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Project Topics for Computer Science

1Computerized Aided Learning Of Mathematics For Senior Secondary School

COMPUTERIZED AIDED LEARNING OF MATHEMATICS FOR SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL ABSTRACT A lot of problems are associated with the traditional way of teaching mathematics because it uses manual approach to impact knowledge to student which makes it time ineffective, time wasting, and high level of energy dissipation. Also due to the calculative... Continue Reading »

2Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Modern Poultry Farm (a Case Study Imo Poultry Farm Ltd)

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED MODERN POULTRY FARM (A CASE STUDY IMO POULTRY FARM LTD) ABSTRACT           The magical impact of computer has made enormous contribution to all aspect of the society people can now do things easily unlike in the past. Computers have lesson human... Continue Reading »

3Design And Implementation Of Computerized Aided Learning System (case Study Of English Language)

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF COMPUTERIZED AIDED LEARNING SYSTEM (CASE STUDY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE) ABSTRACT The term Aided learning system covers a range of computer-based packages, which aim to provide interactive instruction usually in a specific subject area, and many predate the Internet. These can range from sophisticated and... Continue Reading »

4Design And Implementation Of Online Clearance System

  DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ONLINE CLEARANCE SYSTEM ABSTRACT  Online clearance system is a research work that will help build an effective information management for schools. It is aimed at developing a system for making clearance after graduation hitch free. The designed software will serve as a more reliable and effective... Continue Reading »

5The Causes And Effects Of Economic Meltdown On The Nigerian Economy

    Abstract The cardinal focus of this study were the Causes, Effects of Economic Meltdown and Possible Suggestions for the improvement of economic growth and development of Nigerian economy. Three research questions were formulated for the study. A structural questionnaire was administered to 200 bank staff and 10... Continue Reading »

6Evaluation Of Computer Science Education Programme In Enugu State College Of Education (technical)

EVALUATION OF COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION PROGRAMME IN ENUGU STATE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (TECHNICAL) ABSTRACT         The study evaluated computer science education programme in Enugu State College of Education, Technical, Enugu. Four research questions were asked and ensured. The research method used... Continue Reading »

7Online Hotel Booking System

ABSTRACT The project “Online Hotel Booking System” is a system based on accessing the internet to book for rooms in a hotel. The purpose of this study is to develop and implement an online hotel reservation system for hotels, that will replace the manual method of booking for hotel rooms. The previous system for booking rooms were... Continue Reading »

8Design And Implementation Of Password Basedaccess Control With Intruder Alert System

  DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF PASSWORD BASEDACCESS CONTROL WITH INTRUDER ALERT SYSTEM   DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF PASSWORD BASEDACCESS CONTROL WITH INTRUDER ALERT SYSTEM ABSTRACT The necessity of a low cost electronic home security system designed in co-ordination with other security measures is always there in our society... Continue Reading »

9Plans And Procedure For Assembling A Desktop Computer System

CHAPTER ONE 1.0            INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY           Desktop computer is frequently used in our today’s society. It is composed of parts like monitor, mouse, keyboard and system unit. The computer box itself known... Continue Reading »

10The Role Of Commercial Banks In Financing Agricultural Co-operative Societies In Enugu State ( A Case Study Of Union Bank Plc Enugu, Zonal Office)

THE ROLE OF COMMERCIAL BANKS IN FINANCING AGRICULTURAL CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES IN ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT The researchers, researched on the project titled the Role of Banks in Financing Agricultural Cooperative societies in Enugu State (A Case Study of Union Bank Plc Enugu Zonal Office). In pursuance of this research, the researchers... Continue Reading »

11Design And Construction Of A Headlamp Operated Gate Opening System.

  DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A HEADLAMP OPERATED GATE OPENING SYSTEM.   ABSTRACT This project work deals on the design and implemental of a headlamp operated gate opening system capable of operating a gate/door using the particular headlamp only. This system tends to climate the thresh associated with manual, opening and closing of... Continue Reading »

12Design And Implementation Of Wireless Batch Counting Device For Brewery

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF WIRELESS BATCH COUNTING DEVICE FOR BREWERY ABSTRACT This project deals on the design and implementation of Radio frequency RF based wireless batch counting device for brewery capable of counting the bottled drinks /product in a conveyor and displays the value numerically and wireless to it receiver installed... Continue Reading »

13Design And Implmenetation Of A Computerised Banking System (a Case Study Of United Bank For Africa)

DESIGN AND IMPLMENETATION OF A COMPUTERISED BANKING SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA) ABSTRACT In this world of competitive resource application and technological development, the banks have been totally computerized. This project work Design and Implementation of computerized banking system is concerned with the analysis... Continue Reading »

14Staff Employment Management (a Case Study Of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Lagos)

STAFF EMPLOYMENT MANAGEMENT (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION LAGOS) CHAPTER ONE 1.1INTRODUCTION       In most organizations particularly business organizations, most of what goes on consists largely of transactions. A transaction is a recorded event having to do with routine business... Continue Reading »

15Design And Simulate A Multi-user Congestion Control System For Mtn.

DESIGN AND SIMULATE A MULTI-USER CONGESTION CONTROL SYSTEM FOR MTN.   CHAPTER ONE 1.0                                    ... Continue Reading »

16Design And Implementation Of Web Based Recruitment Portal (a Case Study Of Nigeria Civil Service Commission Enugu)

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF WEB BASED RECRUITMENT PORTAL                  (A case study of Nigeria Civil Service Commission Enugu) ABSTRACT Web based recruitment portal is a web based application that monitors the recruitment process of any organization... Continue Reading »

17Design And Implementation Of Result Processing And Course Registration System (a Case Study Of Caritas University)

  DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF RESULT PROCESSING AND COURSE REGISTRATION SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF CARITAS UNIVERSITY)       CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION   There were three fundamentally distinct education systems in Nigeria in 1990: the indigenous system, Quranic schools, and formal European-style education... Continue Reading »

18Expert System On Thyphoid And Malaria Diagnosis (a Case Study Of Park Lane Hospital Enugu)

EXPERT SYSTEM ON THYPHOID AND MALARIA DIAGNOSIS (A case study of Park Lane Hospital Enugu) ABSTRACT  This project, Expert system on Malaria and Typhoid Diagnosis, is a software system tailored for use in the diagnosis of malaria and typhoid diseases.  The software is an expert system with a database containing an expert... Continue Reading »

19Design And Implement A Database Driven Online Virtual Marketplace (a Case Study Of Ogbete Main Market.)


20Design And Implementation Of Digital Library Services System (a Case Study Of Caritas University Library)

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF DIGITAL LIBRARY SERVICES SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF CARITAS UNIVERSITY LIBRARY) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     INSIGHT INTO LIBRARY SYSTEM           A library can be defined as a room or building where books are kept and referenced. It is an... Continue Reading »

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