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Enugu, Nigeria
Enugu State

Architecture Project Topics

1 Nysc Orientation Camp Awgu

PREFACE   A1 this point of national awakening, since the nation has embarked on a newdcinoora~icrule, after years of military dictatorship, a search has been on for progranunes which will foster the involvement of all, particularly the youths with   their abundant energies and... Continue Reading »

2 Evaluation Of Uga Micro

EVALUATION OF UGA MICRO CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The history of micro financing can be traced back as long to the middle of the 1800s when the theorist by sander spooner was writing over the benefits from small credits to entrepreneurs and farmers as a way getting the people out... Continue Reading »

3 Evaluation Of Football Academy Building A Study Of Federal Polytechnic Oko Campus

EVALUATION OF FOOTBALL ACADEMY BUILDING  a study of  FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC OKO CAMPUS CHAPTER 1 F00TBALL ACADEMY 1.1   BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY         The Academy of football or just The academy is a nickname of English football club... Continue Reading »

4 Evaluation Of Fashion House Building

EVALUATION OF FASHION HOUSE BUILDING ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the Uga Microfinance Bank in Aguata L.G.A Anambra State. Three research questions were formulated and tested. The specific objectives are to determine a centralized location, comfortable spaces and good design... Continue Reading »

5 Sisters Of Jesus The Saviour Convent


6 Makurdi Airport Terminal Building, Markurdi, Benue State

MAKURDI AIRPORT TERMINAL BUILDING, MARKURDI, BENUE STATE INTRODUCTIONThe subject of airport passenger terminal building must involve a discussion of transportation.Transportation has remained one of the most vital factors that influence the development of a nation. The credibility of this... Continue Reading »

7 Caritas University Amorji Nike, Enugu, Nigeria Faculty Of Environmental Sciences Department Ofarchitecture Disaster Management Centre, Port-harcourt.

CARITAS UNIVERSITY AMORJI NIKE, ENUGU, NIGERIAFACULTY OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCESDEPARTMENT OFARCHITECTUREDISASTER MANAGEMENT CENTRE, PORT-HARCOURT. INTRODUCTION"Disaster management" can be defined as the range of activities designed to maintain control over disaster and emergency situations and to... Continue Reading »

8 Disaster Management Centre, Port-harcourt.

TABLE OF CONTENTSTITLE PAGE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Continue Reading »

9 Evaluation Of Habitability Factors Of Wet Spaces At Queens Lodge, Oko.

EVALUATION OF HABITABILITY FACTORS OF WET SPACESAT QUEENS LODGE, OKO. ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the wet spaces in Queens hostel in oko, Orumba north in Anambra state and its specific objectives were to determine the size and location of the kitchen components as stated... Continue Reading »

10 Evaluation Of Governor’s Lodge In Enugu State

EVALUATION OF GOVERNOR’S LODGE IN ENUGU STATE ABSTRACT This work is on evaluation of Governor’s lodge in Enugu state. The work intends to carryout evaluation on the toilet and bathroom, parking space and landscaping of the governor’s lodge surrounding. In the process it... Continue Reading »

11 Causes Of Road Accident

CAUSES OF ROAD ACCIDENT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Road Accident Road transport is a critical structure for economic development of a country. It influences the pace, structure and pattern of development. Nigeria has one of the largest road network in Africa. However, Road safety is an... Continue Reading »

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