A Survey Of The Problems Of Some Private Business Schools In Enugu Urban (a Case Study Of Modern Ideal College

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          CHAPTER ONE




The topic “A survey of the problems of some private business schools, in Enugu Urban was careful chosen for the purpose of finding out the problems inherent in our private business school. Seminars and workshop held in the past were of immense value as they gave the government the positive stand towards the encouragement of such ventures. The seminars which were very encompassing extended to both national and inter-state for better optimal result the private organizations thus play a very vital role especially in commercial schools of vital role especially in commercial schools of the academic development. the question to ask is, are over private business schools producing appropriate manpower, required for the present and  future development of the Nigerian economy?

Where do private business schools fit in, this scheme? PRIVATE BUSINESS SCHOOLS can be side or defined as the personal or individuals / joint trade or commerce institution the up-bringing or education children in nursery, primary, secondary and commercial schools in the state organization.

However, the desire for educational knowledge and the development of this venture was not left in hands of the government alone. It is a well-known individual and private organization have played an important role in the development of education in any country. This has gone a long way to encouraging the campaign against illiteracy in our society. His wise decision taken by individuals or organization to supplement government effort in the development of education is commendable and a proof to show that if education is left in the hands of government alone. The aims and objectives of academic knowledge may not be fully achieved. This is because, the government being faced with other projects and welfare services may not invest all she has for education alone hence the interventions of the individual hands and private organizations is important.

The problems of these private hands in the establishment of private schools cannot be overemphasized. Both the government and the general public have availed themselves of the opportunity of schools in he private hands for the purpose of achieving the aims and objectives of education. The survey of the problems of private business schools in Enugu Urban in manpower development.

A study of modern ideal college Abakpa Enugu and immaculate commercial school at Ochi Street Achara Layout, Enugu is an interesting one and this will give an overview of not only the situation report in the above mentioned schools alone but the state in general as it effects other schools in Enugu Urban.



Private business schools in Enugu Urban have suffered a lot of criticism from several authors and writers. Many have accessed their owners of being only interested in collecting money from their students but paying total neglect to the quality of the education they offer.

Other is even maintained that the proprietors are eccentric misers who are only interesting in grabbing the money, buy will not like to part with its return for the provision of qualitative education.

They also maintain that these schools do not have qualified teaches to tech the students, do not have the required educational materials for proper learning, and provide little financial capital for the running off the schools.

This research work is therefore designed to actually find out the extent to which above allegations are true in relation to the commercial located in Enugu Urban Town.


1.3            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The purpose of this study is to

1)                 Find out the financial capabilities of these schools

2)                 Determine the qualifications of their teaching staff

3)                 Assess how equipped these schools are in terms of learning materials

4)                 Find out their comprehensive curriculum vitae.

5)                 Determine the learning approach / method to impact knowledge in the pupils

6)                 Consider the time allocated for the teaching of a particular subject.

7)                 Ascertain the technical know-how of a teacher to teach a particular course.

8)                 Determine the size and the position of pupils in their learning environment.  



1.                 This research work will offer suggestions on how a private business school be run in to provide good quality education

2.                 It will serve as an eye-opener to parent who usually sent their children to private schools to know the actual positions of these schools.

3.                 It will ale help the government in formulating educational policies in relation to the operating of private schools.

4.                 This work will enable the government to employ an adequate means of improving the educational standard of he private schools. 

5.                 It will also enable the government to determine the type of institutional teaching material which ever employed by private schools to inculcate knowledge on the pupils.

6.                 It will also help the parents to detect out the effectiveness of the private business schools from the government schools.



The study is limited only to the commercial schools located in Enugu Urban Town. Private nursery, primary secondary and tertiary institutions within this location are excluded from the study due to shortage of time and other factors. 

Certain factors may hamper a generalization from the finding of the study.

1.                 The study is limited to only the commercial schools still within Enugu Urban. The number is very small to be used in making general statement.

2.                 Some proprietors were not ready to supply the true information needed.

3.                 Not all the schools wee studied as the researchers cannot afford the financial demand o he work to cover all the schools.

4.                 Some of the respondents could not state exactly what their school have but only estimated.



1.                 Are commercial schools relevant in national development? 

2.                 Are commercial schools held in high esteem in the society?

3.                 Is it true that pupils who embrace commercial education most often are drawn from the not well to do families?

4.                 Are commercial school pupils allowed to participate in the WASC / GCE examinations upon graduation or do they register as private students only?

5.                 Does commercial school education has any defined aims and objectives in this country?


The following terms are defined as they were used in the project.


A qualified teacher in this project is a holder of NCE and above in commercial and secretarial subject.

2)       EQUIPMENT

By equipment, we mean environmental surroundings, structure and materials that help in promoting effective teaching and learning.


In this project, they mean commercial schools recognized by the government.




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A Survey Of The Problems Of Some Private Business Schools In Enugu Urban