Recent Project topics in Nigeria ND, Hnd, Bsc, Msc, Phd

S/No Topics Department
1 Industrialization And Urbanization In Ondo Town From 1980 - 2010 History And International Studies
2 To Ready A Plastic Eating Bacteria Film From Amla Leaves General Chemical
3 Board Characteristics And Environmental Disclosure Of Listed Oil And Gas Companies In Nigeria: Moderating Role Of Profitability Accounting
4 Effect Of Aqueous Extracts Of Ipomoea Triloba Leaves On The Uric Acid Levels Of Wistar Rats Biochemistry
5 Beverage Management And Catering Establishment Catering And Hotel Management
6 An Economic Impact Of Withholding Tax On Government Revenue Generation Economics
7 Architectural Design Of Semi Detached Building (through Enhancing Covid 19 Protocols) Architecture
8 Auditing And Fraud Prevention In The Public Sector Accounting Department
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11 Chemistry Munchies
12 Fabrication Of Heterogenous Mixer Chemical Engineering
13 An Investigation Of Nexus Between Money Supply, Inflation And Economic Growth In Nigeria Economics
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15 Online Student Credential Verification Management System For 'x' University It
16 Incidence Of Malaria Among Males Student In Prime Polytechnic Secience Laboratory Technician
17 Cramer's Rule For Solution Of Linear Equation Mathematics
18 The Effect Of Monetary Policy On The Performance Of Deposit Money Banks Banking And Finance
19 Prevalance Disease Of Turkey That Found In Sanete Dr Ali Mudo Shariff Veterinary Hospital Animal Health Production And Technology
20 An Accessment Of Deposit Money Bank In Finacing Small Scale Industries In Niger State A Case Study Of First Bank Plc Bida Niger State Business Management


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