Design And Implementation Of A Network Based Security Information System

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The fundamental aim of this project is to emphasize how a system of information network aids the government and police administration in decision taking through a range of statistical data as collected and analyzed in an existing information system.


It also airs the different machines used in information processing system to reduce the much-engaged manual efforts.  The system design is also introduced where cone is taken in the planning system, which is very close to the manually processed method, but with serious optimization.  The proposed system is a network based expert system.


All the work in the system will at the end achieve:

-        Data security

-        Handling of files

-        Speedy collection of information for security analysis

-        Storage of information for subsequent usage.

-        A forecast for the future security

-        A dependable standard for decision taking on security matters as well as planning and control measures.

-        Existing equipment for security information listed and known.

















1.0            INTRODUCTION

Law enforcement administrations, Justice systems, legislators and the government functionaries often need information to efficiently disseminate and fulfill their official responsibilities of ensuring maximum security for their subjects.  To achieve this, a system of information technology network is needed to aid the management in decision taking about the security of lives and properties.  In this work “DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A NETWORK BASED SECURITY INFORMATION SYSTEM” I will take a case study of “B’ OPS COMMUNICATION OF POLICE SHQ ENUGU” as an existing information network system in the police and analyze their process of data collection and hence design a new system which will enhance the output.



The objective of this program is strictly for the production of a reliable system of nation wide crime statistical information from all works and craning for administrative and operational use of the executive and law enforcement management system.  Another objective of this work is to make an improvement in the existing data security system.  To create a way of speedy data collections for security analysis.  For a network of information technology for security purpose and create a standard management information system forecasting for security together with good decision taking, planning and control programs.


1.2            JUSTIFICATION

The process of executing the task of information management has been manually executed; quite unfortunately manual procedure reduces the output quality and consumed time.

This work will examine a new system where th3e much needed human efforts are replaced with machines to achieve fast collection of data and easy processing to obtain healthy outputs.


Also the need for information and data in the knowledge base doest not only answer to the problem of information over load but also helps in a state of crime statistics request, wherefore the computerization of some of this areas is very necessary because its importance in making crime investigators imbibe new and modernized methods and create public awareness of the society security policy.
















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Design And Implementation Of A Network Based Security Information System