Problems Of Personnel Management In The Civil Service (a Case Study Of Enugu State Civil Service Commission)

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The purpose of the study was to investigate the problem of personnel management in the Enugu state civil service commission. The study  was based on the human relations theory approach of Alton Mayo. The major instrument used for the collection of data was the questionnaire, named problems of personnel management Description Questionnaire (PPMDQ). Constructed by the research other tools used were oral interviews and casual observation. With the aid of these instruments, the researcher was able to collect a comprehensive data for the project. The statistical method employed in the analysis of the data were percentages and frequency distribution. The major findings of the Enugu State civil service commission to improve on the personnel management of the civil service commission to improve on the personnel management service. One of the such recommendation was that the civil service emphasis sentiments. He also recommended that worker should be exposed to training programmes on personnel management to broader their knowledge. The researcher concluded by recommending that the civil service should employ professional personnel managers/administrators and reward hard work propriety.


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Background of The study

There have been general criticisms on the performance of all aspect of personnel management in nigeria, personnel management with focus on the Enugu State Civil Service Commission Enugu.

There criticism has been ranged by the general public in diverse ways,a nd in the Light of this, one would be moved to inquire why personnelmanagement in the civil service could be so castigated by the general public.

More over, one will like to ask what is personnel management? This simply means that arm which is co-concerned with the development of people and deployment within an organization with be met and adapted with the changing circumstances or conditions.

This is the organization’s most vital function because the extent to which an organization achieves it’s goals and objectives depends on the effectiveness of human resource management.

The civil service commission Enugu State, through their records has on their own made some effort to reduce or bring to minimal these diverse problems of personnel management facing it, by sending delegate through it’s commissioner to the state government demanding for government intervention in the civil service. And that state government in respond, has at different times set up committees which looked into these problems stated by the effort of these committee, were short-lived as they ended up without long lived benefits.

Also, the civil commission Enugu State has on it’s own sent some of it’s officials on training to acquire skill son it’s areas of personnel management, but standard of personnel management in the civil service?

Would you say that the work attitude of typical average worker. In the civil service is instructmental to inefficient personnel management in the ministry? Does ethnicity exist in your civil service?



The choice of Enugu State civil service as a case study of this research work on the problems of personnel management in the civil service is born out of desire to bring this civil service into main stream of academic enquires. Its concern entails identifying the problems militating against the civil service. Successful operation in regard to personnel management. This study IS geared towards finding recommendation to these problems.

This study would be useful to the Enugu state civil service commission which serves as the case study. This study is expected to assist the management of this ministry in tooling into the personnel operation problems of the civil service. It is expected to help the management of Enugu state civil service. Commission in firming personnel administrative policy of the ministry.

This study will also help other ministries in the country in mapping out structures and administrative power.

To policy makers, this study would assist the top management in formulating and periodically re-viewing basic personnel policies, plans and forecasts which the daily administrative operation function.

Finally this study would be significant to other government parastatals as guide to human resources administrative polices and management. In addition, educator, future students and researchers would give them the right track.



This research is continued to the problems of personnel management in the Enugu State civil service commission Enugu. This study is of tremendously important because, the success of failure of any organization depend majority on the human resources.

It was not possible to ascertain what obtains in other ministries or parastatals, in the state as this study has its focus only on the Enugu State civil service commission.

As a result generalization c an not be made to any significant level.

The sample taken represented the public opinion, as the research attempts to view the exact amount of revenue of fund being given to the ministry by the government. The determine the level of corruption within the civil service. Also to find out the qualification of civil commission.  

Furthermore, to evaluate this working attitudes of the workers in the civil service.

And to prove the fact whether ethnicity really exist in the civil service and the level of it’s existence. The two major instruments used were questionnaire and oral interview.


Limitations of the study

Data collection is the major problem encounteredin the course of this study Amongst these was inadequate text books required for this study. The few available ones could, not be given our for too long, neither could the be purchased in the market due. To high cost attached to them where they are found.

Most of the official of the Enugu state civil service commission who were in position to give useful ifnromation about the civil service could not do so because of time factor. They claimed to be too busy to given out information.

For these of them who were able to give information delayed doing this and this lead to repeated calling to the civil service.

Most people who were approached to fill the questionnaire refused to do so even after much pleading and explanation on the purpose of the questionnaires, some were afraid of security action some were reluctant to fill it while others refused to help on reasons best known to them.

As a result of this, a lot of questionnaire prepared for this study were not complete, leaving a very few uncompleted ones. This reduced this number of samples intended to be used for this study.

Finance was also another major, limitation to the study as money was needed for frequent visit to the ministry for information, questionnaire as well as visit to libraries. In most borrowed books as one could not be allowed to go home with any of these books.

Time factor also posed a major constraint for this study. The researcher had to rush the work in order to meek up the deadline. Considering the situation on ground all these efforts has not yield any positive change to the problems of personnel management in this particular civil services commission Enugu State.

With all these problems and criticisms before the civil service commission Enugu State, without solution yet, the need for this study should not be over emphasized.

This study therefore has an urge to suggest better ways approach these personnel management in Nigeria, with close focused of the civil service commission Enugu. It is hoped that at the end of this study if the given and proven suggestions would carefully. Iumplemented, there world be an efficient and effective personnel management in the civil service commission of Enugu state.



The problem facing Enugu state civil service commission were diverse and varied. As in the case with most government civil services to the people. But as such, it has not faired in this aspect of personnel management which has been instrument to the un-achievement of personnel management noble goals.

Looking into these problems facing this ministry thorugh public opinion the people has highlighted the following from their own view to be some of the problems of personnel management facing civil service commission of Enugu State.

Some claim that, it is as a result of inadequate funding from the government.

Other claims that. It is because of corruption and miss-appropriation of fund with the ministry.

Some other people claim that, it is as a result of limited qualified professional personnel administration and managers in the civil service.

While other people claims that, it is result of reluctance to change and arrogance with the workers.

Others claims that, it is as a result of ethnicity within the civil services stemming from the above assertions, the general impression about Enugu State civil services commission has been that it’s personnel management had been highly characterized by inefficiency and ineffectiveness.



The objectives of this study is to ascertain the problems of personnel management in civil service commission of Enugu State.

Therefore, this study is to evaluate the level of fund derived by the civil service from the government.

To ascertain whether corruption exists in the civil service commission. Also this study is to evaluate the qualification of civil service workers.

This study is also to ascertain the attitude to work of a typical workers in the civil service commission and also to find out whether ethnicity exists in the civil service commission of Enugu state.



The following research question will be used to solicit information for the study.

Would adequately funding improve the standard of personnel management in the civil service (Enugu state civil service commission).

Does corruption exists within your civil service commission?

Would the employment of personnel professionals in civil service administration and managers improve the


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Problems Of Personnel Management In The Civil Service