Recent Project topics in Nigeria ND, Hnd, Bsc, Msc, Phd

S/No Topics Department
1 Challenges Of Cybercrime In Enugu Library And Information Science
2 An Investigation Into The Relationship Between Teaching Methods And Academic Performance Of Public Secondary School Students In Lagos State. (a Case Study Of Ifako Ijaiye Local Educational District Of Lagos State) Admin And Planning In Education
3 Online Advertising And University Of Uyos Students Patronage Of Skin Care Products Communication Arts
4 The Relationship Between Agricultural Development On Unemployment Economics
5 Foreign Direct Investment And The Nigeria Agricultural Sector Output(1986-2021) Economic
6 Extraction Of Bromine From Sea Water Steaming Out Technique Chemical Engineering
7 Food Releted Food Technology
8 Design And Implementation Of Lighting Swicthing Control System Computer Science
9 Gram Panchayat Political Science
10 Electronic Detection And Identification Physics
11 The Right Of The Nigerian Child Law
12 Determinant Of Agricultural Production In Nigeria Economics
13 Critical Appraisal Of Examination Malpractice Regulations In Nigeria Law
14 Design And Simulation Of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Petroleum And Natural Gas
15 Science Science
16 Multiple Circuit Device Electrical & Electronic Engineering
17 Tudy On Prospects And Challenges Of Mobile Banking With Reference To Icici Bank (black Book) Accounting And Finance
18 Population Growth And Multi-dimensional Multi-dimensional Poverty In Nigeria 2010-2023 Political Science
19 Recent Trends In Coordination Chemistry Chemistry Science
20 The Effect Of Motivation On Organisational Performance Business Administration


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