Design And Implementation Of Computerized Front Management Information System (hotel

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The hotel front office management information system is the control center for the property and workers at the supervisory level  and above must be well trained and motivated in order to achieve business objectives of high yield, high occupancy rates and above all top quality service.  in hotel front office management hotel general manager are required to meet the challenges of day to day operation while practicing solid future planning and controlling skills.

The technological advantages today’s hotel managers have at their disposal and the challenges of living, training, scheduling and empowering workers to achieve to quality result.

The top quality hotel in Nigeria is owned by government, other smaller hotels owned by individual do not keep to  the standard for hotel operations.  This because the only reason for the setting up of a hotel is to maximize profit.  They do not take into account the welfare and condition of their customer.  This result in many of the customers not being satisfied after their stay in these hotel due to poor management and time wasting in the flow of information with and outside the hotel environment.  Using zodiac hotel lit examing the effect of computerization of hotel front office management information system in our hotels.

Zodiac hotel ltd is one of the well know hotel in Enugu and it is a private limited company.  It is located at 5/7 rangers Avenue, Enugu.

It was established in 1979 by late honorable MR.P.N. Okeke.  The administration of zodiac hotel is as follows:

Executive director, board of directors, managing director, head of department/supervisors and staff.

Make up the firm are Admin. Dept., account dept., reception, cash office, business center telephone exchange, restaurant, bar house keeping laundry, gardeners, reception waiters, store dept, driver section, kitchen dept, car hire section and security dept.



The present system of hotel front office management information system in Nigeria  has a lot of problem which are mentioned below.




Speed of operation is a measure of the time lapse from when a process starts to workers to when it end. Since the present system is manually operated, there is tendency for the workers of checking-in a guest, issuing of receipts checking-out a guest can take the receptionist (front officer) hour to finish.



In term of accuracy, the  system is relatively slow and since it is dependent to human effort, so inevitable, it is also prone to human errors and omission. Example the issuing of receipts, most of the time is not accurate.  The bills prepared are sometime over charged or undercharge and this can be very embarrassing to both  guest and the management.  The overcharging or under charging could be due to the receptionist’s carelessness or the inefficiency of the part of the account section.



This is viewed in the context of the safety, invalidity of the records in the document files used in the report generation.  In terms of safety, the nature of the system (manual) makes it vulnerable to left, fire or accidental destruction.  This makes the system unsafe as the time needed to replace lost data or files in enormously large



This is the greatest problem of the hotel.  The hotel tends to loose a lot of money running the hotel manually.



Going by the present system of operation time is consumed in the handling of operation and management of information in the hotel.

These problem and many other not listed above due limitations, form the basis of this write-up

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Design And Implementation Of Computerized Front Management Information System (hotel