Design And Implementation Of A Computerised Rural Electrification Information System For A L.g.a

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Design and implementation of a computerized rural electrification information system for a Local Government Area (a case study of Enugu South L.G.A).

The difficulties PHCN Staff and Community usually face when tracing a fault made us to realize that computer assisted electrification information retrieval system is the best in detecting a place where the high tension lines are located and transformers in Enugu South L.G.A.  This will save PCHN Staff the embarrassment caused by customers complaints at the end of working day.


Our basic objective of designing and implementing computerized rural electrification information system  is the development of data Base computer program that will enable the Staff to efficiently, accurately and effectively process and co-ordinate the various transformers  in the L.G.A  without much difficulties with little time.


In view of this, PHCN officers must prepare for successful working relationship with an online information processing and in addition get their members of staff familiarized with the system for easy and effortless exercise that produce reliable output (result).




















1.0            INTRODUCTION

The ultimate aim of manufacturers is to produce goods they can sell to users immediately at a profit. An interaction between the producer and the consumer tales place.  This interaction is initiated, developed, and managed by producer’s marketing staff.  The business function of power marketing is concerned with the planning, and billing of existing products in the existing markets and development of new products and new markets to better serve present and potential customers.

 Today PHCN performs a vital function in the operation of a business enterprises.   Detection and billing of power  has become a much difficult assignment because of the dynamic environment of today’s activities which includes:

-                     Rapidly changing market demands

-                     Steadily increasing consumers pressure

Firms have increasingly turned to the computer to help them perform the vital functions in the face of the rapid changes of today’s environment.  Computer, therefore, because of its speed, memory capacity, versatility and accuracy, has been the catalyst in the development of rural electrification information system, which integrate the information flow required for an improved activities.  Computer is also used to make business decision involving millions of naira and so saves man from a tremendous amount of time consuming work.

Today computer is used as a control system for controlling electricity distribution and management, diagnosis of faulty performance.  Nevertheless, computer is also used as research system for detecting dangerous zones.






The difficulties staff of PHCN  usually face in the Local Government Area  made me to realize that (computer aid) an rural electrification information system is the best that can happen to the staff and people of Enugu South L.G.A.  This will save the PHCN officers the embarrassment caused by customers’ complaints at the end of the working day.


It was in the view of this that Sundison (1994) pointed out that “ for effective rural electrification more sophisticated system should be introduced in the business”


1.3            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The original purpose of this study is to design and implement a computerized rural electrification information system in Enugu South L.G.A. Its purpose are to have the following:

(i)                Efficient and safe storage

(ii)             Quick retrieval of records and information

(iii)           Proper accounting and file keeping

(iv)           Quick response to any adhoc enquires

(v)             Assist in Fault recording


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Design And Implementation Of A Computerised Rural Electrification Information System For A L.g.a