Reducing Unemployment Through Co-operative Societies (a Study Of The Activities Of Co-operative Societies In Reducing Unemployment In Orumba South Local Government Area Anambra State)

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The objective of this research project is to find ways to reduce unemployment through co-operative movement. The study was limited to cooperative society being Adaku industrial cooperative society Orumba South local government area of Anambra state. Questionnaires were issued to respondents to elicite information from them. Investigation revealed that cooperative has not been doing well within the area as a result of some factors militating against cooperative activities or procedure which if properly addressed will boost employment within Orumba south local government and its environs. However, the society have been working hard to create employment by expanding its business and re-structuring its operation and function and nature from capital intensive to labour intensive.











Title page                                                                     ii

Approval page                                                                      iii

Dedication                                                                    iv

Acknowledgement                                                         v

Abstract                                                                       vi

Table of contents                                                          vii



1.1      Background of the study                                          1

1.2      Statement of the problem                                        6

1.3      Objective of the study                                             7

1.4      Significant of the study                                           8

1.5      The scope and limitation of the study                        8    

1.6      Research Question                                                  10




2.1      Definition and scope of unemployment                      13

2.2      Types and causes of unemployment                          14

2.2.1                Voluntary and non-voluntary unemployment        14

2.2.2                Structural unemployment                                 15

2.2.3                Seasonal unemployment                                   15

2.2.4                Disguised unemployment                                         16

2.2.5                Residual unemployment                                    16

2.2.6                International transmitted unemployment                   16

2.3      Unemployment in Nigeria                                                17

2.4      How cooperative can help to reduce

Unemployment cooperative can reduce

Unemployment through                                           21

2.5      Business, cooperatives can venture into include          22



3.1 Area of study                                                          23

3.2 Population of the study                                             24

3.3 sources of Data                                                       24

3.4 Sampling                                                                25

3.5 Analytical Techniques                                                      26

3.6 Data Analysis and Presentation                                         27

3.6 summary of findings, recommendations

 and Conclusion                                                             30

3.7 Summary of Findings                                                      31

3.8 Recommendation                                                     32

3.9 Conclusion                                                              33

Bibliography                                                           35

Appendix                                                                      36

Questionnaire                                                         37



3.0     Introduction

In this chapter the following will be discussed:

Background of the study

Statement of the problems

Objectives of the study

Significance of the study

The scope and limitation of study and research question.

3.1     Background of the study

Literally the word cooperative “or to cooperate” is a verb derived from a noun “cooperation” which means working together of two or more persons to achieve a goal. The working together could be permanent, temporary or ad-hoc, it could be formal or informal. However, cooperative can be defined as an association of person faced by the same economic problem, voluntary join together, pool their resources on the basis of equality through joint effort and mutual participation aiming at solving their problem.

International cooperative alliance (1995) defines it thus as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

In a nut shell, cooperative society is a form of business organization which aims at satisfying the needs of people who can not break even in the economic world through the process of co-operation.

Another definition says that cooperative as a free association of person legally constructed for the purpose of conducting economic enterprises democratically according to established laws and techniques.

Worthy of note. cooperative society is a job creation oriented charged with the duty of reducing unemployment, reduction of poverty, increasing income per capital of the populace of a nation, breaching the gap between wealthy nation and under-developed through the improvement of standard distribution of infrastructure in the locality and stabilization of economic well begin of a nation.

Cooperative society is not limited to any sector of the economy provided the business undertaken is within the confide of the law. Which ever way, cooperative is perceived, it is an association of persons having the same economic need, willing and able to work towards solving this problem.

Cooperative movement was established firstly in Rochdale Manchester England on 15th august, 1844 by 28 Wearers, comprising of 26 males and 2 females.

This movement was formed as a result of industrial revolution in Europe in the (1750-1850) though to many author journalist and news broadcasters perceived the development differently but to an economist it is a welcomed development which transformed manual system of production to mechanized system however living many long people jobless, with may evil practices like long working hour as factory owners intend to increase production in order maximize profit, child labour, truck system and virtually creating a lawlessness environment as the government then was lazier far system of leadership. Nevertheless, its positives out come could be attested to establishment of labour union, mass production of goods, rural-urban draft, and establishment of cooperative society as a means to checkmate the activities of the capitalist, reduction of unemployment among the work force and over dependence on the factory owner for survival.

This initiative came to existence through Robert Oven (1771-1858) a social reformer who saw the plight of the people and came to their and he introduced cooperative as a solution to Salvage the situation in Europe. He is till today known as the father of cooperative.

    Dr. King William (1786-1865) a medical practissional, a follower of Robert Owen his contributions include establishment of cooperative society and publication of four paged news paper which he used to propagate the idea of Robert Owen.

Their initiatives and hard work metamorphose to what we have today as modern cooperative.

1.7     Statement of the problem

   Unemployment is a global issue but to developing countries like Nigeria it is major problem.

On yearly basis, graduates turn out massively with out hope of gainful employment. The labour decree (1974, sec 19) protects older workers from being laid off in a situation of redundancy. Labour and management makes an attempt in trying to cope with the recession they adopted the policy of last-in-first out. Coupled with the ban on recruitment during recession, these facts exert great impact on job seekers. The provision of quality and quantity skilled man power which universities embarked on which could develop the nation at faster pace because fruitless which the incident of graduates unemployment an unfortunate problem.

All these problem of mass unemployment could be attributed to lack of proper awareness of being self employed through organizing cooperative society where people could come together and harness their resources for the purpose of gainful employment.

1.8     Objective of the study

The motive behind this research work is to find out

1.  The causes of unemployment.

2.  To determine what can be done to enhance employment.

3.  To make recommendations as how to increase employment.

4.  To provide information for further research.


1.9     Significant of the study

 The essence of conducting this research is to find out the best way to ensure steady employment in Ormuba south local government are, Anambra state and Nigeria at large and investigate the effectiveness of corporative society in reduction of unemployment with in the community.

This topic was chosen in anticipation to provide solution to unemployment issue facing the present administration of Anambra state.

1.10        The scope and limitation of the study

The area of this research work is Orumba south local government area. This work is to determine the impact and effectiveness of cooperative society in employment, generation with specific emphasis on Adaku industrial cooperative society.

The research cover cooperative operation and functions with in the area with a view to discover the extent they create employment opportunity to members and non-members. in attempt to produce this work, I experience  several handicap which include some of the officials visited failed to disclose vital information about their society and secondly. Financial problem almost stopped the research excurses along line. I also find it difficult to break through to see the cooperative divisional officer at the local government headquarter whose response to my question would have make a greater impact to the success of this research therefore I resort to work on the available information materials and contribution available to me at the moment.



1.11        Research Question

The following research question were asked during the study

1.  What do you think unemployment is?

2.  Do you feel the unemployment can be reduced through cooperative society?

3.  In what ways have cooperative society reduced unemployment?

4.  What are the employment outlets provided by your cooperative?

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Reducing Unemployment Through Co-operative Societies