Women Involvement In Community In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Eku In Ethiope East Local Government Area Of Delta State

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From the time of creation till date, expect in the recent time, whom have been seen generally especially by the male folk as second-class citizens, more especially in the less developed countries.

This has led to various misconceptions and bickering between the male and female group despite all efforts of women towards the development of there various communities. Even when it is obvious that women are taking the lead and vigorously help the spouses in executing various developmental projects their activities are rarely appreciated.

The purpose of this study therefore was to conduct an investigation into the contribution of Eku of the community development efforts of Eku as a case study in the “involvement of women in community development in Nigeria.” Specifically it is against this background that the researcher set out six research questions and three-research hypothesis to aid the study.

A total of 94 respondents were sampled to respond to the questionnaire, which was the main research instrument.  These were distributed to the women who participate in economic Development through their community development efforts in Eku. The responses by the women were analyzed by the use of percentage.




Title page

Approval page




Table of content



1.0            Introduction

1.1            Background of the study

1.2            Statement of the problem

1.3            Purpose of the study

1.4            Scope of the study

1.5            Research hypothesis

1.6            Significance of the study




2.0     Literature Review

2.1            Background and Concept of Community Development in Nigeria.

2.2            Women involvement in economic/ community development.

2.3            Impediments.

2.4            Suggestion and efforts for the further.




3.0     Research Design and methodology.

3.1            Research design.

3.2            Area of study.

3.3            Population of the study

3.4            Sample and sampling Technique.

3.5            Instrument for Data collection

3.6            Validation of the instrument

3.7            Reliability of the instrument

3.8            Method of Data collection

3.9            Method of Data Analysis




4.0     Data presentation and Analysis.

 4.1    Data presentation and Analysis.

4.2            Testing of hypothesis.

4.3            Summary of results.




5.0     Discussion, Recommendation and

5.1            Discussion of results/findings

5.2            Conclusion

5.3            Implications of the research findings

5.4            Recommendation

5.5            Suggestion for further research

Bibliography and references






The study will place emphasis on the community development efforts of women in the economic development in Nigeria.

Community development involves some kind of co-operative actions by every member of a particular community to improve the well being or welfare of town members, Battern, R.T.R. (1957, p.8) in recent times, there has been noticeable change in people’s community development as the great provider.  There is now remarkable awareness that the people can now develop their community through their own efforts and with their own resources, since the states or local government, government to which people look upon her help could not attract enough revenue from the federal government to come to their rescue.

It is against this background that people organized themselves into groups for self-help activities in communities most of these condition of their members and the community in general.  Many areas they focus their attentions include the construction and building of rural road, schools, health centers, village halls, clinics, market, garri processing machines, oil processing machines and so on.

In Ethiope East for instance with a particular reference to Eku where most of these infrastruture are not available, women as vehicles for community development have now found themselves providing some of these amenities through their various groups.  It is based on this that the research sought to identify the extent those women groups have gone in their development activities since their men are chiming to be at the forefront of every development activities.

But if the recent development in the affairs and attitude of women towards economics development are anything to go by them, I can be in a better positions to appreciate the roles played by the recent past.  First ladies of this nation of Nigeria for example.  Think of the development initiatives and activities carried out by Mrs. Maryam Babangida under the better life for rural women programmes.  Recall the activities of Mrs. Maryam Abacha under FEAP.

In the international forum, mention must be made of reputable women like Imelda Marcus of the Philippines, Margate Ihatcher of Britain Winnie Mandela of South Africa and recently modline Albright to mention but a few.

Women natural are tender hearted, no wonder their roles in the family are indispensable, those roles are variously carried are into their immediate environment, hence they (women) are able to identify easily those economic areas where their activities greatly affects and enhance the lives of many.  It is expect therefore that these work will contribute its quota to the eradication of this nation that the place of the women is in the kitchen, they deserve mush more positive recognition then that as shall be revealed by this work.



The problem this study out to examine is the extent women in Ethiope East with a particular reference to Eku Community have been involved in community development, since literature an women and development reviewed depicts women as the backbone of community development.


The need there arise to discover how Eku women have tried to accomplish this through their various projects and programmes.  How their efforts have enhanced the quality of life of Eku people in general.


1.3            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The sole aim of this research is to study the various contributions of Eku women to the community/economic development.  Because of this, the study has set out to investigation that issue with the following aim:-

i.                   To examine the characteristics of females regarded as women.

ii.                 To find out the various community project(s) or programmes(s) embarked upon by these women.

iii.              To find out their objectives for embarking on such project(s) or programme(s).

iv.              To find out whether their activities promote hamper development.

v.                 To find out how the project(s) or programme(s) are being financed.

vi.              To find out the problems the women encounter in carrying out their community development programme.



1.4            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This study is intended to examine the various contributions of women in Ethiope with reference to Eku in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State.  The contribution made by women in other neigbouring communities are however not be included.

Consequently, the study is going to focus on the various project(s) or programmes(s) of women groups involved in community development in Eku.  The area to be studied are Igun, Samagidi, Sanubi and Echi.

In each village, sample of all women groups that take part in community development project(s) or programme(s) are to be studied.  The study specially will be find out the extent to which women have used these projects or programmes in contributing to economic/community development.



A hypothesis is an intelligent guess of the solution to the research problem.  A hypothesis may also viewed as a conjectural proposition, an informed, intelligent guess about the solution to the problem (Orjih, 1996. 145) the following are the research hypothesis:

Ho:    The various community development project embarked by women do not bring new things.

Hi:     The various community development projects embarked by women have brought new things.

Ho:    Women do not encounter problems while carrying out the projects.

Hi:     Women encounter problems while carrying out the projects.

Ho:    The objectives of the projects are not well understood by other women in the community.

Hi:     The objectives of the projects are well understood by the other women in the community.



Research is carried out because we want to solve a problem(s) and if the problem is solved that means it will benefit those who are affected by the problem, Ozo, Odo Anih, Ugwu (1999, p. 30).

It is clear that this that type of study never been made in some community including Eku.  Although the research is carried out to fulfill an academic requirement it will also go beyond that scope encouraging more meaningful and conscious development efforts on the part of women.


This study will also well help to stimulate community development department of Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State to seek the opinion of women in planning any community development.  This will also serve as a guide to other researcher.



Battern, R.T.R. (1957)   Community and their Development.  Oxford University Press of 8.


Orijih, John (1996)        Business Research Methodology.  Enugu: Meteson Publicity Company Page 145.


Ozo, Odo, Anih, Ugwu (1999)          Introduction to Project Writing (for Business and Financial Studies) Enugu: Sunny Enterprise Page 39.

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Women Involvement In Community In Nigeria