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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

Science Lab Technology Project Topics and Research Materials




This project is based on the determination of viability of hookworm egg S. starcolaris from ova of borine stool using the egg counts method to determine and count the number of eggs in a known amount of stool sample (drug), this is possible using the borine floatation method of egg count by Cheesbrough (2000). The egg culture techniques were also used to determine the viability of the egg present in the stool. However, there is no specification on the nature of other hookworm present in the stool, the result also showed a high level in percentage of viable eggs at 75% and this means that the prevalence in animals in very high as at the time this test was conducted.

The total egg count was 4 eggs in 5g of the sample and a larval count of 3 larval in 0.5g faecal samples used. It is suggested by this work that attention should be given in a greater percentage to environmental hygiene by man in order to reduce the infection and distribution rate of this worm by cattle in a human habited areas.



Title Page





Table of Content



1.0     Introduction

1.1            Transmission Dynamics of Nematodes

1.2            Aims and objective of study

1.3            Statement of problem

1.4            Limitation

1.5            Hypothesis

1.6            Significance of the study



2.0            Literature Review

2.1     Diagnosis of infection      

2.2            Pathology in zoonotic strongyloides

2.3            Nature of egg hatching

2.4            Life cycle of strongyloides starcilaris



3.0     Material and Methods

3.1            Study area

3.2            Material and apparatus

3.3            Parastological examination of sample

3.4            Methods



4.0     Result and discussion

4.1            Result

4.2            Discussion


5.0     Conclusion and recommendation

5.1            Conclusion 

5.2            Recommendation





1.0                                           INTRODUCTION

The infestation of worm has been a problem for quite a long time. The distribution of worm worldwide is nearly always constant irrespective of man’s ingenuity and control attempts. It was observed by palowisky (1981) that the level of worm in the advanced communities is nearly at parity with the third world, he blamed this on the lack of sanitation on the third world and improper sewage treatment on the advanced economics.

Stoll (1947) observed high level in his paper “this wormy world” that human life and the worms have been so inseparably interrelated is quite a challenge especially for worms with clear-cut anus-mouth transmission dynamics, that man cannot control the entry into his mouth, of the material that left from his anus is a fun. The fun expected to be addressed by the world health body and the primary health lane (PHC) by playing a very effective role.

According to Smyth (1976) he classified strongyloides starcolaris in the kingdom animalia, phyla invertebrate, class nematoda, order rjanditida, family strongylidea, genera strongyloides and specie starcolaris. It is generally known as a hookworm and its infection is a zonosis of cattle, man and other domesticated animals. It is widely spread in human agriculture ecology in tropical Africa, it is common in the rain forest of the southern Nigeria where animals are reared at static (confined indoors) operations and the distribution of this worms is been enhanced by natured of the soil, the organism mostly places where sanitation is very poor such as the place where cattle are sold at gariki-artisan market in Enugu metropolis, helminthians literally means infections and paratosis caused by worms.

The invertebrate phyla so categorized include, the platyhelminthes (flat worms), achantocephals (headed worms) and nematoda (round worm). These causes one disease or another to man and his domesticated animals, the


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project topics and research materials