Inspection As An Effective Bank Managment (a Case Study Of United Bank For African Plc Enugu Branch Enugu State)

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1.1            Background of study

1.2            Statement of problem

1.3            Purpose of study

1.4            Scope of the study

1.5            Research question / hypothesis

1.6            Significance of the study


2.1            Literature review and purpose of inspection

2.2            Organization of the inspectorate department

2.3            Method and technique

2.4            Authorization, recording and custody procedure

2.5            Review and report

2.6            Summary of the related review


3.1            Summary of findings

3.2            Conclusion

3.3            Recommendation / suggestion

3.4            Suggestion for further studies










vFrequency distribution of respondent by six

vFrequency distribution respondent by age

vFrequency distribution of respondent by educational qualification

vFrequency distribution of respondent by professional occupation

vFrequency distribution of respondent by professional occupation

vFrequency distribution of respondent by position held

vResponse on whether there are any internal audit department or inspectorate department in your organization

vResponse on whether the inspectorate department in by management

vResponse on whether the head of the internal audit department is a professional qualified accountant

vResponse on whether the responsibilities of the inspectorate (internal audit) department are restricted to financial matter alone

vResponse on whether the lack of adequate inspection factor to ineffective banking management

vResponses on whether there are any laid rules and procedures by the management on how loan can be granted

vResponse on whether the inspectorate department make sure that the rule are followed before loan can be granted

vResponse on the extent to which loan (credit) granted to customer result to bad debts in the banking system

vResponses on whether inspection is the controlling technique of bank management aimed at ensuring compliance with plans and objectives

vResponses on whether the existence of the inspectorate function affect employee job performance

vResponse on whether the existing statutory and other relevant regulation by adequate support and consideration to the inspection function

vResponses on whether the inspectorate department discover any fraud in recent past

vResponse on whether one can describe the quality of report generated by the inspectorate department as quality material in terms of relevance, timeliest and up to date with requisite standard

vResponse on whether inspectorate department sent its reports to the board of directors

vResponses on whether the management rely heavily and immediately on report generated by the internal or inspectorate department

vResponses on whether the employee strive to adopt the banks policies and procedure because of their knowledge of the existence of the inspectorate function

vResponse on whether undue interference and job/ position insecurity of inspector the major factors adversely affecting the objectively of inspection report and recommendation

vResponse on whether n on implementation of previous recommendation a major contributing factor toe staff apathy toward inspection report

vResponses on whether the management perception of the main role of the internal audit

v(inspectorate) department function that of prevention and detection of error and fraud

vResponse on whether the inspectorate department service as a powerful tool and an effective measure to management control in the organization



This research studied the contribution effort of inspectorate department as an effective measure to bank for Africa, Plc Enugu.

          To guide the study, four research question were formulated using questionnaire as an instrument. The data collected are analyzed using simple percentages.

Some of the funding among other is:


vInternal audit (inspectorate) department enhances effective management control in baking sector


vThe inspectorate department gives financial accountability in banking sector


vThey are to play an important function effective utilization of organizational fund by management

vThe availability of inspectorate department encourages efficiency among employee in banking sector


vThe availability of inspectorate department discourages fraud in the banking management


vThe existing statutory and other relevant regulation lay adequate consideration to the inspectorate function


Based on the finding, the following and recommendation among others


vThe management should add conscious policy of in the staff selection into the inspectorate department


vUseful information network is necessary within the segment of the banking to enable the management and employee appreciate the action of inspectorate


vCreation of the inspectorate department in the bank for effective management


vTraining and constant work up / seminar for the efficiency of inspector at report and recommendations


vEnsuring that the unit is headed and controlled by qualified and professional inspectorate


vFull control and independence of inspectorate department


vIn the present dynamic economy of Nigeria, a bank cannot retrieve without the an inspectorate concern


vI advice that all the bank in Nigeria should create inspectorate department for effective and efficient management.




1.1            BACKGROUND OF STUDY

The financial institution (banking) in Nigeria is made up of the central bank, commercial bank, merchant bank and development bank. It was later joint by community bank and people bank created by decree of the federal military government banking

          However there focus no general accepted definition bank until 1969 when the act safeguarding the bank defined it as.


vThe act of receiving monies from outside sources as deposited irrespective of payment of interest and guarding of loans and acceptance of credit or the purchase and sales of securities for account of others. The incurring in respect of loans prior to their maturity a the assumption of guarantees and other warrant for others or the effective of transaction as the minister may, on the recommendation of the central bank, by order published in the federal gazette designate as banking business.

In 1982, hart described banker or bank as a person or company caring on the business of receiving monies and collecting draft for customers


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Inspection As An Effective Bank Managment