Manpower Planning And Development As An Effective Tool For Achieving Organizational Goals

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Manpower planning and development is the first and the
most important function of management. The essence of manpower planning and development involves a critical analysis of the supply, demand, surplus, shortage and utilization of human resources. It is important to note that manpower planning is often taken as the most important resources of an organization because through it, other resources (material and financial) are harnessed to meet the need of man.
The economic development of a country depends on the quality and quantity of its resources, the state of technology and efficient deployment of resources in both production and consumption process.
Most organizations today is facing problems because they did not plan for their workforce neither do they have any systematic human resources management programs that consider organizational goals.
Planning is the first and most important function of management. The essence is to prepare for and predict future events. Planning goes beyond attempting to attain stated organizational objectives. It involves the
development of strategy and procedures required for effective realization of the entire plan.
One of the major problems confronting management in any organization is the most effective way of matching people with jobs. The process by which management attempt to provide for the human resources or manpower to accomplish its task is called “manpower planning”.
The concept of manpower planning has been given different definition by different authors. Malthus and Jackson (1992) see manpower planning as the process of analyzing and identifying the need for the availability of human resources so that the organization can meet its human resources objectives.
Griffin (1997) sees human resources planning as a plan which involves accessing trends, forecasting the supply, demand for labour and the development of appropriate strategy for addressing any differences.
Ehegbunna (1992), sees manpower planning as having the right person in the right number, in the right place and at the right time.
Olutola (1986), when manpower planning is mentioned, it generally refers to the projection of future requirement for a given number of people with specific skill to meet the demand of various sector of the economy.
Ogunniyi (1992), in handling manpower planning said that it is a concept that involves critical analysis of supply, demand, surplus, shortage, wastage, and utilization of human resources.
Manpower planning is necessary in all organization because it is required for recruitment. Without it, it would be difficult to know the number of personnel’s required for recruitment.
Manpower planning and development helps measurement to determine:
(a) Number of employees
(b) The level of experience each must possess
(c) Their salary scale
(d) The best way to utilize them in an activity which practice increase skills.
Star Paper Mill Ltd was incorporated as a paper connoting company in 1997. Now, the company operates thru (3) factories which includes stationary plant at Umungasi (Aba); the recycling and conversion plant at Owerrinta and the Ibadan conversion plant. It also has liaison offices in Lagos, Ibadan, Kaduna, Kano, Suleja and Onitsha.
The premier plant located at Aba, produces school exercise books of different types and a wide range of stationary. It has an installed capacity of
25,000 metric tones per annum which translates into 38 million envelops of various sizes and colours. Other products include typing sheets, duplication papers and fullscap files. The cement percentage utilization is about 75 percent.
The second factory was commissioned in 1984 as a waste paper recycling plant, with an installed capacity of 10 metric tones of tissues paper in jumbo reels per day. By 1992 a new paper machine was installed with the capacity of 15 metric tones of tissues paper per day, presently, the Owerrinta plant has a total capacity of 60 metric tones per day. This paper utilizes waste paper and paper off cuts as its main sources of raw materials and that constitutes 90% both in volume and in naira value of the plant requirement locally sourced. In this plant also exists a toilet rolls production line which utilizes the jumbo reels as inputs and produces 140, 000,000 units of toilet rolls, paper napkins per year. This in effect positions the company as the largest producer of toilet rolls and tissue products in the country, with marketing outlets throughout the entire country. This plant just commissioned a new product line sanitary towel for ladies with the brand name of “every woman” becomes a new addition to the stable.
This project is carried out to examine the impact of manpower planning and development in relation to the achievement of organizational objectives. Despite the emphasis being laid on effective and efficient manpower planning and development, an organization still faces more problems in manpower planning and development.
Among the problems are as follows;
(i) There is increase of waste of materials, time and money in the organization.
(ii) There is unnecessary breakdown in organizational operations.
(iii) There are no clear-cut policies for the guidance and co-operations of all personnel who are accountable for day to day executive decision.
(iv) There are no interpretations of what each segment of the organization must do so that every function will be integrated with all related activities and this resulted to gaps and duplications of work.
(v) There is no established administrative control in order to assume the attainment of desired results in conformity with approved objective, policies and programmes.
(vi) There is no clarity results desired, criteria and schedules so that every manager in the system will know what is expected of the organization as a whole and his department.
(vii) There is inter-departmental conflict and this resulted to staff alienation.
(viii) There is confusion, misunderstanding and conflict about roles and responsibilities of people employed in the organization.
The objectives of this study include among other things;
(i) To ascertain how previous manpower plan are used to prepare new manpower plan for the future.
(ii) To ascertain the organization’s manpower planning and development resources.
(iii) To verify adequate information needed in the organization in the manpower planning and development time and skill.
(iv) To map out enough manpower planning and development time and skill that will help managers gather sufficient information that will help them in the organization.
(v) To ascertain whether adequate financial resources are provided for the manpower planners.
(vi) Using manpower planning and development to arrest the problems of the firms.
(i) Is adequate time frame needed in preparations of organizational manpower planning and development?
(ii) Does manpower planning and development require adequate financial resources?
(iii) Does previous manpower planning and development serve as basis in determining the future manpower planning and development?

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Manpower Planning And Development As An Effective Tool For Achieving Organizational Goals