Design And Implementation Of Computerized Case Management Information A Case Study Of Sam Igbokwe And Sons Enugu

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1.0            INTRODUCTION

To understand the management application system by Sam Igbokwe and Sons Enugu, it includes not merely the profession, which is practiced in courts but also covers law teaching, law research, administration in different branches where law plays a role and in fact, commercial and industrial employment and all other activities, which postulates and requires the use of legal knowledge and skill and which adopts legal process also fall within its scope.  The wed based case management comprises all those who use technical legal knowledge through net in performing their various occupational roles.  These will include such categories as practitioners of law and legal advisers, judges and magistrates, Area court Judges and Islamic Court Judges, academic lawyers and scholars, legal technicians (e.g. consultants) etc.

A case management is a person entitled to practice as a barrister (advocate) or as a barrister and solicitor.  In Nigeria, every case management is a barrister and solicitors.  For exam plc, an advocate practicing in a country whose legal system is similar to that of Nigeria may be permitted by the chief justice of Nigeria to practice as a barrister.  The chief justice has no power to permit him to practices as a solicitor.  Further more, a senior Advocate of Nigeria is not entitled to practice as a solicitor.



The problem statement is mainly centralised on the existing method of wed-based case management application system.  The information obtained on-line, shows that a case management is entitled to recover his charges by action in a court of competent jurisdiction.  In General, before a case management brings such action, a bill for the charges containing particulars of the principal items included in the bill and signed by him, or in the case of a firm by one of the partners or in the name of the firm, must have been served on the client personally or left for him at his last address as known to the practitioner or sent by post addressed to the client at that address.

In addition, the period of one month beginning with the date of delivery of the bill must have expired.  There are provisions in the legal practitioners for taxation of bills of charges delivered by case management to his clients.

The council is to be consulted by the Attorney-General  of the federation before making regulations for the enrolment as legal practitioners in Nigeria, Court of  Appeal Enugu as a case study, members of the legal profession in any other country on a reciprocal basis.

The Attorney – General of the federation is also required to hold consultations with the council before varying the rates of practicing fees specified.


1.2            AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

The web-based case management application system has an increasingly important role in a modern state not only in dispensation of justice but also in the formulation of a just legal order and in the preservation of an efficient juristic order.

The characteristics of the on-line case management such as independence, integrity, official administration of courts and administration of justice.

There is a roll of legal practitioners kept as a roll of court and maintained by the chief Registrar of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.   In general, a person is entitled to be enrolled if and only if:

(a)  He has been called to the bar by the body of Benchers; and

(b)  He produces a certificate of his call to the Bar to the Chief Registrar of Supreme Court.

In general, persons whose names are on the roll of legal practitioners kept as a roll of court and maintained by the chief Register of the Supreme Court are entitled to practice as barristers and solicitors.  However, the chief justice of Nigeria may, by warrant under his hand authorise a person, whose name is not on the roll, on payment to the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court of such fee not exceeding 50 Naira as may be specified in the warrant, to practice as a barrister for the purpose of specified proceedings and of any appeal brought in connection with those proceedings.

The power of the chief justice to authorise a person to practise as a barrister under this provision is exercisable where:

(a)   an application for permission to practise as a barrister is made to the chief justice by or on behalf of any person who is the opinion of the chief justice is entitled to practise as an advocate in any country where the legal system is similar to that of Nigeria; and

(b)  the chief justice is of the opinion that it is expedient to permit the person to practice as a barrister for the purpose of proceedings with respect to which the application is brought.

Furthermore, a person for the time being exercising the functions of any of the following offices is entitled to practise as a barrister and solicitor for the purposes of the office:

(a)   The office of the Attorney-General, solicitor-General or Director of public prosecutions of the federation or of a state; and

(b)   Such offices in the public service of the federation or a state as the Attorney-General of the federation or of the state, as the may be.


1.3            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

Reference could be made from different parts of the world about a case on-line.  Considering the fact that information are displayed on the web because, some Judges and Lawyers could be able to make reference on how related cases are being handled.

For instance, somebody is having a case of murder in the court and you want to search, to know how the case was treated or how it was judged.  As a lawyer, you may go on net, to search for a related case to the case you are handling and how it was treated, in order to know or for easy decision on your own cases.


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Design And Implementation Of Computerized Case Management Information A Case Study Of Sam Igbokwe And Sons Enugu