Design And Implementation Of An Expert System On Troubleshooting And Maintenance Of Eposon Printer

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The impact of engineering age is tremendous and its arrears of application are increasing geometrically.  It is believed that the information revolution will radically change the nature and quality of engineering work in the near future.

Some of the most exiting arrear of the information technology includes.

-                     Office automation and computer publishing

-                     Just-in-time (J.I.T) production techniques to reduce cost and improve quality.

-                     Electronic shopping and electronic funds transfer

-                     Computer controlled commuter train system

-                     Decision support system (DSS) that facilitate real time control of making under battle field condition typically characterized by uncertainty

-                     Computer aids to the handicapped including intelligent implants and experts for medical diagnosis.

-                     Computer aids instruction (CAI) and aided manufacturing.

Due to all these mentioned arrears of computer application and more, computer has now been accepted and used by so many organizations, by individuals for various purposes.  It is believed that computer is an agent, which improves productivity, enhances competition.

It is however worthy to not that 75% of all computer application generate documented information.  This is why it is said that had copy is the spice of information.

Computer generates printed report for adequate circulation and communication.  This underlines the importance of printers in computerized operations and environments.

Considering the increasing number of which malfunction ‘vis a vis’ while the scanty availability of maintenance experts, these is no doubt that may important and urgent reports are either frustrated permanent or produced too late to serve their purpose.  It therefore become very imperative to develop this EPSON printer troubleshooting and maintenance expert system which will guide a non-expert through step by step approach to troubleshoot and maintain his EPSON printer.



When printers malfunction, it is often difficult tracing the causes of such malfunctions with respect to identified symptoms.  Often, some of these faults are so minor that virtually every user is supposed to be able to handle them effectively without having to undergo the rigours of finding maintenance experts.  In many occasions, the defects are perfectly eliminated by clearing the edge connectors and resisting the plugs and printer interface cards.  Some diagnostic software such as Qapuls could also help in locating the causes of the problem.

However, the need for a reliable maintenance service cannot be over emphasized.

Since it is necessary for effective performance of any printer.  Also it is pertinent to observe that there are many other preventive maintenance procedures that can be duly appreciate by the user which could minimize printer failure.  This project has been designed and preventive maintenance in a “DO IT YOURSELF FASHION.  It as well provides most of the salient information necessary to troubleshoot Epson printers.



The purpose of this project or study is to give expert knowledge or guide on the rectification of several known faults commonly developed by Epson printer and then develop an expert software system which will give any user the expertise knowledge to rectify the problem of his/her Epson printer.

This project will, therefore, briefly, look at the superficial culture of maintaining and trouble shooting printers with a view providing a number of analytical diagnostic steps that an operator could easily implement to enable him/her forge ahead when his/her printer suddenly develops a fault in the make of a printer job.


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Design And Implementation Of An Expert System On Troubleshooting And Maintenance Of Eposon Printer