Design And Implementation Of A Computerized System For The Methodological Test Analysis

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This work is specially put together not to replace medical doctors or medical laboratory scientists but rather to assist them in accelerating in their diagnostic work which will go a long way to eliminate the trial and error method of treatment  (which the doctors usually do while waiting for the lab result which would be detrimental to the patient.

          In view of this, a careful study and understanding of this research will assist users, medial doctors & lab scientists.  It will educate them on now best a computer can aid medical diagnosis for optimum service to the public.

          The project will go further to educate out lab scientists / doctors on the need to accumulated salient aspects of the medical know-how of even the most experienced specialist in the computer.  So as to eliminate the vacuum that would have been created when specialist dies or is in capacitated.







The research work on Hematological analysis is carefully organized for the orderly usage by its users.  This organization is done using chapter specifications, with each of the chapter being sub divided into units for further explanation and understanding.

Chapter one tends to introduce the theme with the aim of identifying the problems encountered during the process of medical laboratory analysis also are its purpose of study, scope; assumption as well  as the definition of terms that are used in the work.  While chapter tow takes a look at the literature review of the research.  Chapter three on the other hand tries to describe and analyze the present system, the fact and findings method, objectives and problems that are likely to be faced by the existing system.

In chapter four, the design and implementation of the new system is carried out, with chapter five giving a documentary accost of the system.

Finally chapter six recommends and concludes the work.


Title page                                                                                ii

Certification                                                                                      iii

Dedication                                                                               iv

Acknowledgement                                                                             v

Abstract                                                                                  vi

Organization of work                                                              vii

Table of contents                                                                     viii


Introduction                                                                                      1

1.1            Background of the study                                                         1

1.2            Statement of problem                                                    2

1.3            Purpose of study                                                           3

1.4            Aims and objectives’                                                     4

1.5            Scope of study                                                               5

1.6            Significance of the study                                                         5

1.7            Limitations of the study                                                 6

1.8            Definition of terms                                                                  6


Literature review                                                                     15


Description and analysis of the present system                      19

3.1            Historical background                                                   19

3.2            Method of data collection used                                                21

3.3            Input analysis                                                                23

3.4            Process analysis                                                             24

3.5            Output process                                                              25

3.6            Problems of the current system                                               26     


Design and implementation of the computerized system                  28

4.1            Design objective                                                             28

4.2            Design standards                                                           29

4.3            Output specification and design                                              29

4.4            Input specification and design                                       31

4.5            Procedure design of new system                                    33

4.6            System requirement                                                       33


System documentation                                                            35

5.1            Program description                                                      35

5.2            User’s guide                                                                            36


Summary                                                                                 38

6.1            Conclusion                                                                     39

Bibliography                                                                  40                                                              





1.1            INTRODUCTION

Health is generally said to be wealth.  To acquire this wealth either for personal or national needs, one require to be healthy hence the need for adequate Medicare especially in the area of diagnosis.  Since there is a good relationship between the job output and the health of the workers, a good Medicare is vital.

          Unfortunately, in most developing notions including Nigeria, adequate Medicare is lacking due to low standard of technologies know how and manual handling of most medical problem.  As observed by Iyiama H.C and Chukwu. D. C. very often, people in developing countries who are critically ill are rushed abroad for special treatment because it is felt that medical facilities at home is inadequate.  This is simply because at home is inadequate. This is simply because computer aided Medicare has become a reality in many developed countries.  It is also a known fact that the production of qualified medical doctors, medical lab. Scientists and other medical personnel is on the increase but this is not enough to meet the health needs of the increasing population.  The return of patients to a doctors, samples to lab scientist is still high.  This situation creates problem, because proper and adequate medical attention to patients is far fetched.



It has been observed that to receive medical treatment in most of our hospitals (or private laboratories) the patients queue up for several hours from one unit of the hospital to another. Starting from obtaining a new hospital folder or retrieving an old one before consulting a doctor to the laboratory unit far laboratory test than to the pharmacy to get the prescribed drugs and so on, with the manual processes involved in handling the patient most of them waste whole day in the hospital. This situation discouraging to most patients and sometimes force them to turn to non professionals or even resort to self medication for quick recovery.

          Due to the number of patients, who need the attention of the doctor, the doctors medical lab-scientist hurries over his work without adequate attention and expertise.  Still at the end of the day he (is exhausted.

          In addition to this, the diagnosis and prescription depends on the doctor’s memory their brains are often loaded with different diseases, signs, systems and various drugs far third treatment.  Some of which are very similar.  To remember and process threes huge information in his clinical work is very asking for this reason accurate and urgent diagnosis and subsequent drug prescription may not always be obtained.

          The keeping and retrieval of accurate records an patients are poorly carried out in most of our hospitals. Files may be misplaced the record in them might be wrongly filled.

          Finally the keeping of folder for each patient manually takes a lot of time and money.  Some of the information are redundant.  All these have not effect on loss of lines and inefficiency on the part of management.


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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized System For The Methodological Test Analysis