Design And Implementation Of A Wireless Car Security Device System

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Car security systems are still of no match to the well-equipped thieves. It is just a matter of seconds to break through the system. This project introduces and describes the design of mobile controlled car security system offering higher level of car security features. The mobile controlled car security is capable of providing an effective two-way communications between the alarm system and the car owner. This system is able to notify the car owner immediately when intrusion is detected. Additionally, the car owner can remotely control any of the car features anytime at anywhere via a phone call. Based on the GSM positioning concept, this system has the potential to provide car location information to assist in stolen vehicle recovery therefore providing enhancement over the conventional car alarm system.








Title Page                                                                                 i

Approval page                                                                  ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                            iv

Abstract                                                                           v

Table of contents                                                             vi


INTRODUCTION                                                              1

1.1 The background of the project                                   1

1.2   The aim and the objectives of the project                 5

1.3 Scope of the project                                                   6

1.4 Limitations of the project                                           6

1.5 Definitions of important terms                                   7


LITERATURE REVIEW                                                   9

2.1 MTN wireless system evolution                                 9

2.2 Features of c-track system                                         10

2.3 How it functions during crash                                   11

2.4 How it demobilizes a car                                            11

2.5 Spy chest pick company                                            12

2.6 GPS inventors/designers and its benefits                  13

2.6.1 GPS benefits                                                           14

 2.7 GPS real time and passive tracking system                       15

2.8   How to install a GPS tracking system                      16


3.1 Concept                                                                     19

3.2 Information gathering                                                        19

3.3 Computer aided design                                              20

3.4 Method of design and implementation                               20

3.5 System design approach                                            20

3.5.1 Bottom up                                                               21

3.6 Choice of design                                                        21

3.7 Car tracker system block diagram                              22

3.8 Description of block diagram                                     22

3.9 System flow chart                                                      23

3.10 Capacitors (smoothing)                                           26

3.11 Diodes                                                                     29

3.11.1 Functions of diode                                                29

3.12  Resistors                                                                 29

3.12.1 Connecting and soldering of resistor                    29

3.13 Transistors                                                              29

3.13.1 Types of transistors                                              30

3.13.2 Testing a transistor                                               32

3.13.3 Testing an NPN transistor                                     32


TESTING ANALYSIS AND PACKAGING                          35

4.1 Testing                                                                       35

4.1.1 Testing of the individual components                     35

4.1.2 Unit by unit testing                                                 36

4.1.3 System testing                                                        36

4.2 Cautions                                                                    36

4.3 Integration                                                                 37

4.4 Packaging                                                                  37

4.4  List of the system component.                                  38

4.4.1 Components cost analysis                                      39


PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED, RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION                                                                                     40

5.1   Problems encountered                                             40

5.2 Recommendation                                                       41

5.3 Conclusion                                                                42

References                                                               45

        Appendix 1: System component list table                        46

Appendix 2: Cost analysis table                                       47



Fig 1.1: Iraphical depiction of MCCS Operation                      3

Fig 3:1 Block diagram of the project                                22

Fig 3:2 System flow chart                                                 24

Figure 3.4.1 Capacitor charging and discharging             25

Fig 3.7 Diodes and its circuit symbol                               29

Fig 4.8 Types of transistors                                              30

Fig 3.10 A simple switching circuit to test an NPN transistor 33













It was reported that as many as 1000 cars were stolen monthly in Nigeria  in the year 2000. The existing vehicle alarm systems are of no match to the well-equipped thieves. In the United States, there are already many transportation companies and vehicle manufacturers  that employ Global Positioning System (GPS)  based location and tracking system combined with conventional cellular communication for stolen vehicle recovery as well as for constant monitoring of vehicle fleet management. However there are situation where the GPS system cannot perform well such as at underpasses and indoor parking. Most cars are still using he conventional alarm system which is easily handled by car thief. One major problem in those car alarms is tuning and adjustment. There may be so many car alarms that are too sensitive, while the rest can withstand a major earthquake without a single beep. Consequently, the public loose interest in the car alarms since they could be falsely triggered. Another weak point is that, it has limited capability to interact with its owner. In addition, the conventional alarm systems did not provide any means in assisting the recovery of stolen vehicle.

A car tracking system is an electronic device that being installed in a vehicle to demobilize and find the area where the vehicle is located by the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled phone and the signals from any communication firm, but here we used MTN telecommunication service provider.

With your GPS enabled phone you will call the phone number of the phone that is attached to the car security device which will indicate where or the position where the car is being demobilized for recovery. It only indicates the position where the Network masts you are using being installed.


Car tracking system can be categorized into various forms, namely passive and active car tracking system. However what determines whether the system is passive or active depends on the mode through which information can be extracted from the system by the owner or the authorized user.   


fig 1.1


A passive car tracking device provides the records of journey activities, which includes the destination and the speed used by the driver of the car. This performs demobilizing and tracking but the difference is that the active one gives a real time   data while passive one can only bring a report when the car reaches at a destination point for the owner to be able to process out data recorded and stored in the memory of the microcontroller. This system provides real time data transfer and makes use of a GPS phone and signals from any network that have GPS masts to carry out its tracking. Once the authorized person calls the number assigned to GPS phone he/she will be able to get a real time data as regards to where the car is as at that particular moment. For this project, the installation deals with where and how the connections of the car tracking device are made.  The car tracking system which is mainly the Global Positioning system phone working with signals from MTN network is interconnected together with a relay which has an automatic switching connected to a cable supplying mains to the fuel pump of the car.

The device must be hidden in the part of the car where an unauthorized person or persons cannot easily reach to it. On the other hand, for security purpose, the tracking system should be in an area inside the car where one cannot be able to see or interfere with its operations.

The car tracking system connection deals with the mounting and connection of the demobilizer to work with the fuel pump of the car. The main cable supplying power to the fuel pump is cut off and attached to relay which will carry-out the demobilizing of the car, switching off the supply of electrical power to the fuel pump. The schematic diagram of the connection is shown in chapter three.



The aim and the objective of this project are to demonstrate the application of GSM network and logic gate network in car security systems. The device is capable of demobilizing a car and also track the location in which the car is parked or demobilized. It also to acquire a maximum security or protection of our car to avoid been snatched away from the owner. With this system you are sure of a quick recovery of your car as soon as it been stolen.

    The logic unit controlled system is a compact and rugged control unit designed for interface with standard cellular mobile phone that have GPS (Global Positioning System) enable and operates by receiving sound call tones from the phone audio output. Its mains are powered by DC battery and it provides contact closures capable of switching the hole system. By using a hand set that has GPS enable is possible at every location within the coverage of the network mast to track and locate the car.



   1, Highlight on how it works

   2, Hardware description

   3, Software description

   4, Consecration of the hardware and the software of the system (firmware)



The working of a car tracking system depends on the communication firm one is using. So if a car is been demobilized, the owner can only track the vehicle with the help of the nearest network mast mounted in the area. For instance, if a car is snatched from ESUT Agbani Campus and it demobilized at Garriki, If the mast covering Garriki is at Amechi, the owner can only get a signal from his cell phone showing the location of the mast when dial the number used for construction of the car security device installed in that car. From the GPS phone it will be indicated that the car is located at the point where the mast is sited which is Amechi. So the owner will bear the responsibility of searching round the area within the mast network coverage trying to locate the car. Also, since the device is using signals from a network provider, the car can only be tracked if it is immobilized within the network area which is been used in the system.


Transistor switch:

 A transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify and switch electronic signals and power. It is composed of a semiconductor material with at least three terminals for connection to an external circuit. A voltage or current applied to one pair of the transistor's terminals changes the current flowing through another pair of terminals. Because the controlled (output) power can be much more than the controlling (input) power, a transistor can amplify a signal. Today, some transistors are packaged individually, but many more are found embedded in integrated circuits.

The transistor is the fundamental building block of modern electronic devices, and is ubiquitous in modern electronic systems. Following its release in the early 1950s the transistor revolutionized the field of electronics, and paved the way for smaller and cheaper radios, calculators, and computers, among other things.

De-mobilizing:  Which is also called immobilize. Simply means an object not able to move or when something is motionless. So on the case of a car, a car is said to be de-mobilized or immobilized when that car is static or in a fix and is incapable to be moved.

The logic unit: This comprise of the logic control nand logic flip flop circuit which saves the 1 and zero signal that is being received from the mobile phone. This unit is the main memory unit of the design that controls when the signal to stop the car is received and when the signal to reset movement is done.

Capacitor: Is an electronics device, used for storing charges. 



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Design And Implementation Of A Wireless Car Security Device System