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Project Topics In Economics

1The Problems And Effect Of Old Age In Udi Local Government Area, Enugu State

 THE PROBLEMS AND EFFECT OF OLD AGE IN UDI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT The study was designed to identify the problems and effects of old age in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.  The research questions guided the study. A total of six hundred and fifty aged male and female alike were used for the... Continue Reading »

2Accessing The Effectiveness Of The 2016 Budget As A Road Map For Correction, Diversification And Industrialization Of Nigeria Economy Asst

ACCESSING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE 2016 BUDGET AS A ROAD MAP FOR CORRECTION, DIVERSIFICATION AND INDUSTRIALIZATION OF NIGERIA ECONOMY ASST CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction to Budget in Nigeria The heightened level of poverty in Nigeria has prepared the ground for people to extensively embark on the act of philosophizing on the... Continue Reading »

3Trade Openness And Output Growth In Nigeria: An Econometric Analysis (1970-2007)

TRADE OPENNESS AND OUTPUT GROWTH IN NIGERIA: AN ECONOMETRIC ANALYSIS (1970-2007) ABSTRACT This research work studies the international competitiveness of the Nigerian economy in the global market by analyzing the relationship between trade openness and output growth in Nigeria. Using time-series data over the period 1970-2007, we show that... Continue Reading »

4The Impact Of Stock Market Performance On The Growth Of Nigerian Economy

THE IMPACT OF STOCK MARKET PERFORMANCE ON   THE GROWTH OF NIGERIAN ECONOMY   ABSTRACT This study is motivated primarily by the need to enhance capital accumulation from the stock market, being the long term end of the financial system. This study is an investigation of the impact of Nigeria stock exchange performance on... Continue Reading »

5The Problem Of Government Budgeting Implementation In Developing Countries (a Case Study Of Nigeria) 1986-2006

THE PROBLEM OF GOVERNMENT BUDGETING IMPLEMENTATION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA) 1986-2006) ABSTRACT The main purpose of this research work is to investigate the problem of government budget implementation in developing countries using Nigeria as a case study. (1986-2006). To analyse this, an econometric method of... Continue Reading »

6An Econometric Anaylsis Of The Effects Of Monetary Policy On Nigerian Economy

AN ECONOMETRIC ANAYLSIS OF THE EFFECTS OF MONETARY POLICY ON NIGERIAN ECONOMY ABSTRACT     This study aimed at analyzing through econometric methodology the effects of monetary policy in Nigeria economy. To meet the above objective, output growth was chosen as the dependent variable while real exchange rate, real interest... Continue Reading »

7Problems And Prospects Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Nigeria. A Case Study Of Enugu East Senatorial Zone.

PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA. A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU EAST SENATORIAL ZONE. ABSTRACT The main purpose of this study is to identify the problems and prospects of small and medium enterprise in Enugu East  Senatorial Zone. To do this, data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. The... Continue Reading »

8The Relative Impact Of Oil And Non-oil Exports On Economic Growth In Nigeria: 1983-2007

THE RELATIVE IMPACT OF OIL AND NON-OIL EXPORTS ON ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA: 1983-2007 ABSTRACT The study is made up of two independent models, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Investment respectively. The independent variables Oil export, Non-oil export, Real exchange rate and Inflation rate were modeled to capture their effect on GDP... Continue Reading »

9The Oil Sector Vis-À-vis The Agricultural Sector; The Nigerian Experience (1981-2007).

THE OIL SECTOR VIS-À-VIS THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR; THE NIGERIAN EXPERIENCE (1981-2007). ABSTRACT This study aims at evaluating the oil sector vis- a vis the agricultural sector in Nigeria from 1981-2007. The role of agriculture in the Nigerian society has been quite significant even in the pre-colonial times. The attractiveness of... Continue Reading »

10Impact Of Public Agriculture Expenditure On Agricultural Output And Economic Growth: (1978-2007)

IMPACT OF PUBLIC AGRICULTURE EXPENDITURE ON AGRICULTURAL OUTPUT AND ECONOMIC GROWTH: (1978-2007) ABSTRACT The impact of public expenditure on agriculture in Nigeria is enormous. Government having recognized agriculture as the second highest sector after oil of which the country depends for food, employment and foreign exchange. This... Continue Reading »

11Determinants Of Savings In Nigeria (1980 – 2007)

DETERMINANTS OF SAVINGS IN NIGERIA (1980 – 2007) ABSTRACT This study examines the determinants of savings in Nigeria   between 1980 -2007, which will enable us to proffer solution for the improvement of savings in the economy, since it is an important component of the economic development of any country. On the basis of... Continue Reading »

12The Impact Of Exchange Rate Variations On Aggregate Demand In Nigera (1979 -2008)

ABSTRACT The study is a critical Evaluation of the impact of Exchange rate variation on Aggregate Demand in Nigeria. These study made use of the ordinary least square (OLS) regression technique in analyzing the impact of Exchange Rate Variation On Aggregate Demand in Nigeria. There are also other variables that determine the impact of... Continue Reading »

13The Determinants Of Balance Of Payment In Nigeria (1983 – 2007)

ABSTRACT This study aimed at analyzing through econometric methodology the Determinant of Balance of payment in Nigeria. In the work, we capture balance of payment as the dependent variable while trade openness, external debt service and exchange rate as the explanatory variable. In the second page of the regression estimated we observed GDP... Continue Reading »

14Globalization And Its Impact On Economic Growth Of The Nigerian Economy (1986 - 2008)

ABSTRACT   This research work Globalization and its impact on the growth of the Nigerian economy from periods of 1986 to 2008 is basically to determine the impact of globalization on the Gross Domestic Product of the Nigerian economy as well the impact of financial integration on the Nigerian economy. It was found out in recent years... Continue Reading »

15National Savings And Economic Growth In Nigeria (1970-2007)

ABSTRACT The research work studied the national savings and Nigerian economic growth, spanning from 1970-2007. The study adopted Ordinary Least Square (OLS) single equation model. Using time series data over the period, the work shows that National Savings is not significant at SY level and it granger causes real gross domestic product. The... Continue Reading »

16Impact Of Population Growth On The Nigeria Economy (1980 -2006)

ABSTRACT          It is said that the population of any country constitute the most vital component of is resource base, as time potentials for development. Population growth can be positive or gainful to any economy if managed well. For instance China is noted to be most populous country in the... Continue Reading »

17Determinants Of Investment In Nigeria (1977 - 2007)

ABSTRACT   In recent times there has been growing concern about the rising but volatile rate of investment in Nigeria. This concern stems from the fact that investment play a dominant role in stimulating growth. The study buttress on the overview and empirical analysis into the determinants of investment in Nigeria.... Continue Reading »

18The Impact Of Agricultural Development On Nigeria Economic Growth, 1980– 2007

ABSTRACT In recent decades, the potential contribution of agriculture to economic growth has been a subject of much controversy among development economists.  While some contend that agricultural development is a pre-condition for industrialization, others strongly disagree and argue for a different path. Taking advantage of Ordinary... Continue Reading »

19The Role Of Commercial Banks To The Industrial Development Sector In Nigeria A Case Study United Bank For Africa (uba) (1980-2007)

ABSTRACT It could be affirmative said that the index for measuring any growing economy’s technological advancement is the extent to which its industries both the large and small scale has been growing over time. It’s a fact that none of these industries can grow without the required financial assistance from financial... Continue Reading »

20A Comparative Study Of Expenditure Control Methods In Government And Privately Owned Hospitals. (a Study Of University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu And Toronto Hospital Onitsha)

ABSTRACTThis research work on A Comparative Study of Expenditure Controls method in Government and private Hospitals is aimed at studying and analysing the different methods of expenditure control that is being adopted by these hospitals, their practical application and their level of effectiveness. It is aimed at carrying out a comparative... Continue Reading »

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