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Industrial Chemistry Project Topics

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1 Extraction And Characterization Of Vegetable Oil Using Bread Fruit Seed

EXTRACTION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF VEGETABLE OIL USING BREAD FRUIT SEED CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTIONEXTRACTION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF VEGETABLE OIL USING BREAD FRUIT SEED.1.1 Vegetable oilA vegetable oil is a triglyceride extracted from a plant. Such oils have been part of human culture for millennia....

2 The study of properties of briquette produced from groundnut shell coal blend

THE_STUDY_OF_PROPERTIES_OF_BRIQUETTE_PRODUCED_FROM_GROUNDNUT_SHELL_COAL_BLENDCHAPTER ONE1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the studyBiomass, particularly agricultural residues seem to be one of the most promising energy resources for developing countries (Patomsok, 2008). Rural households and...

3 A Project Research On Extraction And Study Of Effect Of Heat On Caffeine Extracted From Kola Nut

 ABSTRACT Caffeine is an odorless, slightly bitter organic compound found mostly in beverages such as coffee or tea and in chocolate.  It is the most widely used “mind-altering drug” in the world, though it is considered safe and is mostly unregulated.  Caffeine acts...

4 Extraction Ofalkaloids From Three Nigerian Plants, Kola Accuminata (oji Igbo), Kola Vera (oji Hausa), And Gaxcina Kola (bitter Kola).

  ABSTRACT   The   extraction of alkaloid from Gaxcina  kola (bitter Kola), Kola acuminated (Oji Igbo) and Kola Vera (Oji Hausa) were carried out using 10% enthanoic acid and 10% ethanol to separate the alkaloid from the residue. The alkaloid was extracted using 5%...

5 Comparative Study Of Physicochemical Analysis Of Borehole Water And Sachet Water In Owerri Municipal, Imo State

ABSTRACT Three types of sachet water samples and three types of borehole water samples all from Owerri Municipal, Imo State were collected and analyzed for physicochemical parameters. A total of twenty (21) parameters including Odour, Colour, pH, Conductivity, Acidity, Alkalinity, Total...

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Industrial Chemistry Project Topics