Motivation As A Means Of Increasing Workers Productivity ( A Case Study Of Ibeto Group Of Company Nnewi, Anambra State)

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This research work is centered on the effect of motivation as a means of increasing workers productivity with emphasis on Ibeto group of company Nnewi. The population of the study comprised one hundred and thirty (130) staff of the organization. The sample for the study was 110 out of 130 staff. The sample for the study was drawn using simple random, sampling the study. The researcher also collected data through primary and secondary sources using well structured questionnaire and personal interview, which he administered to the respondent. The responses to these question were analysed with the use of simple percentage. My findings revealed that wages and salaries of workers are poor. There are no properly laid down policies for promoting workers. Also there are not enough accommodation and transport facilities for the workers. The research was concluded and the following recommendations were made. The workers should be paid equitable salaries and ways should be paid equitable salaries and wages based on their performance salaries and wages based on their equitable salaries and ways based on their performance and the prevalent economic conditions. The management should establish a promotional policy and training programmes such as on the job and on the job training. Finally, the researcher suggested that further work could be carried out on this benefits in manufacturing industries and how motivational factors can best suit the different categories of workers.




Motivation is the set of forces that cause people to choose certain behavior from amongst the many alternative open to them. An employee performance is typically influenced by motivation, ability and the work environment.

Motivation is important because of its intangible nature. A leader can influence his surbodinate only when they are convinced.

In conviction, a need based approach must be applied which focus on what motivates employee to choose certain behavior in discharging their duties. Such approaches are need hierarchies and the dual structure approach.

Motivation plus effort leads to performance which then leads to outcome said by Victor Vroom in his theory “Expectancy Theory”. According to this theory, there are three conditions to be met for individuals to exbibit motivated behavior, thus;

a.   Effort to performance expectancy must be greater that zero

b.  Performance to outcome expectancy must be greater that zero and

c.   The sum of values for all relevant outcome must be greater that zero.

In other view Fredrick Taylor said that people have been engaging in employment for reasons other than money. He added that workers can be motivated if  reward and penalties are attached to performance.

Modern economy depends on a large extent on motivation more than previous economics. Motivation itself has now become inseparable from modern production for good efficiency and effectiveness of organizational production and rendering of good services to the custom by the staff can only be possible with the aid of adequate motivation.

According to Okpala (Dec 1980), ‘motivation comes from intrinsic factors which influenced the workers to behave the way they do. The intrinsic source of motivation is the type of motivation that comes derides a sense of accomplishment and achievement from helping gain competitive advantage job that are interesting and challenging leads to intrinsic motivation for this type of work motivation result from performing the job itself.

The extrinsic motivation result as a worker acquires materials or social rewards to avoid punishment will work well and light, temperature  and noise reduction, different salary scales, group standard leadership etc. all of this affect the employees performance.


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Motivation As A Means Of Increasing Workers Productivity ( A Case Study Of Ibeto Group Of Company Nnewi, Anambra State)