The Procurement Practice In The Pubic Sector Economy. Problem And Prospects

Purchasing And Supply Project Topics

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It is imperative to note that procurement practice private and public sector economy requires planning and control.

There fore, there is every need for government awareness and understanding for the role efficacious procurement practice in the running of its ministry especially ministry of public utilities. I  know with conviction in my mind that the federal government of Nigeria has started the research aim at finding out whether the procurement practice in the ministry of public procurement of the it’s practice and the procured rest necessitates objective attainment and possibly likely problem they encounter during the process. My main writing on procurement and these purchasing techniques which must be meant to ensure an efficient and tactical purchasing function this ministry. The case this ministry is so crucial because there is always need to acquire or procure practice for rural development.

The highest degree of efficiency attained in this procurement of all requirements can be the only hope of ministry in finding remedies to their problems.


1.1                         GENERAL OVERVIEW

According to Uzor (2004) define public procurement as the acquisition or goods and services by government and their subsidiary agencies such as parastatals.

Purchasing and supply management function of virtually a new management function whole has not been accord its full recognition and place in business environment in Nigeria.

The non- recognition is more pronominal in the sector organization where non-professionals establishment to carryout the function of purchase. Procurement of practice is very consequential aspect of purchasing and supply. So in procuring practice so many factor will be put into consideration purchasing objective general and specific objective must be considered and this will help in brining out the allure of purchasing and supply claim management.

According to Oyeoku (2006) he say that general objective of purchasing concern the tasks obtaining the right quality good and services in the right quality and at the right price and right time form the right supplier and delivered at the right place.

According to him this is described is the “Right” of purchasing or more technically state as the purchasing mix.    


1.2                         STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The contract of research of this nature is usually associated with one form of problem or other for any research study to achieve its aim problem must be stated clearly and accurately.

It is there fore necessary to probe beneath the surface in order to ascertain the nature and size of the problem, failure to do this will lead to a number of errors which is the beginning of management or managerial, business failure.

The problems is procurement practice are by the realities of past, present and future economic consideration as they affect the ministry in question, and the way sent out their specific economy toward activities procurement needs amidst the complexities.

When we consider the increasing day to day variability in price quality availability and other variables against the present and future moved for the items, purchasing design fond to assume more complex dimension.

More so, lack of specialist in the filed of purchasing has result in buying syndrome incompetence and inefficiency in the act and mode of buying by the buyer of designated items. Again the issue of not having on independent purchase department has made purchasing function trivial and uninviting because its major function are carried out by the divisions.

The research also identified a total neglect of purchasing research as a vita instrument for establishing a data bank for identifying opportunities for purchasing action.           


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The Procurement Practice In The Pubic Sector Economy. Problem And Prospects