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Science Lab Technology Project Topics and Research Materials




This project focused on the production of emulsion paint, the raw materials, and the possible problems that may be encountered in the course of production. Also, substandard emulsion paint is one of the problems facing users of emulsion paint, however, this project work produced an emulsion paint with unique characteristics which is of desired qualities and will also meet the taste of the user in terms of durability and resistance t corrosion. The method involved the dispersion of raw materials such as; pigment, extender, binder, anti-rust solution, PH adjuster in water.



Title Page

Approval Page




Table of Content



1.0            Introduction

1.1     Background of the study

1.2            Statement of the research problem

1.3            Aims and objective of the study

1.4            Significance of the study

1.5            Hypothesis

1.6            Limitation



2.0            Literature review

2.1     Brief History of emulsion paint

2.2            Classification of paint

2.3            Types of paint

2.4            Pigment and extender

2.5            Pigment selection

2.6            Effect of pigment

2.7            The vehicle

2.8            Film formation

2.9            Additives

2.10       Effect of PH on emulsion paint



3.0            Methodology

3.1     Materials

3.2            Grinding of dispersion

3.3            Effect of good dispersion

3.4            The emulsification process



4.0            Analysis of result

4.1     Result

4.2            Procedures



5.0            Recommendation and conclusion

5.1     Recommendation

5.2     Conclusion






According to Osai Yaw Ababio (1990), new school chemistry, “emulsion is a colloidal system in which a liquid is dispersed in another liquid”, or emulsion is a two-phase system containing two immiscible liquid to which an emulsifier is added. It can also be seen as a very fine dispersion of one liquid in another with which it is immiscible.

Colloids can take on the appearance of solid, liquid or gasses, although there are invariable mixtures of some kind. Colloidal particles are generally between 5 and 1000nm in diameter, this means that they are much larger than atoms or small molecules such as water. A colloidal system is made up of two phases; the continuous phase and the disperse phase. The continuous phase carries the disperse phase.

However, paint is a word used to describe the dispersion of pigment in water or organic solvent. Therefore, emulsion paint is a water-based paint. This means that water is the solvent or medium in which all other materials are dissolved in. emulsion paint are also known as water thinned paint and it is used extensively as interior and exterior flat wall coating.

Emulsion paint has distinctive and excellent properties, which made it different from other paints whose media, may be organic solvent. These properties include;

1)      Resistance to atmospheric moisture content

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project topics and research materials