Banking Inspection And Examination As An Aid To Effective Bank Management In Uba Enugu

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 This study  was aimed to explore  the  possible  inspection and examination as an aid to effective  bank  management  with particular reference  to UBA  PLC Enugu.

The study is significance on system of inspection in Banks which is intended not only to ensure that the mighty and suitable procedure are maintained, but also to safe guard the company against problem of  financial loss the to fraud or errors. With the identification of the problems of the system, an attempt was made to device some solution to the problems.

 The objectives  of research includes---

1)         To identify and explain how inspection can be of assistance towards achieving effective bank management.

2)         To find out how inspection can ensure that the might and suitable procedure are maintained.

3)         To identify and explain how inspection can countries to efficient management of the bank resources in UBA PLC Enugu .

                       Relevant and related literature  were  reviewed and influences drawn  as to  proof  to a support of the hypothesis.

                       I also consulted a lot of books and journals as it was listed in page  titled bibliography .

                     Data were collected by administration of questionnaire and conduction of oral interview 




1.     The incidence of fraud is existing in UBA as well as other banks. The fraudulent practices are not very easy to detect by regular staffers. This problem reduce banks liquidity  and profit and can be solved by the banking supervision and examination.

2.     The cases of bad and doubtful debt is rampant in noticed by employees of the bank. .  the effect reported losses or minimal profit and it can be solved through banking  inspection and examination.

3.     There is every recurring problem of bank managers granting loan over their discretion or power in UBA as approved by manager without adequate collateral security given this results in loan losses.

4.     The extent  of frequent  rationali3ation and retrenchment  in UBA creates job insecurity and worker tend to indulge in any act of survival in case only be taken care of by proper inspection and examination.


The purpose of this study is to identity and explain how inspection can be of assistance towards achieving effective dank management to identity and explain how inspection contributes to efficient management of the bank resources in UBA PLC Enugu. To fid out how inspection can ensure that the might and auditable procedures are maintained 



Rationale is simply why you consider a particular thing important therefore . the rationale of this study, banking inspection and examination as an to effective bank management in UBA Enugu are it asset all members of management in the effective disarrange of their responsibilities. It prudes top management with information needed for decision making and for measuring corporate performance .it controls the entire banking operation, and activities aimed at achieving predetermined corporations goals it detect errors and frauds  if it exists. It helps an organization to ensure that the might and suitable procedures are maintained



  The management of bank faces greater challenges in 1990’s than  in the past source?   The supports experience of uncertainly and lack of stability in the bank system so inspection and examination an essential tool of modern management with pose greater challenges  than before worth the present complexity in banking business, it is advisable that continues appraisal of the effectiveness of the work and the honesty of employees   are needed.


The continued expansion  of banks has added to the problems of an already heavily burdened bank management in maintaining control over wider spread operations. Inspection is a service  of processes and techniques though which an organi3ation non employees ascertain for the management by means of first –hand –on the –job observatory whether established management controls are adequate and are effective records and reports.  The widening gap between management and employees has made it necessary to develop a series of control by which the bank may be administered effectively. It is the inspector’s responsibility top provide top management with information needed for decision making and for measuring corporate  performance.

The inspector breaks his conferment to budgeting cash flow planning, financial reporting, profit planning and expensive budgeting, and play the longer role of  controlling the entire banking  operations and activities aimed at achieving predetermined corporate goals or objectives.

Howard  (1978) described auditing as an examination by an auditors of the evidence form which the signal revenue accounts and balances sheet of an organii3ation have been prepared, in order to ascertain  that summari3ed translations for the period under review and of the final state of the organi3ation at the year end.

There are three kinds of audit namely;-

1.       Private audit  (external  auditor)

2.       Statutory   audit  (external  auditor)

3.       Internal  audit

In private audit, the auditor conduct an agreed limit of work. Which  in statutory audit. The law stipulates the requirement and nature of the report.  Here auditor is independent of the management  he carries out his work  as he considered necessary. This two classes are also known as external audit. Their main aims is to detect errors and frauds but  rather to enable him espresso an


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