Repair And Rehabilitation Of A Faulty Air Conditioner

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The rehabilitation and repair of a faulty air conditioner was the project undertaken by the group of student listed above in the mechanical Engineering department.

Before embarking on the project, the following fault were detect and rectified, such as

(a)              Blockage of the condenser by impurities

(b)             Undersized compressor

(c)              Poor capacitance of the capacitor

(d)             Bad plug and

(e)              Drier strainer was also blocked by impurity.

These factors leads to the total breakdown of the air conditioning system.  It was checked detected and rectify by some basic instrument which were replaced with a new one.

According to the state of the air conditioning system, we carried out a breakdown maintenance on it, and as a result of its cost of product a preventive maintenance was employed.

In conclusion, we arrived at the state of putting the system in a satisfactory condition to serve its purpose in a long-term run.

And lastly, we recommend the maintenance department to keep the machine in a good operating condition by applying some of the lubricating oil listed overleaf to enable a durable performance of the air conditioning system.








Title page

Letter of transmittal

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1.0             Introduction

1.1     Literature



2.0             Analysis of the air conditioning cycle

2.1     Air conditioning maintenance

2.2             Preparation for repair

2.3            Fault detection and repair

2.4             Precaution taken

2.5             The principle operation of air condition

2.6             Air condition Application

2.7             Component of air conditioner

2.8             Sequence of operation

2.9             Cost analysis



3.0     Conclusion

3.1             Recommendation








1.0            INTRODUCTION

The rectification and repair of an air conditioner in the mechanical Engineering Department in the institute of management and Technology is a project undertaking for some basic reasons which will in one way or the other be a benefits to the Department and also to us such reasons on one hand stretches to the problems which necessitated the project.  While in the other hand to know how much knowledge and skill the various students of this group here acquires from the institute with respect to the project in terms of practical.

In respect of the problems of the latter one; poor maintenance department to carry out such duties of putting the system in other as a result of poor facilities, cost of affording a cause if the system is not working during office period.

Also, we undertake such project to create an ability to withstand the challenges faced outside in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration and also in mechanical know how.  At same instant, to restore preventive maintenance in the department.



air conditioning is a process whereby heatrecieve from a low temperature region is transferred to a higher temperature region.  The negative net work is being done in the system.  Air conditioning system has four basic components which are the compressor, condenser, metering device and evaporator.  When any of these component is faulty or damaged it will cause the air conditioning system not to function well or not functioning at all.

Nevertheless, the continuous functioning of an air conditioning system doesn’t depend wholly on the component, but the maintenance/servicing  aspect of it.  Lack of such maintaining or servicing practices brought about the breakdown of air conditioning system.  So on embarking on the project i.e. Working on the air conditioning system faults were dictated by the groups in the year 2005, assigned for the project.

1.                 It has low pumping capacity.

2.                 The drier strainer was not able to filter the gas pumped by the compressor as a result of blockage by impurities.

3.                 The whole system  was dirty, this is because the air conditioner has been dumped for a very long time.

4.                 The capacitor are of poor capaciting property i.e. to store electrical current in the compressor.

The compressor is the heart of all air conditioning system.  It pumps the refrigerant to the whole system, the metering device or the expansion valves meters a given quantity of refrigerant required for each unit.

In this case most of these essential component of the air conditioner which are not of necessity to the system needs not to be handled carelessly when it develop any fault and also not to be handle by non expert in the field of air condition and refrigeration.

For instance a compressor that has low pumping action was letter verified that it is suppose to be compressor with horse power 2 not 1.5.  this under size compressor will not be able to accommodate the action of the air conditioning system.

Again, the volume of air conditioning gas being pumped was too negligible to bring about the desired cooling.

The capacitors which were bad, the drier which was blocked up by impurities was changed with a new one.  As a result of causing poor cycling of a refrigerant gas through the copper capillary of the air conditioner which we repaire4d by replacement of the drier with new one.  Through wee can still flush the drier and it will still be in good form.

A repair and rehabilitation equipment’s must be in good form to facilitate and enhance good and effective rehabilitation.  This equipment are used to trace the fault in the air conditioning system.  In the first place we use soap solution to check leakage’s of the compressor, flushing the condenser with vacuum pump.  The compressor was tested, there was no fault, only that the size was 1.5 horse power and they have opened the compressor before and welded it, which is not advisable to do.  The general clean up of all dust compacted parts was done, particularly without any problem following by the changing of the plug which supply electricity to the system.

The sequence of operation and tools used during the repair is recorded in ascending other overleaf.


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Repair And Rehabilitation Of A Faulty Air Conditioner