Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Quality Assurance Monitoring System

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This study is based on the computerization of a quality assurance monitoring system of a manufacturing industry.

It entails sourcing from all parts of the company on how they operate especially in the quality assurance department.


This project is narrowed to the expected module.  It is not the intention here to treat each module separately, hence the entire project is menu driven to cover some of the facilities present.

Finally, at the end of this work, we would have been able to get a computer-based system that assures quality of a product(s) of a manufacturing industry.







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Title page





Table of contents



1.0            Introduction

1.1     Background information on anammco

1.2            Justification of the project

1.3            Purpose of the study

1.4            Scope of study

1.5            Aims and objectives



2.1            Literature review



3.1            Description and analysis of the existing system

3.2            Fact finding methods

3.3            Organisation structure

3.4            Objectives of the existing system

3.5            Justification for the new system



4.1            Design of the new system

4.2            Output specification and design

4.3            Input specification and design

4.4            File design

4.5            Procedure chart

4.6            System flowchart

4.7            System requirement



5.1            Implementation

5.2            Program design

5.3            Program flowchart

5.4            Pseudocodes

5.5            Test run



6.1            Documentation



7.1            Recommendation









The Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO) is a joint venture between the federal government of Nigeria and Daimler Benz AG/ Mercedes Ag of Germany.

Mercedes Benz (MB) Anammco Limited was incorporated on 17th January 1977, and the new plant was commissioned on July 8th, 1980 by the First executive president of Nigeria, Alhaji Sheu Shagari.   It started official production in 1981, and has to date made an enviable mark on the nation’s industrial growth, adding over 20,000 vehicles to the nations transport sector, backed up effectively with a network of over 36 after-sales service points and spare parts supply depots.

MB-ANAMMCO manufactures commercial vehicles and leads in the production of both private and commercial vehicles in Nigeria.   This plant which occupies a sprawling 300,000 square meters site at Emene, near Enugu is virtually a shining example of a profitable and viable economic and technological co-operation between the government and people of Nigeria and Germany.

The multi-million-naira plant was initially planned to produce trucks for the Nigerian market.   But today, the plant has diversified its production range to include the full range of commercial and private vehicles for the rapid industrialization of the country.  It not only produces trucks as originally planned but has gone a step further in fabrication, manufacturing, and production of buses and other utility vehicles.  Part of its product range today include; MB 0131, L 608 D, MB 1520, MB 230, MB 500 SEL, MB 1414, MB 911, MB 809, fire fighting vehicles, ambulances, mobile clinic collector and other various specialized types of vehicles.  The company has expanded its bus programme to start producing a new intercity bus (MB 1635).  It should also be noted that the MB-ANAMMCO has achieved over 657 local consent in some of these vehicles, especially in buses.


As a formidable representative of MB-A in Nigeria, MB-ANAMMCO brings mecedes-benz technology and know-how to Nigerians while at the same time create over 800 employment opportunity for Nigerians.  Indeed, the establishment of MB-ANNAMMCO marked the realization of a great dream of developing the country technologically and industrially.


MB-ANNAMMCO has actively participated in the federal government assisted mass transit programme.  It has supplied over 800 units of different bus models to the federal urban mass transit agency and state and local government mass transit programme.  These buses are still strong and very capable as they are supported by the unbeatable after sale s services of the company and their renowned distributors and dealers.  Only recently, the company was invited to produce 700 additional mass transit vehicles for the country to oushion the effect of the increase in the price of petroleum products.


Training facilities/opportunities centre were commissioned in April 26, 1982, sales, services and spare parts training for their staff and staff of their distributors, dealers and fliet owners.


MB-ANNAMMCO continues to live up to its social responsibilities in all ramifications.  It takes care of its 800 employees by offering them medical services, recreational facilities, etc.  In addition, it occasionally donates to charity organisations and identifies with the government in its socio-cultural endeavours and community development projects.



Computerization or computer-based in this concept means the introduction of the computer to the different aspects and levels of the company.  Rather than looking forward to handling information from, messenger – supervisor – maintenance- engineer- manager- expatiate manager –General manager – Board of Directors, this approach is necessary because computer is nearest to information systems.  Not only that, it yields better results because a better information system normally improves organizational result.


So system must change.  The purpose of this new trend is to outline orderly methods of design and effect the changes which is systematic in changing system.  The system of modifying and reviewing them is called the system development cycle. 


1.3                 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The project accept different sources of spare parts, different models of vehicle and keeps track of them in files and can act any given time when needed by anybody generate the organisations report.


1.4            SCOPE OF STUDY

The scope of this study is mainly for the Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO) Nig. Ltd, Emene, Enugu state.


1.5            AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

The aims and objectives of this work is that when the system becomes operational, it will,

1.       Permit on-line-time data storage and information retrieval.

2.       Save the production time per section and as such ensure customer satisfaction.

3.       Increase the operational efficiency and accuracy  


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Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Quality Assurance Monitoring System