Improving Employee Performance And Morale Through Effective Communication (a Case Study Of Enugu State Water Corporation).

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          The major purpose of this  study was to determine if the nature of communication Enugu State Water Cooperation had a significant Influence on the workers morale and work performance.

          It was  also aimed at assessing the  quality of communication within  Enugu State  water cooperation (ENSWC). Identifying the major channels / media of major barriers to effective communication.

          The sample for the study  include 100 respondents randomly selected from the three Directorates of  the corporation. Data were collected by means of the communication within the organization.

          The data  were analyzed using percentages and correctional analysis. The following finding were obtained from the tudy.

1.       The major channels of communication were formal, informal channels like the grapevine were rarely utilized.

2.       The major media of communication were verbal and written.  Verbal medium was accredited to be good and properly utilized, downward and upward communication appeared not to be good and properly utilized. Written media which include memos and letter  were satisfactory but indicated that some improvement needed be made.


          The major barriers to communication were found to be time pressure, sender, source credibility, information filtering and information overload.



















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1.1     Background of the study01.2  Problems Association

1.2     Problems Associated with the subject matter.

1.3     Problems the study will be connected  with

1.4     The importance of studying the area.

1.5     Chapter Reference

          CHAPTER  TWO

2.1     Literature Review

2.2     The origin of the subject area

2.3     School of thought within the subject area

2.4     Different method of studying the problem

2.5     Summary

2.6     Reference


3.0     Conclusion

3.1            Data Presentation

3.2     Analysis of the data

3.3     Recommendation

3.4     Conclusion

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          Improving employee performance and morale through effective communication which make a effective in his job. Managers in general and industrial psychologist have been sticking to improve worker effectiveness in his job. As noted by from (164:191) a substantial proportions of the research in this  field has  been concerned ,with explaining individual difference in job performance. Also many of the methods used by professional industrial psychologists are directed towards increasing the level of performance of workers. Certain factors have been widely recognized as having reasonable influence on the morals and performance of employee in industrial firms. Vom (1964:91)  for instance  stressed the importance of motivation.

          Middle West and Hill (1988:3160  viewed communication between two or more people to achieve a common understanding  about an  object or  a situation. The process of communication starts with the formation of ideas by the sender (know as ideation which is the content of the message the sender want to transmit. In the next step, encoding, the ideas are organized into a series of symbols designed to the intended receiver(s) suitable  words or phrases that must  be understood by the receiver(s) and the appropriate medium or media to be used memorandum, conference, etc were selected.

          Next transmission of the message takes place  as encoded through selected channels in the organization structure. In transmission the message is then received and then decoded, or changed in to the form to be understood by the receiver.

          In the next step, the receiver takes  action or responds by filling the information, asking for more information etc. Communication has not taken place unless there is some type of feedback to the sender in the message received.

          Possible barriers exist to the communication process, and such barriers could exist in any stage of the communication process. These include poor reception poor listening semantics, Cultural difference and

Organizational climate etc.

          (Sherman et al, 1998:322). These barriers sometimes referred to as noise, could be removed or reduced through adequate knowledge of then and concerted efforts at taking certain steps such as training for improved perceptual ability, proper non evaluative  listening use of simple words, conciseness and specificity other include improving the organizational climate encouraging openness) sincerity on the part of management


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Improving Employee Performance And Morale Through Effective Communication