Recent Project topics in Nigeria ND, Hnd, Bsc, Msc, Phd

S/No Topics Department
1 Impact Of Working Conditions On The Performance Of The Professional Secretaries Business In Secretarial Studied
2 Taxonomic Review Of Bignoniaceae Family In Nigeria Using Morphology And Dna Sequence Data Botany
3 Phytoplankto Composition And Abundences On Water Bodies In Ardo Kola Lga Taraba State Science Laboratory Technology
4 Neuraceuticals D Pharmacy
5 The Need For Entrepreneurial Development In A Depressed Economy Entrepreneurship
6 A Study Of The Challenges In The Training And Education Of Library And Information Science Humanities And Social Science
7 Assessment Of Groundwater Pollution Geology
8 An Appraisal Of The Prosecutorial Power Of The Police In Homicide Cases Law
9 Influence Of Monosodium Glutamate And Pepper Concentration On The Microbial Status And Sensory Attribute Of Beef Jerky Animal Production
10 Using Teaching And Learning Materials To Enhance The Teaching And Learning Of Social Studies Social Studies
11 Effect Of Typhoid In Rural Community Science Laboratory Technology
12 Health Insurance Among People
13 Comparative Assessment Of Heavy Metals Contamination In Water Use For Domestic Consumption Biochemistry
14 Effects Of Crime On Student In Campus Sociology
15 Knowledge And Practice Of Hand Hygiene Among School Student In Control Of Disease Nursing
16 Antibacterial Activities Of Naudea Latifolia Leaf Extract On E.coli And Pseudomonas Aerugnose Microbiology
17 Assessment Of Theuseability Of Traditional Furniture And Interior Decoration In Urban Homes Home Economics
18 Importance Of Drinking Water Project Chemistry
19 Design And Construction Of Auto Transformers With Rating Of 1kva, 240/110, 80 ,12v Electrical Department
20 Comparative Assessment Of Different Drying Methods On Nutrients Contents Of Three Freshwater Fish Specices Biological Sciences


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