Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Information System For A Human Right Based Organisation

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          The clamout for justice and rights of man is an age long affair.  Social crusaders, philosophers, non governmental organization (NGOs) and thinkers of various persuasions, have devoted most of their effects to the promotion of monitoring and re-affirmation of faith in fundamental human right in the dignity and worth of the human person in equal right of nations large and small, and in fundamentals freedoms for all without distraction as to religious crisis, terrorisms, civil war etc.

          In Nigeria today, all of use belong to one family mankind.  Everyone is born free.  Each of us is entitled to have rights, freedom and duties of different kinds, not withstanding.  Each of its has as responsibility to acknowledge, respect, promote, and protect6 those fundamental rights and freedoms for all others as justice demands infact human beings are endored wit h the faculty of convince and inner sense of right and wrong.  Thus the need for justice is man’s quest for happiness and good harmonious living.  A human who is deprived of any of these fundamental need is faced to live a sub-human existence, hence this work is a web-site designed to outline the information on human rights and people’s right as well as the abuses of there right between government and the populace in Nigeria.  A case study of National Human Right Development Commission (NHRDC).



          For the purpose of camp. Perception, this work is arranged in seven chapters.

          Chapter one is all about the introduction on human right and different kind of right we have.

          Chapter two received the literature that already exist about this topic “human right in Nigeria”.

          Chapter three described the analyzed listing system and its information flow.

          Chapter four after studying the old system a new system is designed to work hand – in – hand with the old system.

          Chapter five is how this new system should be implemented.

          Chapter six and chapter seven are the documentation recommendation and reference.



Title page                                                                                ii

Certification                                                                                      iii

Dedication                                                                               iv

Acknowledgement                                                                             v

Abstract                                                                                  vi

Organization of work                                                              vii

Table of content                                                                      viii


Introduction                                                                                      1

1.1            Statement of problem                                                    3

1.2            Purpose of study                                                           3

1.3            Aims and objective of the study                                              4

1.4            Scope of the study                                                                   4

1.5            Construction and limitation                                           4

1.6            Assumption                                                                             5


2.0     Literature Review                                                          6


3.0     description and analysis of existing system                            9

3.1            facts finding method used                                              10

3.2            organizational structure                                                 12

3.3            objective of the existing system                                               13

3.4            input process, output analysis                                                13

3.5            information flow diagram                                              14

3.6            problems of the existing system                                              14

3.7            justification of new system                                            15


4.0     design of new system                                                     17

4.1            output specification and design                                               17

4.2            input specification and design                                       19

4.3            file design                                                                       21

4.4            procedure chart                                                              22

4.5            system flowchart                                                           23


5.1     Implementation                                                              24

5.2     program flowchart                                                                  26

5.3     pseudo code                                                                            27              


6.0     Documentation                                                              28


7.0     Recommendations                                                                   30     

7.1            Conclusion                                                                     30

7.2            Definition of terms                                                                  31

References                                                                      33





          The word “right” is derived from the Latin word sector which in the noun form means that to which “person has just and valid claims, whether it be land, a thing or privilege of doing something or saving something.  We have what is called a legal right, which is either the liberty 9protected by law) of acting or abstaining from acting in a specific manner or the power (enforced by law) of compelling a specific person to do or abstain from doing a particular thing.  A legal right is thus the capacity sending in one man or a group of man or controlling with the assert and the assistance of the state the actions of others.  “Human” has been defined as pertaining to characteristics of or having the nature of mankind.

          Morals and interest in any human being is simply because of his/her humanity.  The birth right of all mankind.  The expression “human right” in its wildest connotation embarrasses those civil, political, economic, social, cultural, group, solidarity and developmental right which we considered indispensable to meaningful human existence.

          The Nigeria National Human Right Development Commission was created by a military decree promulgated by the Military Government of General Sani Abacha with the announcement of the latrest in a socials of programs for transaction from military to civilian rule (replacing the transition aborted by the annulment of June 12 1993 election) and was clearly designed as an attempt to head of off international critism of continued military rule in general and repressive policies of the Abacha’s government in particular.

          Following the death of general Abacha in June 1998 his successor General Abdusalami Abubakar scrapped the General Abacha transition program and instituted a new one under condition of operation openness.  As a part of the program a new constitution was drafted by a panel set by General Abubakar with new limited public consultation.  Although the organisation had lobbied for its status to be entrenched in the constitution, this did not take place.  The new constitution came in existence on May 20, 1999.  following election late 1991 and early 1999,  According to the military decree, establishing the human right commission is deemed like similar decrease to be an act of the new national assembly.



          The issues of human right in Nigeria have been a hidden matter right from the first republic.  People in the country do not know their right because these right are outlined in a very voluminous document hence, populace cannot reach them.  The task is too manual and tedious to cover.  The tedious nature and the denial of these documents call for the improvement in the system of presentation of the human right as outlined in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.



          As far as Nigeria is concerned, her citizen find it very difficult to know their right in general due to lack of poor documentation via people’s right and problems encountered so far.  Therefore the purpose of this work is for every retrieval and viewing of well documented information on peoples right Human right especially in Nigeria to the populace at any station as far as you get in touch with the internet.


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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Information System For A Human Right Based Organisation