Problems Of Filling And Correspondence In Nigerian Institutions (a Case Study Of I.m.t Enugu)

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The aim of this project/research work is to find out the problems facing filling/correspondence in Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu and to give useful suggestions.
          To obtain the necessary information for the research, the researcher used the questionnaire.

          From the findings, it was discovered that the institution stand to loose valuable man hours, experience great delays in the execution of official duties if it takes a lot of time to find and retrieve files in offices.

          It was also discovered in the study that the absence of a reliable filing/correspondence systems in the institution affect the efficiency of office operations.

          Recommendations are made based on the findings of the study, because filing/correspondence form the core of activities in any institution, there is every need for these two tasks to be accorded due recognition and seen as a system that should be properly administered.  Every institution should therefore ensure that due attention is paid to the maintenance and administration of filling/correspondence systems.


Title page                                                                                 i

Approval page                                                                          ii

Dedication                                                                                iii

Acknowledgement                                                                     iv

Abstract                                                                                   vi

Table of content                                                                       vii


1.1             Background of the study                                                 1

1.2             Statement of the problem                                                 4

1.3             Purpose of the study                                                       5

1.4             Scope of the study                                                          5

1.5             Research hypothesis                                                        5

1.6             Significance of the study                                                  6

1.7             Delimitation of the study                                                  7

1.8             Definition of terms                                                           7


REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE                                      9

2.1             The concepts: filing/correspondence systems                             9

2.2             Efficient filing/correspondence system                    14

2.3             Problem of filing/correspondence systems                       17

2.4             Summary of literature review                                            20


RESEARCH PROCEDURE                                                 22

3.1     Population                                                                      23

3.2     Sample                                                                           23

3.3     Source of information                                                      23

3.4     Instrument used                                                               23

3.5     Distribution and collection of questionnaire                      24

3.6     Method of data analysis                                                   24


Presentation and Analysis of Data                                              25

4.1             Analysis of data                                                              26


Recommendations and conclusions                                           37

5.1     Discussion of findings                                                     37

5.2     Conclusion                                                                     40

5.3     Recommendation                                                            41

5.4     Suggestion for further studies                                          42

5.5     Limitations                                                                      43

Bibliography                                                                        45

Appendix: sample of questionnaire                                        47







The preservation of records is one of the main functions of a good secretary in any organization.

Preservation of records in an organization takes various forms depending on the size of the organization.  It involves the use of different equipment and systems.  Normally, records are preserved through filing, indexing and micro filing.  Filing is the commonest method for safeguarding important information and records.

The efficient running of an office therefore depends largely on the existence of a good and effective filing and correspondence systems.

Filing can be described as the care of records management.  The key stone of office organization is the maintenance of comprehensive, simple and efficient filing system.  Filing therefore is the process by which records are classified, arranged, stored, so that they may be quickly located when needed.  It entails storing records in a secure place and in a manner that permits rapid retrieval.  As Onibonoje (1976:115) puts it, “filing is the orderly collection, arrangement and safe keeping of information and prompt retrieval of such information as and when required for any decision.  Viewed differently, bathlomew (1974:214) sees filing as involving;

“… collecting letters, carbon

copies, accounts, forms and

documents, sorting them by

placing them in folders,

binders, drawers etc, for

future reference”.

Whatever the meaning attached to it may be, the fact remains according to Denyer and Mugridge (1978:145), that “filing is the basis of record keeping …”Consequently, it should be seen as an independable and to any business organization.  The brain of every business as far as retrieval of information is concerned.

          Correspondence is equally a very vital aspect of basic office routine of any organized body, be it private, government or club.  In each of these organized bodies, letter writing, typing, duplicating and in fact communication represent the core office routine.  Correspondence can be said to be communication in writing on subjects of mutual interest to both.  The internal and external publics of an organization.  The concise Oxford Advanced Dictionary (1974:192) defines correspondence as  “communication by letters”.  This takes care of in-coming and out-going mails.

          Denyer (1980; 274) however sees correspondence as covering:

”… many types of documents

Including letters, which is

Probably the most common

Method of communication

Between a business and its

Customers of the public and

Public organizations”.

Carrying out a study of the problems of filing and correspondence systems in offices today is most essential especially as many contracts are lost due to poor filing and correspondence system.  Job offers and calls for interviews are lost and staff are denied promotion simply because their files cannot be located.

          The choice of institute of management and Technology Enugu is informed by the fact that the school has a sizeable number of staff and does a lot of filing of its activities with both the staff students and external publics.



Academic institutions, today experience cases of delays and/or loss of  correspondence in their daily operations.  Where records are not loss, a lot of time is wasted in digging up people’s files and vital information often get to the final recipient highly distorted and filtered.  All these bring about a chaotic decline in academic activities in schools.

The major problem in the study therefore is to identify likely problems facing filing and correspondence handling offices.  This will be done by studding the handling of these basic office routine in institute of management and technology (IMT) Enugu.



          The study on the identification of the problems of filing and correspondence is concentrated on the institute of management and technology (I.M.T) Enugu.  The researcher principally aims at investigating the details of filing/correspondence in Institute of Management and Technology (I.M.T) Enugu for the purpose of revealing only weaknesses and /or strengths and suggesting improvements if necessary.



          The study on the identification of the problems of filing an correspondence is concentrated on the Institute of Management and Technology (I.M.T) Enugu.  This study will not attempt to discuss deeply the benefits of filing and correspondence systems or the qualification of staff handling such basic routine.

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Problems Of Filling And Correspondence In  Nigerian Institutions