Design And Simulation Of A Microprocessor- Based Industrial Arm

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Most industrial arm system are driven from magnetic tape or paper tape. A few are driven by a computer which enables them to make decisions.

(1)             Using the same computer handles task and trajectory planning as well as controlling the trajectory of the industrial arm system and hand by computer first calculates a trajectory and then executes it by driving the arm along it.  Two exception to the kind of system architecture are the control system proposed for the Robot Popeye at the Charles stark draper laboratory.

(2)             The stand ford research institute unmated control system is composed of a PDP-10 time-shared computers as a command computer,PDP-15 as a control computer and a Nova 1210 as a sensor.

(3)             The system described here consist of a supervisory computer which handles scene analysis, task and trajectory planning routines and a microcomputer which control arm motions, the supervisory computer can be a minicomputer or a time- shared computer.

In the system under development, a HP-2100A is used as the supervisory computer and an Intel MCS-4 microcomputer as a control processor.  The micro-compution monitors arm and hand joint potentiometers as well as hand touch and slip sensors and power supply pressure sensors, and maintains current joint position in the stationary mode.

Arm motion is described to the microcomputer in the  form of job.  A job consists of a sequence of macro-command with joint positions and constraints on force levels and trajectories.  An example for a simple job would be!

1.     Move to position,

2.     Hold project,

3.     Move to new position,

4.     Release object.

After transferring the job description to the MCS-4, the HP-2100A continues processing global routines.  The MCS-4 interprets the macro- commands, executes them utilizing the feedback information from joint potentiometers and sensors, and interrupts the HP-2100 when the job is  terminated.  It  then transfers the final joint positions and status of the sensors to the HP- 2100A and holds the joint in position until the next job request is received.



There has been a growing realization of the need and importance of industrial arm service because of its role in a developing society like ours.  It is because of this role, like speeding of business activities working activities, engaging easy performance of job are  expected.  It is necessary to find out the problem people encounter with the heavy project of construction.  The heavy materials are being handled by the machine called microprocessor-based industrial arm.  In fact, we have many problem that this machine can solve like picking hot objects in a industry etc.

If solved, it will surely change the lives of our people and also prejudices in accepting the development as a result of this, the project work is titled the industrial arm.



Since my statement of problem state that computer technology is at the center of a new industrial revolution which has trans formed modern life, we must have a sub problem of how it functions, the sub computers that makes it work.  Picture of the object you are defending in your project.



The system called industrial arm consisting of a supervisory computer and microcomputer has a role of controlling the arm joint position, the scene analysis task and trajectory planning routines in a big firm for lifting up heavy objects.



The researcher intend to demonstrate methodology of concentrating on design and simulation of the industrial arm service.  the area of focus is not considering the construction of the machine because of financial problem.

The researchers developed interest on the factors involved in the arm motion.  This research work is limited by insufficiency of information from text books in the library.

Further limitations were brought about by time constraints which made it difficult to visit viable universities and carry out a comprehensive study relating to industrial arm.


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Design And Simulation Of A Microprocessor- Based Industrial Arm