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Project topics for Business Administration

1Perception Of Central Bank Of Nigeria Cash-less Policy By Bank Customers In Enugu Metropolis

PERCEPTION OF CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA CASH-LESS POLICY BY BANK CUSTOMERS IN ENUGU METROPOLIS ABSTRACT   This study title “Perception of Central Bank of Nigeria cashless Policy by bank customers” aims at identifying commercial banks customers’ perception about the adequacy of daily amount of  ... Continue Reading »

2The Growth Of Indigenous Firms In Nigeria Problems And Prospects: (a Case Study Of Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited In Kogi State)

THE GROWTH OF INDIGENOUS FIRMS IN NIGERIA PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS: (A CASE STUDY OF AJAOKUTA STEEL COMPANY LIMITED IN KOGI STATE) ABSTRACT            This research was embarked upon to gain institute into growth of indigenous firms in Nigeria.   This is specifically an attempt... Continue Reading »

3The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On The Nigerian Economy (a Case Study Of Nbc Plc Enugu)

THE IMPACT OF FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT ON THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY (A CASE STUDY OF NBC PLC ENUGU) ABSTRACT  The study of the nature involves a lot of deep research and understanding of the factors, which creates the effects on the subject matter.  Primarily, these factors were more economical than managerial as the case may... Continue Reading »

4Urbanization A Problem To Food Production And Agricultural Development. A Case Study Of Enugu State

URBANIZATION A PROBLEM TO FOOD PRODUCTION AND AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT. A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT   In this research on Urbanization – A problem to Food Production and Agricultural development in Enugu State, effort were made to address issues that are related to the problems, cause, effects, challenges,... Continue Reading »

5The Role Of Planning And Forecasting In Business Organization (a Case Study Of Eastern Shop Nigeria Limited Ogui Enugu, Enugu State)

THE ROLE OF PLANNING AND FORECASTING IN BUSINESS ORGANIZATION (A CASE STUDY OF EASTERN SHOP NIGERIA LIMITED OGUI ENUGU, ENUGU STATE) ABSTRACT  The role of planning and forecasting in business organization is a topic chosen from the business administration and management field.   The research was conducted mainly to examine the... Continue Reading »

6Employee Motivation And Productivity (a Case Study Of Esut, Enugu)

EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION AND PRODUCTIVITY (A CASE STUDY OF ESUT, ENUGU) ABSTRACT           According to N. C. Abah, motivation is the mind to do a thing because that thing has meaning to the person doing it. (N. C. Abah 1997: 115). Also Emma E. O. Chukwuemeka said that for an individual to be... Continue Reading »

7Man-power Training As An Aid To Management In Business Enterprises (a Case Study Of Emenite Nigeria Limited Enugu)

MAN-POWER TRAINING AS AN AID TO MANAGEMENT IN BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (A CASE STUDY OF EMENITE NIGERIA LIMITED ENUGU)   ABSTRACT   The purpose of this research work is to evaluate how manpower training programme contribute in aiding management in achieving the organizational objectives or goals. It is equally believed that... Continue Reading »

8The Problems Of Hostel Accommodation In Higher Institution (a Case Study Of Imt, Enugu State)

THE PROBLEMS OF HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION IN HIGHER INSTITUTION (A CASE STUDY OF IMT, ENUGU STATE) CHAPTER ONE   1.0    INTRODUCTION 1.1    GENERAL BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY             A hostel by definition is a building in which cheap food and lodging and... Continue Reading »

9Career Opportunities For Adult Education Graduates In Enugu State Nigeria.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADULT EDUCATION GRADUATES IN ENUGU STATE NIGERIA. ABSTRACT   This study aims at identifying the career opportunities open to adult education graduates in Enugu State. As a guide to the study, some research question is posed based on the following.  Identifying people’s awareness of these adult... Continue Reading »

10Strategiesof Promoting Productivity In Civil Service (a Case Study Of Enugu State Civil Services Commission)

STRATEGIESOF PROMOTING PRODUCTIVITY IN CIVIL SERVICE (A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU STATE CIVIL SERVICES COMMISSION) ABSTRACT This study is a research of the Enugu State Civil Service Commission the purpose of the study includes: i.                   To... Continue Reading »

11Cooperative Marketing And Transportation In Anambra State (a Case Study Of Ogbo-effere Onitsha Cooperative Society Ltd)

COOPERATIVE MARKETING AND TRANSPORTATION IN ANAMBRA STATE (A CASE STUDY OF OGBO-EFFERE ONITSHA COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD) ABSTRACT This work tends to present cooperative marketing and transportation Anambra State. In so during, the study emphasizes as a whole, the marketing activities of Ogbo-Efere Cooperative Societies in Anambra State. The... Continue Reading »

12Stock Market And Macroeconomic Indicators: Evidence From Nigeria

STOCK MARKET AND MACROECONOMIC INDICATORS: EVIDENCE FROM NIGERIA ABSTRACT This study examines the relationships between stock market capitalization rate and interest rate. Time series data obtained from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) were analyzed using regression. Results showed that the prevailing... Continue Reading »

13An Evaluation Of Budget And Budgetary Control In Nigeria Communication Industry. (a Study Of Mobile Tele-communication Network (mtn) Nigeria Ltd)

AN EVALUATION OF BUDGET AND BUDGETARY CONTROL IN NIGERIA COMMUNICATION INDUSTRY. (A STUDY OF MOBILE TELE-COMMUNICATION NETWORK (MTN) NIGERIA LTD) ABSTRACT This research work titled “An evaluation of budget and budgetary control in Nigeria communication industry, with particular reference to mobile Tele-communication Network (MTN)... Continue Reading »

14A Comparative Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Internal Control System In A Computerized Accounting System ( A Study Of Zenith Bank)

A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEM IN A COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING SYSTEM ( A STUDY OF ZENITH BANK) ABSTRACT Due to the rapid growth of modern technology and computerization there is increase in computer usage in organization and this tends to increase fraudulent practices. This study therefore aims at... Continue Reading »

15Budgeting As A Management Tool For Planning, Controlling And Decision Making (a Case Study Of Emenite Limited Enugu)

BUDGETING AS A MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR PLANNING, CONTROLLING AND DECISION MAKING (A CASE STUDY OF EMENITE LIMITED ENUGU) ABSTRACT           The usefulness of budgeting, as a management tool cannot be over emphasized. A good budgeting system could aid management in decision-making, performing the... Continue Reading »

16The Problems And Prospects Of Social Marketing In Nigeria Manufacturing Organisation

THE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF SOCIAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA MANUFACTURING ORGANISATION ABSTRACT The aim of this research work is to appraise “problems and prospects of social marketing in Nigeria manufacturing organization. The objectives of this research work include the following; to investigate whether the Nigerian manufacturing... Continue Reading »

17The Effect Of Information Technology On Modern Organization (a Study Of Zenith International Bank)

THE EFFECT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON MODERN ORGANIZATION (A STUDY OF ZENITH INTERNATIONAL BANK) ABSTRACT Information technology (it) come to spread everywhere it can be likened to a huge web, connecting all area by change. We may make significant changes in our process of doing business by using machines, but it is the change in every... Continue Reading »

18The Effect Of Using E-payment As A Method Of Payment In The Fast Food Industry

THE EFFECT OF USING E-PAYMENT AS A METHOD OF PAYMENT IN THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY In spite of corporate efforts over the past few years to wring inefficiencies out of back-office processes, invoice-to-cash processing remains a costly proposition for most organizations. The challenge is... Continue Reading »

19Evaluation Of The Effect Of Non-current Assets On Return On Assets Of Cement Manufacturing Industry In Nigeria

EVALUATION OF THE EFFECT OF NON-CURRENT ASSETS ON RETURN ON ASSETS OF CEMENT MANUFACTURING  INDUSTRY IN NIGERIA   ABSTRACT The study is on evaluation of the effect of investment on non-current assets on return on asset of cement manufacturing industry in Nigeria. The major aim of the study is to ascertain the effects of... Continue Reading »

20The Problems Of Financing Government Corporations

ABSTRACT Government Corporation or parastatals are partly or completely financed by government.  Some of these government funded parastatals operate in some private fashion.  Government presence coming only in the form of control, directive and subvention.  Example mass transit services of state or local government. This... Continue Reading »

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