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Design And Implementation Of An Online Student Admission System.

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Topic: Design and implementation of an online students admission system: A case of study of federal college of education, Eha-Amufu



Onyolu Doreen .N.



The difficulties students and staff of admission office usually face in any higher institution, made us to realize that computer assisted admission system is the best in processing students record in Federal College of Education, Eha-Amufu, Enugu.  This will save our school the embarrassment caused by students complaints at the end of working day.


Our basic objective of designing and implementing an online students admission system is the development of data Base computer program that will enable the Register and admission officers to efficiently, accurately and effectively process and co-ordinate the various students activities in the institution without much difficulties with little time.


In view of this, admission officers must prepare for successful working relationship with an online information processing and in addition get their members of staff familiarized with the system for easy and effortless exercise that produce reliable output (result).


This project describes how much an students admission system is developed and how in particular it can be effectively used for the day to day running of the set-up.

For the purpose of this research we shall use data base programming language version iv.  This is because Dbase iv handles a large volume of data.  It is database management package, which is good for students record keeping activities.






The background of the study is Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu.  Here is the brief history about the college.


On February 21, 1981, the then Governor of former Anambra State, Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, announced the first provost and Registrar of the Institution.  On 23rd December 1982, the Anambra State House of Assembly enacted a law retroactively establishing the college.  The law cited as the “Anambra State of Nigeria how No. 28 of 1982” Came into force on 21st February 1981.

The aim of the college as set out in the law establishing it include:

(i)                To organize, improve and develop courses of science and training various categories of teachers.

(ii)             To promote research and advancements of science and leasing .

(iii)           To serve as a center for educational research especially as applied to local conditions.

(iv)           To organize, improve and extend education of standard higher than secondary school level.

(v)             To encourage all closes and communities without any distinction to pursue liberal course of education.

After the announcement of the establishment of the college of Education, Eha-Amufu by the Governor with effect from 21st February, 1981, a temporary office with skeletal staff was opened at an office around the then Anambra Television (ATV) Independence Layout, Enugu.


On 7th August, 1981, the then Anambra State commissioner for Education and the then permanent secretary to the ministry took the newly appointed provost and Registrar to the present site of the college at Eha-Amufu, about 64 km Northust of Enugu, the Enugu state capital.  The site was formerly occupied by the federal Government owned Teacher Training College (TTC), Eha-Amufu.


When the federal Government handed over the facilities of the college to the Anambra State Government, it decided to use the facilities to establish and run the college of Education Eha-Amufu.  This site of the defunct ITC.  Eha-Amufu, has remained the permanent site of the college of Education, Eha-Amufu.

On 1994, it was handed over to Federal Government again and became Federal college of Education Eha-Amufu under the Governance of the then Executive Governor of Enugu State, Dr. Okweslieze Nwodo.


The ultimate goal of any establishment is effectiveness.  This is achieved only when is/are proper co-ordination of activities between the various units that comprises the system.  This coordination is even more important in institution of higher hearing especially at the students, admission, where the desired end is to bring in students who will at the end of the day acquire knowledge that will help the entire society.

Ineffectiveness of diminish system could diminish its ability to relieve student’s tension, frustration and worse still produce lethal consequences.  Any measure therefore that can improve the needed response of any institution and its general efficiency is most welcome.


An online students admission system enables the staff in charge to get the students record foster, therefore saving process precious time in student’s management.

In an online institution’s admission’s admission system, the electronic machine quickly retrieves any available information regarding to any student and displays it within a short period of time.


Any adhoc enquiry concerning a student’s indebtedness to the school is responded to promptly, computer could more accurately do staff duty roster.


Coding the particulars of the staff into the computer does this and after, it can be saved and will be available for retrieval at anytime.  And because the documents are printed, and information about each staff is contained and can be accessible to determined how many hours in a week each works and then next he/he should be on seat.  Thus reducing administrative work loud on the staff.



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