Construction Of Turbine Mixer

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The Turbine Mixer was Fabricated at the Mechanical Engineering Workshop of Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu

The method of the fabrication of the Turbine Mixer involves a preliminary computation of the dimensions of the standard Turbine in relation to the dimension  of the reacting vessel in which they will be used in. making out, cutting out to sizes, rolling/folding, welding, body filling, glass- papering and painting. The total surface area is 10741.5cm2

The first step taken in the fabrication of the said project was the selection of the material suitable for the construction.

          The material used in the construction were locally sourced and were selected to suit the desired purpose. The mild steel was used instead of galvanized steel due to its relative low cost. The mild steel; was coated with point to prevent corrosion attack and determination of the work.

          The dimension of the project were as follow 31.0cm for the height and 21.0cm for the diameter. The volume capacity of the cylinder is 10,7415cm3. the average speed of the turbine mixer is 125pm. The turbine mixer is manually operated a design that is meant to save cost.



We use this medium to express our hearty appreciation of the invaluable efforts of our supervisor who is also HOD, Engr. U.S.C. Echegi (B. ENG, M. ENG, MNSE)

          The invaluable work of Mr. Titus Nnamani of Industrial center, Institute of Management and Technology Enugu is also well appreciated.

          Finally, we give thanks, glory and honor to Almighty God for his divine and mercy over us during the period of executing this project.



Title page

Letter of Transmittal

Approval page




Table of content



1.0  Introduction

2.1 Objectives / Scope of the project



2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Agitation and mixing

2.2 Liquid – liquid Agitation

2.3 Purpose of agitation

2.4 Types of mixer/mixing equipment

2.4.1 Types of impeller for liquid. Impeller selection

2.5 Application of impeller

2.6 Shaft

2.7 Baffles

2.8 Circulation rates

2.9 Mixers for plastic solids and pastes

2.10 Mixers for dry light solids (powder)

2.11 Materials of Construction.



3.0 Fabrication / modification procedure

3.1 Steps of fabrication process

3.2 Cost Analysis



4.0 Discussion

4.1 Conclusion

4.2 Recommendation

4.3 References

4.4 Nomenclature.





          The multiple of process and mechanical variable makes fluid agitation one of the most complex unit

Operation. For this reason the systematic studies of underlined mechanism of mixing operation progressed slowly, quantitative design data in spares and almost innumerable agitator configuration have evolved. Though often confused agitation and mixing are not synonymous. Agitation refers to the induced motion of a material in a specified way, usually in a circulating pattern inside some sort of container.

          Mixing is the ransom distribution into and through one another of two or more initially separate phases. Ex A single homogenous material such as a tankful of cold water can be agitated, but it cannot be mixed until some other material is added such as powdered solid.

          However, many processing operations depend for their success on the effective agitation and mixing of fluid. To enhance these processing operation. Experimental agitations were developed to serve a wide variety of practical and fundamental fluid mixing problems.

          Experience has revealed that reaction that required mixing and agitation most often cannot perform without agitators. That is why the need to discuss agitators, agitation and mixing cannot be over ruled and has to be given to student in the tertiary institution as project work.

          Mixing is been to prepare a uniform combination of two or more substances. The material fed to a mixer could be gasses, liquid or solids. The product that is from mixer may be homogenous or heterogeneous



1.1     Turbine mixer is one of the important equipment found in the Chemical Industries. It is been applied in variety of operations in the industries and homes such as mixing of solution of liquid, solids and gases.

          The main objective of the project is to construct Turbine Mixer that will be widely versatile in application/operation.


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