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Science Lab Technology Project Topics and Research Materials




The work started with an extensive literary research in an attempt to find out facts about the instrument.  This led to probing the history of Wheatstone bridge, hour it was developed up till the point Wheatstone Bridges of different designs were made. 

This work deals with metre Bridge which is one of the fundamental instrument in most physics laboratories.  Metre Bridge is a topic under electricity, is an instrument made up of wooden board metre rule, wire, usually constantan, and metal strips (standard resistor, unknown resistor, galvanometer, battery, sliding contact, and keys are included when the metre bridge is in use.











Title page





Table of contents



1.1     Introduction

1.2     Description

1.3     the Theory of the Bridge

1.4     Types of Wheatstone Bridge

1.5     Description of the Metre Bridge

1.6     Factors that Affect Metre Bridge

1.7     Precautional Measures

1.8     Aim of the Study

1.9     Objective of the Study

1.10   Statement of Problem

1.11   Significant of the Study

1.12       Limitation of Study



2.1     Construction of the Metre Bridge

2.2     Operation for Construction of Bass Board

2.3     Copper Strips

2.4     Brass Terminals

2.5     Mounting of Component of the Board



3.1     Design of the metre Bridge

3.2     Specifications

3.3     Wooden Board

3.4     Metal Strips

3.5     Screw for the Wire

3.6     Holder for the Wire

3.7     Close Up Strips

3.8     Terminals

3.9     Design of Metre Bridge



4.1     Calibration of constructed Bridge

4.2     Comparison with Standard Metre Bridge



5.1     Findings

5.2     Recommendations

5.3     Conclusion










The study of electricity is an important aspect of physics because electricity plays a key role in the modern world.  The working of most modern appliances such as radio, television, computers and calculators, refrigerator, air conditioners, sound systems and electric fan is possible as a result of electricity.

There are three basic quantities, which must be clearly understood before we can proceed with the subject of electricity.  There are electric current, potential difference and electric resistance.  One needs to have the knowledge of circuit board and work with a variety of circuit including voltage dividers, the wheatstone bridge.

Sir Charles Wheatstone (1802 – 1873) was a British Scientist and inventor of telegraph systems.  He began as a musical instrument maker in London, but his scientific was to select the best result, which resulted in an outstanding paper on acoustic he presented to the Royal Society in (1833 –

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project topics and research materials