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Fine And Applied Arts Project Topics

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1 An Assessment Of Family Planning Communication Approaches In Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (nurhi) In Kaduna, Nigeria

ABSTRACT  The low rate of adoption of modern family methods has long been a bone of contention in Nigeria and especially resisted in Northern Nigeria. Despite huge sums of monies expended in order to enlighten the populace on the need for family planning, the use and access of family...

2 La’ Pieta A Concrete Work Of Pieta

LA’ PIETA   A CONCRETE WORK OF PIETA PREFACE     The major goal or aim of a living being on this planet earth is to overcome his/her aim as a living being.   On this note, this project is designed to expose or uncover and examine a “concrete work of...

3 Uli In Mgboko-odobo Festival

ULI IN MGBOKO-ODOBO FESTIVAL ABSTRACT          The aim of any visual communication design is to satisfy the aesthetic and sensational view of the public. As such the study highlights only on the Uli design in Mgboko Odobo Festival, with Aku...

4 Adverse Impact Of Climate Change And Environmental Degradation On Secondary School Students Academic Achievement In Yenagoa Local Government Area Of Bayelsa State

ADVERSE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION ON SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN YENAGOA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF BAYELSA STATE Abstract This research work titled adverse impact of climate change and environmental degradation on secondary school students...

5 Acrylic Painting On A Pictorial Representation Of Reading Culture Among Students In Fine Art.

ACRYLIC PAINTING ON A PICTORIAL REPRESENTATION OF READING CULTURE AMONG STUDENTS IN FINE ART. Abstract Reading is the beginning of a learning process and so reading has a lot to do with the academic performance of a student. the research work which dwells on leading culture at fine art...

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Fine And Applied Arts Project Topics