Design Of A National Identity Card System

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The National Identity Card Processing and Administration system is the only through way a state and a nation’s population figure can be ascertain. To be accepted in a given locating or geographical area, it is necessary to bear a mark. Mark here does not really mean facial mark rather an identity. This identity card willbear your name, states, every single information about you as an individual or person. This therefore boils down to what we know as National Identity Card.
The Question is “what is an identity card? As defined by many authors and dictionary including the encyclopedia. It is a national document certifying State, nationality, issued by the government of a country to every individual or person that the definition National Identity Card can also be called a true image of an individual or person, because it tells well abut a person.”
Every citizen of a country that is of the stipulated age constitution have the right to apply for insurance of the National Identity card in the state he or she is staying. The National Identity Card is not issued to people who are not of age. For this reason, there is a need for the maintenance and assessment of records in order to maintain current data concerning an individual. It is also for easy references, to know the number of labour force, Identification and fraud check and also good for revenuer allocation of the federal government for proper population figure.
However, there are different arms in the internal affair ministry which takes the responsibility of checking and issuing the National Identity Card. But as it concerns our area of interest in this project work, Department of National Civil Registration Under the federal ministry of Internal Affairs, of NGWO Local government Area of Enugu State will be our target.
National Identity Card processing and Administration system is not an easy task. This reason is because it involves absolute carefulness to ascertain a population figure, prevent forgery and avoid the dangers of Impersonation, duplication of multiple National Identity Card for one particular person.
Scanning through reports for a file with definite information can be a techniques and time wasting work because of the large volume of record to be scanned. Also to change particular information may be as a result of marriage, change of name, or loss of the Identity card in other words known as update will also be a tug of way for the individual in charge. It creates weariness and loss of dedication to duties by the staff thereby restricting the powers of the Department of National Civil Registration services following the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which states that “No Public Officer shall put himself in a position where his personal interest conflict with his duties and responsibilities” (1999 Constitution 5th schedule point 1 no.1)
Finally, the processing and administration system will be capable of restricting to non-authorized person.
The primary purpose of the study is to critically analyze the activities of National Identity card Processing and Administration system with a view of controlling forgery and duplication as well as finding a lasting solution to these problems. To create a better and lasting identity card system for Nigeria as a whole.
For the fact that this project research is aimed at having comprehensive review of the manual system of operation being carried out in the Identity
Card section of the Department of National Civil Registration Ngwo Local government area of Enugu state into a computerized system. The following will be taken into consideration for subject matters. They are:
- Ensure accurate and timely update of the holder record.
- Check multiple possession of the National Identity card.
- Deprive immigrant who are not citizen of the country form obtaining the national identity card.
- A proper account of the identity card issued.
- Finally, a proper storage system which keeps all vital information ready for use.
This is limited to the activities involved in National Identity Card Processing and its administration system and also report generation on the National Identity Card holders Information.
It is on these that the effectiveness and efficiency of the National Identity card section of the Ngwo Local Government Area of Enugu State.
The limitation is based on the facts which the researcher could not lay hands on pertaining to the study, which evolves the problems of insufficient analysis.
In addition to these limitations are time factors and financial insufficiencies.
Assuming that this design is implemented work flow and assessment as well as record keeping of the national identity card section of the Ngwo Local Government Area of Enugu State will be made easy, interesting and
flexible- also, the management will make quick finding so that conclusion and decision will be reached as aid when due.
As we go into this work, some words will need precise definition to enable the reader assimilate the entire contents.
COMPUTER: An electronic machine capable of accepting data in the form of input, processes it under a set of complete condition, stores information or request for references and generated result in the form of output.
APPLICATION: As it concerns this subject matter, it is one who applies to the Department of National Civil Registration for the Issuance of National Identity Card of the stipulated age.
CITIZEN: Under the provision of the amended constitution decree No. 32 of 1974, citizen is any person who becomes citizen of any country either by birth, descendant, Registration or Nationalization.
IDENTITY CARD PROCESSING: The procedure involved in processing and identity card.
IDENTITY CARD ASSESMENT: The procedure or act of checking Identity card already in use or to be produced.
IMMIGRATION: This is a process whereby people move from the country to another to settle.
EMIGRATION: This is a process whereby people come from one country to settle.

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Design Of A National Identity Card System