Employee Participation In Employee Participation In Management Decision Making (a Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc Onitsha)decision Making And Organizational Commitment

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The study of the titled employee participation in management decision making with particular reference to Nigeria bottling company PLC Onitsha

The researcher concentrated her study on the various approach of employee participation and the after affect of these participation toward the employee performance output

Chapter deals   with the general perspective of the study including the problem encounter in the production of these works

Chapter 2 involves the views of other writer and relevant sub-issues to the work

The instrument employed for data collection were by means of face to face interview questionnaire as well as personal observation the study was based on simple of fifty-seven 57 employee irrespective of level of the company. This complies in chapter three

A careful analysis of the various researches one out with the following finding

1.                 That Nigeria bottling company PLC Onitsha achieves both their organizational needs and their employee needs

2.                 That employee participation policy a major role in the running of an organization

3.                 That it is wise for the NBC PLC to adopt the method of employee participation in management decision making



Title page

Approval page




Table of content




1.1            General background to the subject matter

1.2            Problems associated with the subject matter

1.3            Problems that the study will be concerned with

1.4            The importance of studying the area

1.5            Definition of important terms

1.6            (Chapter) reference




2.1            The origin of the subject area

2.2            School of though within the subject area

2.3            The school of though relevant   to the problem study

2.4            Different method of studying the problem

2.5            Summary

2.6            Reference




3.1     Data presentation [highlight of the study]

3.2     Analysis of the data

3.3     Recommendation

3.4     Conclusion

3.5     References

3.6     Bibliography







In many organization today their exist some forms of interaction to a large extent influence the behaviour of the people who work in the organization

Manager and employee similarly in tract in their pursuit to implement their organizational goal.  Traditionally managers are known to excise much interest over the common employee of the organization and especially their immediate subordinate.  This has led them to most cases to internally make decision unilaterally even the one that concern or affect their 5 subordinates


However in recent times this particle one on longer popular among employees hence their need to ensure adequate representation in such managerial laicism

For the purpose of he study employee will be bad on individual and group participation in managerial decision making.  The implied that manager consults the subordinate with out going through representation.  Furthermore participation means advice usually accepted by management. The study is divided to into five chapter 7 deal with the general perspective of the study mending the delimitation and limitation encountered in the  course of this work- chapter 2 involves  other    relevant sub- issue including review of related literature. Chapter 3 1mintes it own part discussion the method of conducting the research work in chapter 4. The result of the fund will show.  With subsequent summary of finding and appropriate recommendation in chapter 5



Many companies are being formed nation wide every day. They range from local nationals to multinational with a greater number of Nigeria as the employee.  The organizational structure of these companies becomes diffused as they expend these requiring different categories of manager to fill many position.

These managers will have a good number of workers under these subordinate.  It is also the responsibility of such managers to take varieties of decision relating to their work and that of the subordinate.

In various circles today there has been a growing concern with the participation of subordinate in such managerial decision making many authors are of the view that employee need to have a say on the making of decision that affect their jobs.

The essence of this study is to know whether actually in the Nigeria cantered this is so practiced and it so to what extend.

In industrialized society it was discovered that Americans does so much better than Europe in terms of economics efficiency calculated by such conventional standard as return on capital invested various explanation sprang up as to why the   other countries were not doing so well.  Explanation like the technological gap research and development gap and other economic and efficiency gaps


However more of them could be backed up with any worthwhile or clear-cut evidence.  It became natural therefore to look for the explanation elsewhere.

In the end it was discovered that American superiority was the result of their unique managerial approach to democratic management style in contrast to European industrial autocracy.

The above those calls for one central question regarding the participation of employee in managerial decision making motivation. Morgan stated this there can be a title augment concerning the motivational assumption that when an employee is allows to participate in the decision making process he will perform better.

Against the background this paper will investigate the problem of employee participation in managerial decision-making including the various view and argument concerning that subject



The study is aimed at determining the extent of influence which employee in a company exert over managerial decision.

The study will also involve knowing how such enhance or participation affect their productivity. Among the aims of the study are a knowing the major determination of participation by employees in managerial decision making.

b)                   Discussing the type of decision employee participation in

c)                    Analyzing of the effect of participation by employee in managerial decision making

d)                       Seeking to know whether manager actually make use of recommendation arrived at monthly by them and the employee

e)                    Making appropriate recommendation on how to improve employee participation in managerial decision-making.



The study is of particular significance in the following ways.

a)                 The study recognizes the importance of employee participation in decision-making.

b)                To determine the process of employee participation in decision-making.

c)                 The ultimate needs for employee participation in decision making

d)                The role that employee play in an organization   


1.5            RESAERCH QUESTION

In the course of this I asked some question that covers the range of my study.  He questions are some of the researches are contained in the questionnaire.

1)      Does employee participation in management decision making of Nigeria mineral industries



1)      Frank A Helen and Ben Hard Wiper (1981) Competence and Power in

Managerial Decision Making (Clueheter) John Willy and Sons Ltd

2)      James E Morgan Junior (1973) Administrative and Supervisory

Management (New Josey) Prentice Hill Inc 

3)      Ade Oyedijo (1995) Principle to Management (Paramount Book Ltd)

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Employee Participation In Employee Participation In Management Decision Making