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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

Accounting Project Topics

1021Internal Audit An Effective Tool For Fraud Control In A Manufacturing Organization (a Case Study Of Michelle Laboratory Plc)

ABSTRACT This study, internal audit an effective tool for fraud control in a manufacturing organization. The effectiveness of the internal audit were carefully examine and the aim of the study is to ascertain the contribution of internal audit in fraud prevention in a manufacturing organization, to evaluate the contribution of internal audit in... Continue Reading »

1022Effect Of Credit Risk Management Practices On Loan Portfolio Performance

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Problem Credit risk refers to the risk that a borrower will default on any type of debt by failing to make required payments. The risk is primarily to the lender and includes lost principal and interest, disruption to cash flows, and increased collection costs. The loss may be complete or... Continue Reading »

1023Impact Of Personal Income Tax On The Growth Of Nigeria Economy

IMPACT OF PERSONAL INCOME TAX ON THE GROWTH OF NIGERIA ECONOMY Abstract This paper examined the income profile of Benue State Government and assessed the impact of personal income tax on the growth of Nigeria using the internally generated revenue accruable to the state. Adopting the ex-post facto research design, secondary data was obtained... Continue Reading »

1024Effect Of Internal Control System On Accountability And Transparency In The Selected Money Deposit Banks In Fct

Abstract To some, internal control is just for the prevention of fraud and asset misappropriation while others see internal control as that control which play a part in guaranteeing control over business operations.  Internal control and internal audit has also been used in place of each other. This study on the effect of internal control... Continue Reading »

1025The Role Of Financial Institutions In The Development Of The Nigeria Economy (a Case Study Of Selected Financial Institutions In Enugu)

ABSTRACT The Study investigated the role of financial institutions in the development of the Nigeria economy. The objective is to find out whether the role of financial institutions is improving the growth and development of Nigeria economy, to know what the government doing to maintain or encourage the financial institutions in the development... Continue Reading »

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