The Impact Of Advertising On The Marketing Of Banking Services. (a Case Study Of Micro Finance Bank Oko)

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        This research work is on the impact of advertising in the marketing of banking services. This work was carried out in order to determine the impact of advertising in the marketing of banking services using Micro Finance Bank Plc Oko as a case study. As a matter of fact, financial industries are banks and other insurance firms.

        Advertising can be defined as any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsors. This look at the various types of advertising that is required for the success of the service in the market.

        In the first chapter, the researcher defined what a micro finance is and its operation in Nigeria. In the same chapter the researcher stated the research problems, the objectives declaring his intentions for carrying out this survey. Continuing the research also explained the significance of the study and eventually stated the research hypothesis, which was also tested and proves that the researcher analyzed data.

        The second chapter has to deserve it traces down explaining how versatile the contribution of the advertising has been in the world economic developments. Following it up comes the literature works of eminent scholars their views were used to back up the personal and arguments.

        The chapter three is headed with the research design and methodology. The sample take for this study revolves around 30 people. The researcher also reflected here the percentages table and chi-square were used too for description of data analysis and hypothesis testing.

        In chapter four were the presentations and analysis of data. The researcher consider its important, to test the four hypothesis at this stage, also solutions to the problem was found. Findings also were made which the firm should consider.

        Chapter five, shows the summary of the research findings, recommendation gearing that advertising help to build up firms good services or ideas.




Banking are economic decision units that are set up for the provision of financial services and products to targeted market. This service tendered to both public and private sector of the economy includes: collection of deposits, clearing of cheques and other exchange, granting of loans and over drafts guarantee of joint financing by two or more banks foreign exchange transaction, fund transfer and insuring drafts services rendered include safe keeping facility and financial advice to customers.  

The operation of micro finance bank initially community bank were perceived to be incorporated for efficient sustainable economy. Micro finance bank help to provide financial assistance and credit to its customers, including formal and informal self – help groups, individuals and association: except public sector deposits from government agencies.

To this end, micro finance bank have to come up with more efficient and effective services for example, full-fledged computerization becomes the order of the day, processing of loans and advances reduction in member of clearing day for clearing instrument.

However, to communicate these services effectively in enhancing profitability the need for advertising in Micro Finance bank becomes inheritable. Advertising which until this time had little or no significance in the banking industry becomes strong information and persuade tool to reach target customers.



Advertising is one phrase that has been given different definitions by authors. A critical analysis of all the variable definitions shown that they have something in common.

Talking about the importance and relevance of financial services in every one’s life. This includes ordinary life circle events like, birth, marriage and deaths; it also includes the possibility to invest, to increase our wealth.

Micro finance target people who do not have access to the formal financial sector and are under-banked at the moment. This affects not only their economic activities but also improves their health, education and living circumstances. In the end, the overall objectives are to elevate poverty.

The practice of micro finance is not new and has probably been around for as long as currency itself has. Informal credit and savings services probably formed around social services where the members got together to help one another as a community. Savings and credit groups that have operated for Centuries include the “Susus” of Ghana, “Chit fund” in Idia, “Tarda” in Mexico, “Asian” in Indonesia, “Cheetu” in Sri Lanka tontines” in West Africa, and “Pasanaku” in Bolivia



Generally speaking, the use of advertising is cost effective for promoting, bank services. Most crises, even executives in services firms see advertising as a massive waste and neglect its need when assessed against results.

 There is also argument that advertiser designed to indulge customer against their wish. It is further argued that successful firms use heavy advertising to create a barrier to entry of smaller firms, to these successful firms gain monopoly of the market. These advertising view and crusade do not see the need for advertising in organization and the economy as a whole. These and some other problem are what the researcher set out to solve.



The researcher intends to find out the following:-

-       Whether advertising is important to banking services especially micro finance bank Oko branch, Anambra State.

-       Ways of improving the present use of advertising by micro finance banks.

-       Media selection factors

-       The best of combinational mix appeals.

-       What makes customer to patronize the bank.

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