include cystitis, pylonephritis, urethritis and calculi.

Cystitis is the inflammation of the urinary bladder.  This condition may be acute or chronic.  The symptoms include burning sensation when urine is passed.  The frequent need to urinate, occasionally blood in the urine, and


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project topics and research materials