Effects Of Community Of Inquiry Philosophy For Children (coip4c) System Of Education

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1.1.                 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Infact the effects of Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system of education is the shortest and surest road to the digital age of globalization needed for authentic and holistic academic life in primary school in Udi L.G.A.

Therefore using Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system of education in primary schools in a way of consistent internal motivation to employ one’s critical and creative thinking - abilities in judging what to believe or to do in any situation. This is because according to Anih, Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) is a systematic and complete curriculum which fosters the improvement of reasoning skills through inter-subjectivity of simple philosophy topics by both the educators and pupils in the classroom.

Moreso, the effects of the Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system is to develop the best in each one of us; the best talent and promise that is unique to the individual child. It pays to the growing self definition and self esteem of the child, makes every child a winner and constituents the grain of truth in classic aristocratic educational theory. The system helps to beef up the learning capacity of the individuals and to channel the life long inquiry system of education which in turn would make the individuals enjoy value of employ able such as, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Caring thinking, Higher order thinking, Synergic thinking, Global thinking, Big picture thinking, Focused thinking, Unselfish thinking, Bottom-line thinking, Ecumenical thinking and Tensegrity thinking.


Infact, Lack of Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system of education causes misunderstanding, distrust and destruction. Also lack of the new system brings low standard of teaching and learning which gives rise to low performances on academic work that causes the major havoc in our primary schools.



Human inquiry requires a operative community minds and has a public character and knowledge that is being shaped through the active engagement of diverse perspective within a community; therefore Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system is not meant for others to do the thinking creatively for you, rather, it is great stimulation force which makes demand on your mind and brings out the inner potentials in you and makes you to do the thinking by yourself and become reasonable. It is a great intellectual super-market of valuable information created and made available to the active participants. It makes educative process an encounter with success and helps to develop enthusiasm in life. In the system, pupils gradually cultivated refined definitions of purpose by clarifying and knowing what they demand of life and where their academic and moral goals propel them towards.

Moreso, Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system helps the pupils create within themselves meaningful   personal desires for better and richer life and it is the model for moving, ethical and academic life of the pupils in the system, pupils deliberate among themselves and the individuals pupils then internalize the process of deliberation. This action helps them to become more reflecting and they learn to think for themselves. In this case, there is a constant empowerment of pupils in critical, creative and reasonable higher order thinking in the classroom Community of Inquiry.

Infact, philosophy for children is a programme which utilize and expands upon the capacity for reflection and inquiry which all pupil’s posses. The fact is that philosophy for children - combine high standards of intellectual rigor with a significant amount of participation on the part of the pupils themselves, has several interesting educational implications. It carries the potential bind together a timetable which is becoming increasingly disjoint and fragmented. The system demands a more democratic mode of procedure in eth classroom and a kind a participatory teaching not uniquely necessary to mere thinking skills programme. The approach helps pupils to personal mastery ability to continually clarifying and deepen their personal vision, focus their energies develop patience and see reality before them objectively. It is an environment that encourage intellectual development of an individuals and promotes complex thinking and also it is a method and learning process where one is free to express her feeling without being interrupted and based on the mutual respect and on the member’s volunteer commitment to search for something in common. It is a social enterprises which requires to share their own perspectives, listen to one another, read faces, challenge and build on one another’s thinking, look for missing perspectives and reconstruct their own ideas. Infact according to Anih, Community of Inquiry educative approach to learning is an active learning and productive process, which our fore fathers used to dialogue over the issues that needs; problems solving, decision mankind; judgement and so many others the system does not end up in the classroom but goes on among those that want to make the society a better place by the continuous construction, amendments and reconstruction which do not go in any particular place, time and people.  The system does not discriminate or select where it will function but accommodates those who wants it. It helps pupils to progress beyond the boundaries and empower themselves for futuristic activities. It empowers pupils to become inquires who shows that they are educable. It creates a life – changing environment where we ensure that our lives are properly examined.

In short, Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system of education moves us from human resources to mind power, from industrial power, from teachers centered to learner centered education.



Due to certain problems, the researcher is not claiming to have collected all the information concerning the research work. So my hindrances is on my target audience, some of the teachers in eth selected schools visited, have little or no idea about Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C).

Another hindrances of finance: Lack of money makes the researcher to limit the schools visited to five, the schools were as follows:-

1.  Community primary school Agbudu

2.  Community primary schools Udi

3.  Central school Obinagu

4.  Central school Amokwe

5.  Premier primary school Udi

Moreso, twenty teachers and few pupils were involved in eth research work that deals on the effects of Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system of education in primary schools in Udi local government of Enugu state.



The researcher assumed that due to lack of Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system of education; there will be low teaching and learning which brings about educated illiterates that cause disorderliness in the society.

Also due to lack of Community of Inquiry philosophy for children (COIP4C) system, there will be schooling without thinking which brings about certificated but not certified in the society.

Moreso, there will be examination malpractice occultism, violence, misunderstanding, disturbances in the society; therefore government should COIP4C system of education in our educational curriculum.

Moreover, in order to go deeply in the research work, the researcher formulated the following questions; thus

A.  Government should introduce coip4c system of education in our primary schools.

B.  There are examination malpractice in our education sectors

C.  Pupils attend school regularly

D.There are low pupils performances due to lack of thinking and reasoning

E.  Government pay teachers their salaries at when due.

F.  Teachers allow the pupils to ask questions in the classroom

G.Teachers and pupils are involved in lateness to schools.

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Effects Of Community Of Inquiry Philosophy For Children (coip4c) System Of Education