Design And Implementation Of Real Time Current Account Transaction Processing System

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In the twentieth Century, the banking world has seen a continuing process towards fully computerized operations.  At the start of the century there were few mechanical aids with all ledgers, passbook and account statements being written by hand.  By 1920s the banks had graduated to mechanical accounting combined with an increase in business, this trend towards mechanization was continuous process, the staffing and expansion difficulties were tackled more forcibly on the 1950 with assistance from electronic data processing techniques.  It was on the period that banks ordered their first computers.

The early installations were of a batch processing nature of data that had to be sent for processing at the computer centre and reports produced.  Throughout the 1960s more of the clerical work was computerized and eventually by the end of 1960s all accounts were computerized.

In the middle of 1960s the utilization of branch terminal equipment which linked directly to computer centre was becoming a feasible proposition.  This culminated in the early 1970s with the introduction of a sophisticated real time system in current Account Transaction Department.

This project aim is to produce an indigenous software package, which will be used to improve the efficiency of the CURRENT ACCOUTN TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEM for Nigeria Banking Industry.  Although banks have developed packages, however, because of the following reasons they have failed to meet the need of the Nigerian Banking Industry.  Firstly, guidelines and policies for banks in Nigeria are controlled by central banks of which they revise annually thereby resulting in unsteady policies as a result; there is no standard whatsoever set for the banking industry thus banking policies are flexible.

Most of these banks use packages without modification hence the result is not what they desire.  The modification of these packages to suit the Nigeria Banking Industry will cost expenditure to be wasted.

Efficiency in the banks has always been the foundation underlining the effectiveness of banks operation.  Quick and accurate settlement of customers withdrawals, fast depositing system and procedures and the over acknowledged information process with which customers usually regard are also problems which computerized current transaction processes wishes to address by introducing Nigeria software packages.

This package will help Nigerian banks to obtain the efficiency in their current accounting transaction hence draw more customers and more money.  It is menu driven and features top-down and structured programming techniques.

Real mode of operation provides an instantaneous transaction and processing of data, which gives immediate availability of result for decision-making.  It has improved the efficiency of banks by:

(i)           Customers; henceforth spent much less time in collecting their money.

(ii)        There were seldom any mistakes because computer handled almost all operations.  If there is any mistake, the computer can always easily pick it.

(iii)      There was customer’s satisfaction and bank recorded substantial increase in their profits.





There are many methods that are being used in current account transaction processing system.  Unfortunately, these methods are not always real in practice, to the day society.  Even when they are real, they are not as efficient as expected.  Some of the problems encountered by UBN are:

(i)                Lack of computer for storage, there is tendency of the UBN to loose customer’s file which will bring distrust to them;

(ii)             Due to lack of computer for accessing the file, there is tendency for them to be shown in retrieval of customer’s files, and updating of files.

(iii)           Customers spend much time due to the delay of the bank.

(iv)           Once there is not computer for calculation, there is tendency for their calculation to be inaccurate.

However, the researcher shall by the end of this work provide a suitable solution to these pressing problems of Current Account Transaction processing system.


1.2            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

All effects of the researchers are pearled towards the gathering of sufficient information that would help in making suggestions as to how the current accounts transaction will be alleviated in the banks using real time mode of operation.  The study attempted:

(i)                To reduce staff pressure: With the increased utilization of banking services, branch staff have been placed on a pressure situation in which they are expected to deal with increasing volumes of business with computer, there is relief of clerical boredom.

(ii)             Improve customer service: It has been felt for some time that the high standards of customer service are deteriorating largely due to the fact that branch staff is under continuing pressure to deal with more transactions rate.

(iii)           To increase the efficiency and productivity of bank services.

(iv)           Care at immediate response to account inquiries, information will be provided more quickly than under a manual or batch system.  It is possible for example to monitor the cash flow into and out of the branches as the movement occurs.

(v)             Reliability: The information provided by computer system is more accurate and reliable than that produced under a manual system subjective judgments and human inaccuracies are to a great extent eliminated.  It could be urged, however, that middle management is being by-assed and the responsibility of the branch manager’s role is being diminished.  The interpretation of branch statistics and the resultant decisions can now be made centrally and they will not be subject to possible personal considerations.

(vi)           Variety: The real-time system allows a greater variety of management information to be produced.  Furthermore, this information is of greater quantity that can be envisaged under a manual system.



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Design And Implementation Of Real Time Current Account Transaction Processing System