Product Planning Management, And Distribution Problems In Soft Drink Industry. (a Case Study Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. Enugu Perspective)

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Product planning, management and distribution problems are very vital in the production and distribution of every manufacturing organization. Before ever a manufacturing company could come with good quality product, it must undergo many process from planning for either short range or long ranges forecasting carrying out market research and consumer survey protesting the product and introducing different channels of distribution.

The aim of this study is to describe how the Nigerian Bottling company Enugu is really involved in the process of product planning, distribution and management. This is done by gathering information from staff and distribution channels, operators defining certain problems usually associated with product planning, management and distribution problems in the company and proposing remedial measures after revealing areas of problems. The questions in the questionnaire will be based on the research questions developed for this purpose while analysis developed for this purpose while formula we use percentage analysis  to analyze data collected and accept 50% (percent) and above as significant  and discharge influences under 50% (percent).

From here, the researcher will make a decision of findings, recommendation and conclusion. It is hoped that this study will aid managers in planning, distribution and managing their products by taking effective efficient decisions in these important areas. For example, the company should recruit highly skilled staff and give them adequate training.

Introducing operational research whereby decisions are taken jointly without each manager relying only on his own decision.















Title page





          CHAPTER ONE:


1.1     Background of study

1.2     Definition of problem

1.3     Objectives of the study

1.4     Research Hypothesis

1.5     Significance of the study

1.6     Scope of the study

          CHAPTER TWO

2.1     Literature Review

2.2     Product Definitions

2.3     Organizational for new product development

2.4     The product development process


3.0     Research Design

3.1     Area of study

3.2     Population of study

3.3     The sample size & sample technique

3.4     Method of data collection

3.5     Method of data analysis


Data presentation and analysis



5.1     Research findings

5.2     Conclusion





How does the management of the Nigerian Bottling company Plc. Procure their raw material for their products?

Does the distribution of finished products constitute a problem to the Nigerian Bottling Company Plc’s Management? Yes or No

Product planning and development is it a problem to the management of NBC Plc. Enugu” Yes or No

Competition drives out weaker firm from their market share how NBC Plc. Survive does in spite of their numerous competitors.

Bottle breakage’s and pilfering is it a common phenomena in mineral industry especially NBC Enugu? Yes or No

In distribution of the company’s product,. Which of the channel alternative do the company uses most?

Does Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, Enugu, in their channel structure make use of intra – company agents and dealers in marketing their products?

What score would you give to the product in the product line of NBC Company that has more market share?

Which of the season of the year does the company makes its highest sales?

Please it will be highly appreciated if you would advice me on what area of importance you deemed necessary towards improving the competitive stance of the products.





Product planning, distribution and management in the soft drink industry:

Nigerian Bottling Company Plc. Enugu, perspectives. The coca – cola company was established in 1886, Altanta Georgia U.S.A. The first product of the industry, which is coca – cola, was first bottled on 18th May 1886. The head quarter is at Georgia U.S.A hometown of the owner Dr. Johnson styth Pemberton a placist.

 The name coca – cola was given by France. M. Robionson, Pemberton partner and book keeper. He also designed the following scripts that distinguish the famous trademark. Coca – cola contents remain a secret as they have been for over 116 years, the formula known as merchandize 7x, is kept in a special security vault in a bank in the united states of America Coca cola is the world leading soft millions bottles are consumed everyday in all part of the word.


The Nigerian Bottling Company was established in Nigeria in 1953 (Apapa – Plant). It is today the number one soft drinks sold, more than 7,264, 138 bottles daily throughout Nigeria representing 302,773 crates of 24 bottles; a figure which is still growing with the continuity expansion of the existing 22 plants

The Nigeria Bottling Company Enugu was established in 1974. It is situated / located at 9th Mile Corner Ngwo in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu state. The first plant manager was Mr. Perridis, a white man from Greece. The company has its objective as organized and operated under the marketing concept. Company profit is a function of customer satisfaction.

Marketing concept by Philip Kotler is a management orientation that holds that key of the organization to determine the need and wants of target markets and to adapt the organization to delivery the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently its competitors. Current findings or research from the total drinks industry shows that Nigerian Bottling Company Plc has 93% of the total market share while Nigerian mineral water industries (Limca) has 4% market share seven 7 up Bottling company Plc. Has 3% market share. The mere fact that the company (NBC) produces well over six million bottles of soft drinks per day puts upon itself the responsibility of having to effectively and efficiently distribute these drinks so that they get to the consumers at the right place and at the right time.

To have the largest share of the market, NBC has 22 plants scattered all over Nigerian

The Nigerian Bottling Plc has its eastern corner plant. They are manufactures of Coca – cola Fanta, sprite, ginger ale, tonic water, soda water, krest-lemon, and has its depot located at Abakaliki, Nsukka, Ogoja, Ikom in cross River state, Achi, Agbani and Awka in Anambra state. 

The Nigeria bolting  company plc is currently under the supervisor  of motive group o0f foreign firm to see the activities and operations  of the company through out the country Nigeria Bolting company has fine department as sales and market departments, production financial ,personnel, and engineering department.

This research  work is centered on the product planning, distribution and management of the Nigerian bolting companies product: coca-coda, Fanta, sprite, ginger-ale, tonic water soda water, krest  lemon in Enugu plant to find out its strength and weakness in terms or planing distribution and management and suggest ways to reduce or eliminatory weakness found.



In most consumer business operatives today the task of production planning, distribution and management is not an easy one. Emphasis is laid on the problem or statement of problem associated with product planning, distribution plc, Enugu.

The company has problem of procuring raw material for their products. The reason being that the federal government barred the importation of the basic material which the local suppliers do  not have enough supply to the company also the local surplus has to be refined to bring them to the standard record of the company.

Distribution system of finished product and raw material of the company also constitute problem to the company since the company does not have enough intra-company agents and usually bulky.

 Product planning and development is a problem to the  management of  NBC plc the reason being that the company exist in an economy strangled by hyper-in  faction and insecurity, consumers are now being very careful on what they spend for or customer.

Competition drives out weaker firm form the market. The competitors are having a high quality product often not much different from the NBC’s like crush from Nigeria Breweries and 7 up bolting plc.   

Bolting breakage and shop lifting is a common phenomenon in mineral industry. During production, a lot of bottles are record as breakage which in the stores department shop lifting pilfering is the order of the day and as such a lot is lost through this ugly act incident.



                   This study is purely on product planning distribution and management. It is concerned with solving or answering the problem and question rose by the study. It aims at describing how NBC plc is really involved in these tasks. To do this, the study is based  on information gathered from the staff.

          The objective of the study is to define certain problem usually associated with product planning distribution and management in NBC, which require a proposal of remedial after revealing area of the problems.

The study will investigation on how the management of the NBC plc. Procures their raw material for their product.

To find out how distribution of finished products constitute a problem to the management of NBC Plc.

Also how product planning and development is a problem to the management of NBC Plc.

How they cope with their competitors during raining season.

Measures to be take against bottle breakage and pilferage in the company.


1.4              RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS: 

          The research hypothesis of the research is purely based on the problems associated product planning distribution and management of the product of Nigeria bottling Company plc. Enugu plants.

How does the company Nigeria Bottling                                                                                                                                                           company plc. Has problem in procuring of their raw material for their product. H1= the company Nigeria bottling Plc has problem in procuring of their raw materials for their product.

Ho = Distribution of their finished products and raw material does it constitute a problem.

H1 = Distribution system constitute a problem to Nigerian bottling company Plc. Enugu.

Ho = product planning and development is it a problem to the management of NBC Plc. Enugu.

          H1 = product planning and development always constitute a

Problem to the management NBC Plc. Enugu. 

Ho= does competition constitute a problem to the management of the product of NBC Plc Enugu. H1 = competition constitute a problem to the manage of product of Nigeria bottling company Plc. Enugu.

Ho = bottling breakage and pilfering does it constitute a problem in the distribution of the product of Nigeria bottling company Plc. H1 = bottling breakage and pilfering is a problem in the distribution of the products of Nigerian bottling company Plc. Enugu.



Research they said is a means of solving problem. According to Olaitan Nwoke (1992) “research is the process of arriving at dependable solutions to problem through the planned and systematic collection analysis and inter precaution of data it increases the knowledge and understanding of the research of the research problems, phenomena and the events concerning the activities as it is concerned with the product planning distribution and management in me Nigeria bottling company Plc. Enugu.

The research is determined to know the problem association with product planning distribution and management of the product of the Nigeria bottling company Plc. The research will be in better position to determine product that has lost its demand appeal in the market.

The research is benefit through the knowledge acquire while conducting the research while the company stands to have more credit, in that it help in product innovation, profit maximization and improving the living standard of the firm.



This is study cover the Nigeria bottling company Plc. Enugu, the producer of:



Fauta (quinine orange


Fata ginger ale

Club soda (fauta)

My research finding covers all the department of the company they include production personnel, engineering finances sales department in other to have an in –depth sight that will aid in research finding. I am basing my research on coca-coal product, which it started production in Nigeria in 1953.

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Product Planning Management, And Distribution Problems In Soft Drink Industry.