Review Of The Nigerian Banking Industry In The Year 2001

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Title page                                                                 ii

Approval page                                                          iii

Dedication                                                                        iv

Acknowledgement                                                     v

Table of content                                                                vii


Introduction                                                              1

1.1       Background of the study                                    1

1.2       Statement of the problem                                   3

1.3       Objective of study                                             4

1.4       Research question                                             5

1.5       Purpose of the study                                         5

1.6       Scope  of the study                                            6

1.7       Limitation of the study                                      7

1.8       Delimitation of the study                                   8

1.9       Significance of the study                                    9

1.10   Importance of benefit of study                           10

1.11   Ration/justification of the study                         11

1.12   Assumption of the study                                    11

1.13   Definition of the terms involved                         12

1.14   Plan for development of the topic                       13

Reference                                                          15


Literature review                                                       16

2.0       An overview of the Nigerian banking system       16

2.1                       Banking  general environment                    17

2.2                       Structure of banking system in nigeria        19   

2.3                       A  survey of the banking system in nigeria 20

2.4                       Banks struggle in recent times                    22

2.5                       The market movers                                    24

2.6                       The nature and forms of professional

misconduct in recent years in Nigerian bank       25

2.7                       Banks threat and effect.                             27

2.8                       Measures for the improvement

of banking operation                                 28

2.9                       Marketing strategy in the banking sector    29

Reference                                                  31


3.1       Sources of data                                                 32

3.2       Location of data used                                                33

3.3       Method of research investigation                        33

Reference                                                          34           


4.0       Findings                                                           35

4.1       Characteristic of banking system                                37

4.2       Features of banking business                             37

Reference                                                          42


Recommendations and conclusion                              43

5.0       Summary of findings                                                 43

5.1       Recommendation                                       45           

Bibliography                                             48






        This chapter provides the background to the Nigerian banking industry in the year 2001 with the Nigerian banks in focus.

        It is indisputable that inspite of the competition going on in the already existing banks within the industry.  Many new generation banks still spring up.  These are as a result of several factors like nature of services rendered by the banks their expansion plans, the quest to meet up with profit margins acceptable by the body of stake holders, seeking markets for their services etc.

        During this period the banking industry was misrepresented the banks who on longer consider the satisfaction needed by their consumer, but are constantly reminded of the measures of expansion and growth in line with their competitors.

The quest for opulence has crept not only into the bank, but in all the members of staff themselves and now manifesting into high rate of malpractices in the banking sector.

        One important variable of the desired expansion in the banking industry is the cost of staffing, studies have shown that bankers are well paid to encourage and motivate them to their respective duties.

In order to meet up with these costs.  Maximum efficiency needs to be put into avoid deficit.

        As revealed by Nik Ogbulie viewing it from all indications available, the banking industry is growing in leaps and bounds.  But what is yet to be fully determined is whether this growth is informed by increasing rate of efficiency in banking  management or increasing demand of banking services by users of the  industry.  This becomes important because the perceive rate of growth is not industry-wide.

While some banks have remained big and strong still maintaining their mundane services approach.  The one that pep up services are still not finding the bottom line easy and heap.



The major research problem is to investigate and identify such factor that  influence proper management function of the banking industry and to focus on the nature and forms of professional misconduct in the  industry.  It has been confirmed in Nigerian banks that professional misconduct takes an upward trend in the sector and further discussed it on the part of senior, middle and junior management staff.  These, Mr. Akintola Williams attributed to a number  of lapse on the part of director and boardroom rows.  He reviewed existing procedures for preventing identified misconduct and suggested modalities for dealing with the problems.



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Review Of The Nigerian Banking Industry In The Year 2001